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Parenting has changed over the years. The growing level of insecurity pushes parents to be more cautious. It may change their casual parenting style. Helicopter parent consistently take proactive measures to safeguard their children. Parent today is more vigilant and believes in monitoring their child. The necessities of life are a growing pressure. It pushes parents to the wall. They have no other option but to invest a significant part of their available time. They want to build their careers and strive for a better future. Parents want to protect their kids from, protecting them from any potential danger. They hardly find any qualitative time to spend with them. What’s left behind, mixed feelings of resentment and frustration?

What Is Helicopter Parenting?

There are many parenting styles, and helicopter parenting is one of them. Others parenting styles are permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative parenting styles. Dr. Haim Ginott used the term “Helicopter Parent” in 1969. He used the term in his book “Between Parent & Teenager. He said parent hover their kids like a Helicopter. Other terms, like Lawnmower parenting, “cosseting parent, “bulldoze parenting.”

Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting. Parents become possessive of the well-being of their children. They start taking too much care of their children. Sometimes becomes annoying for their kids. They come hard on their success and failures. Carolyn Daitch, Ph.D., Director of the Center for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders, said.

Ann Dunnewold, the Ph.D. psychologist, says that Helicopter parents believe in over-parenting. Over-controlling, overprotecting, and over-perfecting are the few types of Helicopter parents.

Why Do Modern Parents Hover On Kids 24/7?

Helicopter parenting parents could have many reasons, but here are the following ones that you need to know:

Fear of Dangerous Outcomes

Some parents always feared that they could get low grades in school or in sports. Moreover, they become over-possessive and start hovering over kids 24/7 to protect them. So, they always stick with their kids to help them. So, they try to prevent their kids from unhappiness and struggle. They push them to work hard to get the best results. Ultimately, kids feel overprotected and unable to learn things independently to excel in their lives.

Unpleasant Feelings of Anxiety

Many concerns and reservations of society push parents to adopt the helicopter parenting style. So, they want to take control of their kids’ life. So, they influence their child’s activities to prevent them from hardships and disappointment, “Dr. Daitch said.

Try to cope with natural consequences.

You know, sometimes kids should face hardships and natural consequences. Many incidents could harm children and fail them for sure. So, Helicopter parents can micromanage teens’ activities to deal with the dire consequences. Helicopter parents take control of their child’s safety into their hands to cope with issues they could face.

Overcompensation Activities of Overprotective Parents

Parents that have faced many hardships, unloved and ignored, are more likely to become Helicopter parents in their lives. So, they always try to overcompensate for their children. The extreme care and attention of the parents show that something had happened to them in their childhood.

The Pressure of Other over-involved Parents

Parenting peer pressure makes parents overprotective towards their kids. When parents see other Helicopter parents, push them to be like them. So, they start doing the same things those other parents do to their kids. So, parents try to involve their kids deeply because they think about their children when their parents cannot give them quality time.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Helicopter Parenting On Kids?

Do you know all parents start hovering over kids with good intentions? It is tricky and challenging for parents to engage with their kids. But, most parents forget the natural role of parenting. It is healthy to engage with your kids. Because it helps kids acknowledge, love, accept, and have better self-esteem. The influence of parenting could have adverse effects on their kids’ minds.

Failures and success are essential in the upbringing of children. Parents have to avoid so much influence and let them learn about hardships and success. Helicopter parenting may have benefits, but at the same time, it has a dark side as well. Here are the following consequences of the Helicopter parental style:

Put Negative effects on kids Confidence & Self-esteem.

Helicopter parenting style comes up with the backfires, “Dr. Dunnewold said. Young kids who face their parents’ influence say their parents don’t trust them. It would shake kids’ confidence because parents hover over their activities and decisions. So, there would be a trust deficit between kids and parents. It is only due to over-possessive parental activities.

Kids Start Lacking Coping Skills.

If parents try to clean up their kids’ mess and prevent problems, they will lack coping skills. Your kids would not develop the habits and skills. They will not deal with failure and disappointment. So, helicopter parenting would create maladaptive issues in kids’ personalities. According to developmental psychology, parents influencing kids could affect their emotions and behavior. Young kids whose parents perform Helicopter parenting are more likely to become sensitive.

Excessiveness of Anxiety among Kids

According to the journal of Child and Family says. Over-parenting cause many personality issues among kids. It could cause depression and anxiety. It is also the same for the girls and boys studying in colleges and schools. Whose parents have adopted over-parenting?

Progressiveness Life Skills

Kids whose parents influence their academic, social, and athletic lives. It could result in the sense of entitlement. Young kids will become dependent on their parents. Parents will own every achievement of kids.

Sense of Deserving

Helicopter parents always do things for kids. Likewise they do packing launch, and tying shoes. Also monitoring school results are more likely to make kids dependent on themselves. Parents would instead let kids learn all the skills to take care of themselves.

How Would Parents Take Care Of Kids Without Inhibiting Helicopter Parenting?

Does the question arise of how parents would look after their kids and train them to face the hardships of their lives? Parenting is a very tricky job. We should keep an eye on every activity of our children but should not hover over them. We should teach kids to face stress, emotions, and failures.

It does not mean we should let kids struggle in every walk of their lives. But instead, we can guide them whenever they face difficulties. Teach your kids to come to their parents whenever they need help to achieve something and when they want to cope. Let your kids meet the challenges of being assertive without leaving the element of parenting for their well-being.

Use A Parental Control App Without Hovering Physically Over Your Kids.

Do you want to set parental controls on your kids and avoid being a Helicopter parent? You can do it with TheOneSpy Parental app. You can install the app after subscription and get credentials via email. Further, get physical access to the target device and set up our parental monitoring solution on kids’ cellphones. Login to the web control panel and launch features to monitor every activity of kids on their phones and in their surroundings.

TheOneSpy Top Parental Control Features

Here are the features that allow parents to stay updated about their kids and prevent kids from being Helicopter parents:

Live Screen Recording

It is a feature that lets parent’s record live short videos on their kid’s cellphone screen. Further, send the videos to the dashboard. Users can download the videos from the dashboard and see what their kids are doing on their cell phone screens. Users can see social media, web browsing, and other activities to safeguard kids online.

Live Surround Listening

Parents can remotely control their cell phone microphone and connect it to TheOneSpy dashboard. It helps parents to listen to the live surroundings. Users can listen to chats, voices, sounds, and bullying incidents. Parents can also get to listen to party activities.

Live Camera Streaming

You can remotely control kids’ cell phone cameras and get live streaming of the kid’s surroundings remotely. Parents can watch where kids are and what they are doing. Parents can see the whereabouts and activities and listen to the actions by switching cameras with audio.

Call Recording

Parents can record and listen to the live phone calls of the kids on any cellphone device. A call recorder is the best tool for parents to listen to the calls of strangers and the people they plan to meet for hookups.


Keystrokes logging Parents can set parental controls and record keystrokes of chats, messages, passwords, and emails. Parents can also decode the sneaky texting messages of teens online.

GPS Location Tracking

Parents can secretly track the GPS location of their kids. So, you can see the location history and set Geo-fence to prevent kids from visiting the dangerous places in the city having exact and pinpoint the location.

Screen Time

Parents can prevent kids from using dating apps, sugar daddy apps, and other explicit ones. TheOneSpy screen-time feature empowers you to block every inappropriate app on your phone remotely.


There is no need to be a adopt Helicopter Parenting style. Use our TheOneSpy parental solution, and put your worries to rest. Let your child learn the hardships and cope with the difficulties, but TheOneSpy keeps you informed 24/7. So, parents can always rescue their kids and get to know what they are doing.

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