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Being a part of a high-profile company comes with a lot of responsibilities. – Especially if you are in charge of many employees. Not only are you responsible for your own work, but also for that of those working under you. It is one thing, giving your hundred percent to your company – both in quality of work and in loyalty. But don’t expect others to do the same, especially when it comes to making sure that they stay faithful to your company.

Making sure your employees are loyal is really important for your business and its success. The work your workers do has a big impact on how well your company performs. Workers should always be loyal to their employer, but that’s not always how it works out. So, what can you do to make sure your company’s secrets stay safe with your employees? Use employee monitoring technology to keep an eye on your whole workforce.

Why Do Employer Monitor Employee Data?

Safeguarding Sensitive Data

Employers monitor personal data and explore computer activities to ensure they protect business information, including trade secrets and intellectual property. As per research, 50% of data breaches occur because of human error; this is the reason why companies track your data. So, keeping an eye on how employees carry and distribute data will help reduce the risk. Companies invest a lot of money in research, intellectual property, and trade secrets. As per the surveys, 89% of the companies track internet use, while 66% monitor social media on the other side to avoid data leaks.

Boosting Productivity

Employee monitoring tools such as keylogging, web browser searcher, and time management software will contribute to the employer’s knowledge about how employees use company resources and information. The statistics say that an average employee spends one hour per day on websites that are not work-related. Therefore, keeping an eye on productivity and having clear policies in place can cut down the wasting of time.

Avoiding Legal Issues

Companies take note of employee communications and online activity closely and aim to identify inappropriate behavior as early as possible. Examples of such workplace problems are harassment, discrimination, and fraud, which can cause legal problems; hence, monitoring is a way for employers to act as a preventive to these risks that already exist.

Improving Performance

Time analysis, considering how employees complete the projects, fulfill deadlines, and work together, will be extremely useful due to the possibility of improvement for vital skills. There are many organizations that leverage achievement monitoring to find the best performers, reveal training needs, and do staffing based on the evidence.

Though monitoring at work could be felt as an intrusion, employers simply aim to safeguard the interests of the company and promote the success of their workers, and that is why employers monitor workers, after all. Finding a balance between the control and the privacy of individuals will be helpful in building a trustworthy environment in the workplace. Organizations should ensure that they are clear about their surveillance policies and should give employees a chance to clarify any doubts that they may have.

Ensuring Your Employees’ Loyalty Is Key For You And Your Company

The quality of your employees’ work strongly impacts your company’s success. Loyalty is something that can make or break it. It is an everyday routine to share important professional information with employees. – Key tactics to improve profits, such as keeping your firm ahead of the competition. Have you ever imagined how much damage your company could suffer? If some of those vital secrets leaked to your competitors? We’re sure you have. We’re also sure you know where the weak link lies. Your employees, that’s right.

With so much information, you believe them with risks. Day in and day out for the benefit of your firm, you can never be sure when one of them will betray you. They can get favor with another company. It would not happen, and employees should always remain faithful to their employers.

But the ideal isn’t always what happens. This is why you must keep a sharp eye on your employees’ data transfer. You have to take care of business data by keeping tabs on business devices.

This doesn’t make your life much easier because data isn’t something you can screen with a metal detector. So, what should you do to ensure your company’s secrets are safe with your employees? Simply use an employee monitoring technology to keep tabs on your workforce.

What Is Employee Monitoring?

It is a widespread practice that companies are doing. They use many monitoring and tracking tools. The aim is to improve business productivity and to monitor employees’ data. Employers also track whereabouts, working hours, and outright surveillance on employees’ devices.

Types of Employee Monitoring to Monitor Employee Data

Employee monitoring has many versions because it depends on the software and Industry. So, there is a thin line between monitoring your employees and breaching privacy. You have to be careful while choosing a technology to scrutinize your workforce. Most tools offer many features to monitor employees’ data on business-owned devices. So, here are the technologies and types of monitoring those employers need to know about:

Monitoring of Internet & Apps Usage

Internet and app monitoring has become the need of the hour for employers. Business professionals have to monitor the data. Workers share and receive through the internet and applications. An employee can share the business’s confidential documents. They can use apps, like WhatsApp, Skype, and many more.

So, the intellectual property of any business can leak out through internet-connected phones. It can go through installed social messaging apps and through malicious spyware apps. Employers can use apps, like TheOneSpy, on business-owed phones and computers. They can record the live activities of employees. Employers can check employees’ app usage and internet browsing history. Further, prevent business data breaches.

Screen Recording & Screenshots

Most companies in the world offer hybrid work to their workforce. There is no such mechanism to monitor them. Employers have reservations that employees are less productive. Unless they are able to see their activities won’t believe it.

Employees spending enough time on tasks feel unfair that they have to complete the task. Employers should record screen videos and capture screenshots using employee monitoring technology.

Whereabouts of Employees

Employees are more likely to hang out on the company’s premises. They also work outside the company on official meetings with the clients. So, employers have to track the whereabouts of their employees during working hours.

Keystrokes Logging

Keystrokes logging is a piece of software. It captures keystrokes made on phones and computers. Employees use the internet for several unproductive activities and visit social networks. They sent and receive messages, and use login passwords. Employees also access social networks on business devices. Key logger record keystrokes and delivers them to the employer. So, he/she read messages, chats, and emails and monitor social networks. Employers can also crack passwords on business devices.

Spy on Emails

Do you know employers are more likely to check employees’ emails? Yes, more than half of employers spy on employees. This would help employers identify employee issues before they become real issues

Cell Phone & Voice Mail Monitoring

Recording your workforce communication on cell phones and through their voicemails is helpful. You can listen to your customer support voice mails to know how well they interact with them.

Employers also can record their cell phone conversations. They can listen to VoIP calls on social networks to know what they are talking about.

Uncover poor feedback from customers by listening to and recording their phone conversations. Responsive customer support is the backbone of every company. So, they can record and listen to workforce voicemail and cell phone conversations and save data.

Instant Messengers & Social Networking Apps

Instant messaging apps such as Slack and Skype and softphones like WhatsApp have replaced calls, VoIP calls, and messaging. They are cheaper, more accurate, and more powerful ways of communication.

Hybrid workers are more likely to use these apps to interact with their bosses and workers and to send data. Many employee monitoring apps empower managers to monitor messengers and voice-over-internet protocol calls.

Employers should check how business data are shared and secure. So, employers can also prevent disputes, data breaches, and workplace bullying. Monitoring social messaging apps is beneficial for employers.

Monitoring must be balanced with trust and privacy issues that need to be tackled. The best approach is free dialogue and partnership between employers and employees based on the spirit of fairness and sharing responsibilities. Through mutual understanding between the company and the employees, surveillance can be done in a way that does not endanger the business interests or the support between them.

Do you want to get your hands on software that has all the discussed types of monitoring abilities? You can get the one that offers all the mentioned types of monitoring services –all in one app. TheOneSpy is one designed to check employees’ data in a variety of ways.

TheOneSpy Is Virtual Data’s Metal Detector

Install the TheOneSpy monitoring app on your employees’ devices. You can see right through their devices by logging on to your monitoring dashboard. Here, you will find every detail of the data your employees keep on their gadgets. Further, get access to documents, photographs, videos, and audio.

If they are up to something fishy, you can find out as soon as they move their fingers on their device. Voila! You have found a way to ensure your company is rat-free for good just by installing TheOneSpy on your employee’s devices. So get a license today and start screening out the unfaithful with its best features.

TheOneSpy App Top Features to Monitor Employee Data:

Here are the following features of TheOneSpy. You can use it to track workforce data on cell phones, tablets, and computer devices. The employee monitoring software offers many data monitoring services.

  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor Location History
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Screen recording
  • Screenshots
  • Block websites
  • Read messages
  • Email tracking
  • Call recording
  • VoIP call recording
  • Block unknown calls
  • Browsing history
Final Thoughts:

These are the data monitoring features of TheOneSpy. You can use the features on any cellphone and computer device to track your employee’s data. Employee monitoring boosts productivity, enhances security, and syncs data. Also lets you keep tabs on your employees.

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