“Bisexuality & Homosexuality” is on the Rise: How Parents Protect Teenagers?


Everything in the universe follows the nature. Earth revolving in their orbit and around their axis, flowers blossoms in spring and mankind came into existence because of Adam and Eve. When anything tries to go against nature, destruction is imminent. A rapidly increasing number of women and men claim that they are bisexual, according to the reports of the national survey of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the awareness campaigns about the bisexuality have started over the last few years, the bisexual people started admitting as bisexual publicly, the professor at Indiana University and author of well-known book “Sex Made Easy,” Stated that.

Plenty of people claiming as a bisexual and has risen almost 45% within last three years in the United States. Almost half of young people defined as other than heterosexual, so what sort of stuff influence them and changing the sexual taste of the modern younger generation.

The researchers asked more than 9000 people in the United States to the age of 18 up to the age of 44 regarding the sexual experience they have had, either they have got attraction in opposite sex or they are straight, lesbian or bisexual, according to the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth reports. Plenty of findings come out in which 1.3% of young women and 1.9 men said that they were homosexual.

According to Professor ROY Baumeister of Florida State University, female sexuality is totally different than male sexuality. If a boy attracts towards a boy and do intimate stuff, he would definitely undergo a change in sexual orientation, he added. In a case of young girls, attract to another teenage girl, for any reason, then possible she may begin some sort of experience she never felt before. He further added that.

The Reason Behind Bisexuality in Young Teenagers:


Pornography no doubt is one of the most influential stuff for promoting Bisexuality and Homosexuality among young teenager’s girl and boys. The access of porn websites to youngsters exploits them towards bisexuality. Thousands of porn websites are available on the internets which are free view porn videos without spending a single penny.

Homosexual or Bisexual Friends:

Mostly young teenagers got these habits of being homosexual or bisexual from their friends. The bisexual friends of young teen girls and boys take them to the parties and convince them to experience the sexual activities. Once it happens then young girls and boys indulge in these activities and after that become addicted to it.

Digital Media:

Young teenagers have smartphones connected to the internet and some IM’s application on which users share carnal content. Young teenagers get connected with the sharing carnal stuff and finally view porn videos and become addicted to it. These porn sites share videos related to the bisexuality and homosexuality, then young teens urge to see the stuff and most of them become obsessed and got bisexual activities in their real life.

How can Parents Protect their Young Teenagers to be Bisexual or Homosexual?

When parents heard that their young son or daughter is gay, lesbian or bisexual. They get shocked and they are not willing to accept the reality. Because parents always dreamed about that their young teenager’s future includes traditional marriage and they will see their grandchildren’s.  Parents need to do something before it really happens with their young kids. They need to look after following things in order to prevent bisexuality or homosexuality from their teenagers.

  • Parents should look after their young teen’s routine matters such as their activities in schools, with the friends, what sort of friends they have and what sort of activities they perform in the digital world. So, monitoring all the activities of their young kids is very important. There are multiple digital parenting apps are available in the market which is basically developed and designed for the parenting point view such as TheOneSpy children monitoring software. If parents use this particular software, they will easily monitor each and every single activity which their young teenagers perform on their smartphones and easily assess the natural behavior of their teenager.
  • Parents should monitor the internet and web browsing activities and address what sort of content their young son or daughter is viewing and what sort of websites they are visiting. If parents come to know that they are visiting some inappropriate websites, then they can use browsing feature of TOS app and know the browsing history logs and bookmarked websites.
  • If parents are very suspicious about their company of friends then they can use the spy on all calls feature to recode live calls and view call history. Parents can also use the spy on messages feature to text messages spy, MMS, messaging monitoring and can view heads Up/ticker notification.
  • Parents can also view what sort of videos and pictures their young kids are sharing by using the view multimedia files feature of the monitoring application. Instant messaging application mostly influences young teenagers, so TOS parenting application enables parents to monitor all IM’s app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, IMO, Line, vine, Viber and many others by using the IM’s social media feature.
  • Parents can also track their location in an emergency by using the Track GPS location feature of the monitoring application.

The social issues like bisexuality and homosexuality are created by the human mind, it doesn’t have the direct link with nature. if parents take some fundamental precautionary measures to address these issues, then these issues can be controlled easily. TheOneSpy monitoring software always provides parents solid solutions to combat the social issues.

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