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Tap their Calls - Listen and Record Voice Calls

Listen, Record and Bug – The Multiple Ways You Can Use TheOneSpy’s Call Tapping Feature

Out of the many features offered by TheOneSpy monitoring app, monitoring your calls on the target cell phone is one of the most sought after. And why wouldn’t it be? There are multiple ways you can use it! The calls monitoring feature does not only allow you to tap the calls being made from and to your target phone but also to record those calls and whenever you deem it important. How you use these features and whom to monitor is your own discretion, but we are going to explain each of these features briefly to show you exactly how you can use them.

Method Number One: Listen to their Calls

The statement is clear enough. Whenever you get a call going busy and wonder who your spouse, employee or child is on the phone with, you can simply use TheOneSpy to break into their phone and listen to the call itself. Most likely, it is for own good, and for your peace of mind that you find out the facts. Besides, using TheOneSpy is as simple as using your own phone, so there is practically no hurdle between you and the target phone.

Method Number Two: Record their Calls

Maybe you are busy or preoccupied with other work and cannot track your loved ones’ or employees’ phone calls through, but you would still like to know exactly what they are conversing about, that is where you can use TheOneSpy to record phone calls. This feature would simply record their phone conversation and dispatch it to your dashboard where you can listen to it as many times as you want – or make someone else listen to it. If your employee, spouse or even child has been dishonest with you, you can produce this recording as a proof of their unjustified behavior.

Method Number Three: Bug their Mic

Did you listen to something fishy in their surroundings? Do you wish to confront them or the people they are conversing with? You can use TheOneSpy to bug their mic and camera as well. With this feature in your monitoring toolkit, you will be spared the trouble of confronting them later and then having to listen to false excuses. So why wait? Get a TheOneSpy license and start monitoring today!

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Benefits for parents

Now parents can break in to kids and teen’s cell phone calls by using TOS phone call tapping software. Parents can intercept and record the live phone calls of kids and teens when needed and they will get to know what kids and teens are talking about and talking to whom in their absence in particular. Parents can tap their live phone calls and listen to their calls, record their calls and also use Bug their MIC method to get the job done.

Benefits for Individuals

You being an individual can tap calls of your loved ones or closer to your heart such as friends being in trouble if someone is threatening them. You can ask for help and take mutual consent of your loved one and then listen to their cellphone calls, using Mic bugging or with recording phone calls.

Benefits for Employers

Employers who equipped their employees with mobile phones in order to deal with the customer care post. Customer’s feedback is quite important for business owners and they have taken care of that. They can tap their employees cell phone calls in real –time, record it and then listen to the mobile phone calls. This will help out employers to know about the nature of the customer’s cell phone calls and their feedback to employees. In addition, they will get to know either employees are doing their jobs honestly or just wasting time over there.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?