Are You a Helicopter Parent? Then This One is For You!


Parenting has changed over the years. The growing level of insecurity in the world has gradually pushed parents to be more cautious and change their casual style of parenting. A parent of today is more vigilant and believes in monitoring his/her child at all times. At the same time, the growing pressure to provide for the basic necessities of life and to improve the quality of living for their children has pushed the modern parents to the wall. They are left with no other option but to invest a major portion of their available time in building their careers and striving for a better future. Such are the conditions that no matter how much they love them and want to hover over their kids to protect them from any potential danger, they hardly find any qualitative time to spend with them. What’s left behind are mixed feelings of resentment and frustration.

On the other hand, as the children climb up the ladder to adolescence, their minds are filled with questions and curiosity. And the questions must have answers! If not by their parents, who are too busy juggling the balls of life, then may be by somebody else. It could be their friends or the ever-expanding media! After all, Google has answered to any query that you can possibly put forward to it, only that it has no means of discriminating young from old and screening information by age.

Moreover, as the children approach their teenage years, they demand more freedom of choice and expression. They aspire for independence and want to openly hang out with their friends, stay up late for group studies, and even sleep over at their peers’ place. They want their parents to understand their needs and be supportive at all costs. Any denials are considered as attempts to suppress and suffocate them, which in turn invite rebellion and aggression.

For parents, it is a very challenging phase. They can neither let go of their fears nor their child. They have to deal with them very tactfully, often diplomatically. They have to let their children grow up under the impression that they fully trust them but gather behavioral cues at the same time and closely monitor their activities. But again the shackles of never-ending liabilities and responsibilities keep them from doing their best. Such loopholes in supervision are often exploited by their children to achieve their momentary aims that are often detrimental to them in their later lives.

At this point, a few questions arise: “Is there a way that these gaps can be filled and parents can keep an eye on their kids regardless of time and location? Is there a way they can listen surroundings of their children even outside the premises of their homes?” With TheOneSpy, now they certainly can!

TheOneSpy is a leading monitoring application in the modern world. It is a tool to invigilate the activities of your close relations via their cellular devices. It out-competes its sister applications in combining the best of features with the most economical of rates. As soon as you acquire TheOneSpy license, you receive your log-in information through a welcome e-mail. In order to install the application on the mobile phone or tablet, you wish to spy on, you need to sign-in to your TheOneSpy account from that device using your specific credentials. As soon as you enter your account information, the application is automatically downloaded and installed on the target device within a few moments. What’s even better is that the program garbs itself and rolls back to operate in the background, much to the ignorance of the subject under observation. The application works in complete stealth mode and uses its invisible presence to gather all logs and data from the aimed device and send them back to your web account as early as the mobile or tab gets connected to the Internet. As the application uses the Internet to transfer its data, this removes its dependence on the device itself. TheOneSpy offers different packages for all kinds of operating systems including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry at the most convenient prices.

If you wish to find out about your child’s social life including the people he/she interact with, the places they visit and the kind of conversations they have, TheOneSpy new bugging feature is just perfect for you. It offers a mic bug and a cam bug. The mic bug lets you silently activate the microphone of the target phone to listen to ambient sounds and live conversations. The cam bug turns on the front and back camera so that you can view their friends and surroundings. Combined together they provide you with an audiovisual display; in other words, the complete movie of their lives. The best part is you can directly activate both these features from the user dashboard (your online TOS account) without any intervention of a secret SMS to be sent to the desired device.

Presently, these features are being offered in (Xtreme package) and are compatible with Android cell phones.

It’s time to let go of your fears and anxieties and be in complete control of their lives. With these state-of-the-art features, you can not only listen to live conversations and see live footage of their whereabouts, you can also record and download the media clips in case you need to refer to them in future.

Not only you can decide how to steer your behaviors according to their chosen pathways but you can also intervene in confrontations brought up outside the home before it gets too late and your child gets hurt. TheOneSpy enables you to have a tight grip and command over their lives, without ever letting them know. Wish you happy parenting and the best of luck for your future adventures.

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