What is OnlyFans? How Dangerous for Underage Teens?

What is onlyFans and How dangerous for underage teens

Social networks have gained popularity over a decade. People love to download and create accounts on social platforms no time ever before. Today we discuss ‘what is onlyFans?’ Moreover, it is necessary to bring parents’ attention to how OnlyFans could create problems for them? People are reportedly signing up to OnlyFans, and it increases 75% in the year 2020. Parents are showing concerns about the dark side of the social network that it is dangerous for underage teens. It is allegedly allowing teens to create explicit content for making money online.

What is the OnlyFans Platform?

It is like a social media network and allows people to follow others. OnlyFans have two categories of users. One is fans”, and the second one is “creators. “Fans” loves to follow, and “creators” create content in terms of photos and videos and provide them for making money online. Celebrities worldwide like musicians, models, content creators, comedians, and pornographers creates accounts and offer content. Imagine “Fans” following their “Creators” to watch posts and sexual content by paying them a monthly subscription fee. This what OnlyFans does?  Yes, it is!

Statistics about OnlyFans you need to know:

  • The social networking website has more than 120 million users and 1 million creators, according to the stats of March 2021.
  • The company allows creators to keep almost 80% of the money they make and charge 20% for the service.

The platform is attractive for the “creators” and for “Fans” because creators can make easy money by showing their exclusive and explicit content that is not published or broadcast elsewhere. They create videos and photo content for their “Fans” and “creators charge for their service.

  • Young people lurk towards the platform to be “Fans” and “creators” to make money.

Why do OnlyFans not have a Android & iPhone Application?

There is no reason for the company to create an application for mobile devices. It will not get acceptance by the app stores like Android and iOS, and others. An application that prevail inappropriate or adult-oriented content does not recognize itself from the App Store and Google play store. So, the OnlyFans app does not exist on the App store. You can access its website URL on your cellphone or PC browsers using Chrome and Safari browsers.

The App store looks after the safety of the users and the applications submitted to the App store, and a team reviews the app manually. Therefore, OnlyFans would violate section 1.1.4 and will not get acceptance.

Google play store does the same and does not allow the apps on its platform that offers inappropriate content. So, the company does not bother to develop an application. It is valuable information for parents and is proof that OnlyFans is for adults.  For teens, it is pretty harmful and inappropriate.

Who can Use OnlyFans Social Network?

According to the OnlyFans policy, a user must be 18 years of age to create an account as a “Fan” or “Creator.

The British-based social networking site has earned immense popularity among people worldwide, particularly among teenagers. However, it has changed sex workers forever. Every day, hundreds of youngsters are paying for sexual content creators to enact their sex fantasies, according to the New York Times report. Sex workers show nudes, chat with fans, and charge them money for their service.

BBC documentary name #Nudes4sale says that teens under 18 are selling nudes. Teens also share explicit content on OnlyFans, Bigo Live, TikTok, and others live-streaming apps, using hashtags “Nudes4sale and bymynudes,” according to the investigation of facial recognition technology. Thousands of teens under 18 sell nudes on social media platforms and make money.

However, the social platform has recently changed the policy and set an age verification method to prevent underage users.

How Underage Teens are Using OnlyFans?

Steps They Follow Mostly to Create an Account on OnlyFans Website

Here are the following ways underage are using the inappropriate social network without their parents knowing:

5 Steps to create an account for OnlyFans:

Here are the few steps those teens can follow to create an account on an inappropriate social networking site:

  • Visit the website on your browser to set up an account
  • Fix your subscription rate on the website
  • Promote your account on other social networks to make more fans
  • Create content for your profile for your daily, weekly & monthly schedule
  • Entertain your fans with your content

Young kids use fake identities of friends, family members, and passports to create accounts on social sites.

At the time of registration, users require submitting their bank details to get the payment from the onlyFans, and they use alternatives, like Cash App, and transfer and receive money via cell phones. It has become necessary for parents to set parental controls, like TheOneSpy, to ensure kids’ safety. It would keep the details of how kids access your bank accounts and how they use the OnlyFans accounts on phones and PC browsers.

According to the sexting reports, kids ages 14 to 17 are more likely to send explicit videos and photos on social networks to make money online. Therefore, parents need to do the following things:

Discuss with Your Kids about the OnlyFans Platform:

You can discuss frankly with your teens about the usage of social networking sites. Parents can warn kids about the consequences of sharing sexual content like online grooming, bunny hunting, sexual predators, and revenge porn.

Protect Kids Privacy Using Parental Controls:

Parents can use mobile-tracker parental control applications to monitor and track sent and receives explicit content. It can make the internet a safer place for kids.

How TheOneSpy App Works as Parental Control on Kid’s Devices?

  • Parents can do subscribe to TheOneSpy parental control by visiting the buy now page
  • Get an online subscription & receive credentials
  • Install the application on phones & PCs
  • Use a web-based dashboard to monitor explicit content share my kids on onlyFans

Top-Rated Features to Set Parental Control on OnlyFans:

  • Use a Windows screen recorder to capture and record live video on kid’s devices
  • Check your kid’s calls logs
  • Spy on social networks installed on digital devices
  • Monitor browsing history to visit websites & bookmarked webpage
  • Get to know how much your kids have spent time on the social platform
  • Filter inappropriate websites
  • Capture and record keystrokes used in chat rooms
  • Track live GPS location of your kids when using social networks

When & Where OnlyFans Could Become Dangerous for Underage Users?

Earlier, we discussed that what is OnlyFans? Now we discuss when and where the social networking site is dangerous for underage teens.

When Your Kids Become Fans on the Platform

When kids try to become fans on the OnlyFans, it could lead them to porn. Your kids become addicted to the nudes and can use bank details to get more and more subscriptions. Though the website has its policy not to allow underage users to set up an account, kids can use someone’s identity to create an account. Sending and receiving nudes can damage your child’s cognition, and they become obsessed with the creators. A creator could be a porn star and a sex worker, and your teen spends your money without your knowledge. Parents have to look after teens’ digital devices, like cellphones, tablets, and PCs, to know what they are doing on them.

When Your Teens Become Creators on the Network

It will be trauma and obsession for your kids if they become creaters on OnlyFans. The rise and the rise in the popularity of the social site and peer pressure on teens become creators to share nudes and make money. It is possible that millions of strangers, including predators, can see your teen’s nudes online. It leads to other OnlyFans “Fans”, and it could end up cyber bullying sextortion, and revenge porn.

Young kids are innocent minds that may think that they will restrict themselves for nudes only. However, plenty of people worldwide can offer money to provide sugar daddy service. Teens that make money by sharing nudes with their fans would affect their self-esteem. We know that people who sell their bodies online or in real –life got relationship issues, and no one accepts them as their partner in later life. Your child could face cybercrime charges and could end up in prison due to creating underage porn content.

Sexual Explicit Content on OnlyFans

We know that different kinds of creators do create content for music, products, and others. However, OnlyFans is famous for sexual content. Pornography has permitted on this platform and does allow their fans and creators to watch and share nudes. Creators can make photos, videos and broadcast live and exclusive visuals to their fans. The company has allowed content creators to provide their videos and photo subscriptions.


The money-making narrative and exclusive nude content have attracted millions worldwide. It is a moral duty for parents to know what OnlyFans is and how dangerous it is for underage teens. Parents should act fast and set parental locks on kid’s digital devices before they end up as Fans and creators on OnlyFans.

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