How Can Bosses Deal With Monster Managers At The Workplace?

monster manager

A great manager can keep you on track in your professional career. Your manager could be your friend, ally, and mentor. He can teach something that benefits you for the rest of your career and lead your career to the sky. But what if the manager is not that type of manager? Employees usually had an awful boss at some point in time. But do you ever have a monster manager?

Am sure you have the one at the moment!

A badass boss does not make a difference but to have a manager like that. A monster manager can affect employer ethics, morals, workers’ loyalty, productivity, and mindset. Therefore, bosses should know about their managers and their ethics at the workplace. Bosses should keep an eye on their managers. They need to know how they are governing their employees at the workplace. Employers should deal with them in a way that they should follow professional ethics.

How Your Monster Managers Can Affect Your Business?

The monster managers get involved in unethical activity and ruin the work culture. They used to go against the book with their employees, which damaged the business. It could destroy your business, and employees start lacking productivity. They are following things that alarm you have a monster manager.

  • They Remain Unorganized

A lazy manager will remain unorganized at your business firm. Monster managers are self-centered and don’t bother to rush things that should be performed with an immediate effect. The subordinates feel disappointed because these managers will not appreciate their efforts. This kind of behavior could cost employers millions. Therefore, unsupervised managers could destroy your business and brands for sure.

  • Don’t Keep Things On Track

A disappointed and depressed workforce will not provide the best out of them. Employees always remain helpless and start thinking of leaving at one point in time when things turn brutal and unsolved. Monster managers cannot keep the workplace environment on track and often blame their co-workers or subordinates for saving their asses.

  • Don’t Deliver On The Goals Of The Organization

A sick workplace culture is less influential than a professional workplace environment. The unmatched chemistry between the managers and employees will disturb workplace ethics. Monster managers don’t deliver on the goals of the organization themselves. And if someone can do that and try, things get worse.

  • Argument With Subordinates

Monster managers’ behavior with their co-workers and subordinates remains unpleasant. There is always a chance of exchanging arguments at the workplace. It could destroy professional culture and curtsy of each other during and after working hours. Bosses are often unaware of what is going through between employees and their managers, which could cause rivalries and unprofessional behavior. Ultimately, there is one man who would cost everything: a boss.

  • Behave As A Micromanager

The monster managers are micromanagers of their subordinates. They become micromanagers and want to control every move of their employees. They are all in one, from how to talk to how to send an email to business leadership. They interfere in things that are not meant for them. In short, they cannot help themselves. They do not even allow their employees to sneeze on their own.

Managers should train on how to manage employees. They not only hold workers accountable all the time. But to support their employees when they need to, Marry Abbajay, President of career stone group, LLC, said to CNBC.

8 Reasons: Why are bosses unable to catch the monstrous behaviour of managers?

Leadership experts and well-known business managers believe that monster managers could bring a high risk of legal liability. Businesses could face poor publicity and backlash of bad brand image –all because of less productivity due to unethical work culture and depressed employees.

There Are the Following Things Bosses Should Know About Monster Managers

  • No Supervision On Managers

As technology has advanced, businesses worldwide are using technology to monitor and track workforce and executives. A business lacking supervision on productivity and unethical workplace culture no longer sustains its image and progress. Bosses not only let managers deal with employees, but at the same time, they should keep an eye on their managers to tackle their monster behavior with the workforce.

  • Less Monitoring Of Workplace Ethics

Workplace ethics are everything in a business environment. Employers should know how employees behave with their superiors and how managers deal with their subordinates. Bosses should listen to what is going on behind their backs. They should opt for technology to listen to the surroundings of the workforce and senior executives. We witness the managers’ workplace bullying, taunting, and unethical activities with their employees.

  • Lacking Email Tracking

Email monitoring is a trend in business multinationals. Bosses must check executives’ emails to employees during and after working hours. Email monitoring would tell the whole story about employees’ relationship with the workers. Most workers ask for deserving vacations, but monster managers refuse for no reason.

  • Don’t Monitor Manager’s Chat Conversations On PCs & Phone

In this digital world, Bosses lack employee monitoring tools. Monitoring technology lets bosses record and listen to real-time voice and text conversations. They can listen to live chat conversations of monster managers with employees. Bosses are not tracking the location of their managers during the working hours. Managers, on the other hand, let their favorite one command colleagues.

  • Don’t Track The Productivity Of Employees Individually

Bosses always try to avoid keeping an eye on employees and allow managers to do that. Technology can make a difference, and employers can watch the real-time activity of every employee without facing hazels. Letting a monster manager control productive measures can damage the morale of deserving workers and make them unable to show their natural talent.

  • Let Managers Decide To Reward Subordinates

Monster managers often reward their favorite ones who accept the micromanaging activities of their managers. On the other hand, employees cannot get the rewards, no matter if they are talented and hard workers.

  • Don’t Track The Individual Performance

Bosses always try to avoid keeping an eye on employees and allow managers to do that. Employers can watch the real-time activity of every employee without facing hazels. Monster manager measures productivity in a biased way that can damage the workers’ morale.

  • Let Managers Decide To Reward Subordinates

Monster managers often reward their favorite ones who accept the micromanaging activities of their managers. Talented and productive employees are not able to enjoy the rewards. Managers’ biased and envious behavior decreases employees’ morale to the fullest.

What Stats Talking About Monstrous Behavior Of Managers At Workplace?

There are the following stats of workplace misconduct of the senior employees that every boss needs to know.

  • More than 41% of the employees in the U.S. have experienced unethical behavior of managers; a business ethics survey reported that.
  • According to the Ethics resource center, Managers are responsible for 60% of the misconduct in the workplace.
  • Only 20% of the employees do misconduct at the workplace because of ethical culture.

Monster Managers & The Cost of Unhappy Employees

Employees’ low engagement level can take a business to the next level. Workers who are the victims of their monster managers are disturbing businesses worldwide. In the U.S., distracted, depressed, and disengaged employees cost more than $450 to $500 billion yearly because of low productivity.

More than 40% of the new hiring becomes the victim of the bad behavior of their executives. 80% of the newly recruited employees failed due to the unethical behavior of the managers. Bosses must pay 100% to 300% after an experienced employee quit their jobs. It happens due to the unethical behavior of the superiors. More than 80% of the employees disengaged during working hours because of managers’ misconduct.

Why Should Bosses Invest In The Company's Culture?

According to experts, happy employees perform 20% more than unhappy employees.  Companies with a strong ethical culture and belief in ethical supervision generate 202% more revenue.

  • Happy employees produce 31% high productivity.
  • Happy employees produce 37% high sales.
  • Happy workers are 3x times more creative.

According to the Gallop survey, 30 million happy employees in the U.S. have come up with new and innovative ideas.

What Bosses Have the Solution To Get Rid Of Monster Managers?

Bosses should recognize the accomplishments of the employees. Bosses should dictate to their managers to promote friendship and a friendly employee environment. Employers must force their managers not to be involved in misconduct with subordinates. Suppose you cannot stop unethical culture manually because you cannot meet one by one of your employees. You can use the technology and supervise your senior executive slot to know how they deal with their employees. Employers can monitor and spy on employees whose managers block to know about reality.

Use Employee Monitoring Software To Get Rid Of Rouge Managers & Employees

Bosses can install TheOneSpy employee tracking software on business-owned cell phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. It enables employers to monitor every activity of employees and managers on business devices. Employers can record live calls and communication with managers and employees on cell phones and PCs installed on social networks.

Employers can record the live screen of PCs and computer devices. Further, bosses can access keystrokes applied on business devices, like passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes. You can create data backup on business computer devices to stop rogue employees and managers from breaching business privacy. Employers can record the surroundings of the business devices by recording voices and conversations. It means bosses can supervise their workforce, including managers and employees.


Bosses can keep the workforce disciplined during working hours, and they can hold accountable managers with monstrous behavior. Employee monitoring software not only empowers you to check the productivity of your managers and employees. It also lets you supervise listening to your surroundings, emails, and conversations. You can monitor the goldbricking behavior of your managers and check how they are dealing with their subordinates.

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