Spy On Kids’ Phones For Online Safety

spy on kids phones

As a parent, you may want to spy on kids. You have to safeguard your children from the unseen dangers of the world. Young pre-teens and teens are on the verge of a higher risk of losing their privacy and being exposed to online predators. Unsupervised smartphones connected to the internet, cellular networks, text messages, live broadcasting apps, social networks, and live phone calls could harm your child to the next level. They could involve with strangers, have behavior issues, and have explicit online activities. It is not necessary that you try to stop kids from cellphone usage. However, you can limit, and restrict minors from using mobile phones.

In What Ways Spy On Kids’ Phones

Here are the ways to monitor, restrict, and limit kids’ cell phones connected to cyberspace or cellular networks. Before we discuss any kids spy solution or parental controls, you need to know about the following ways:

Spy On Children’s Phones Internet

Young kids love to spend time on the internet using their smartphones and tablet devices. It provides so much freedom to children, and they access whatever they want.

Young kids are more likely to access explicit games, violent games, adult content, sugar daddy websites, online dating sites, and live broadcasting apps.

So, internet spying on cellphones has become necessary for parents, and they cannot protect their children without supervising, limiting, and restricting phones accessing cyberspace. Limiting and spying on kids’ internet access enable parents to prevent children from the harmful effects of cyberspace.

Spy On The Juveniles Phone Screen

The cell phone screen is the root cause of all the evils. So, spy on the children’s phone screens to stop them from spending hours and hours on smartphone devices. Excessive screen time can cause several physical, emotional, and psychological issues to minors.

Screen time can cause stress, eye infections, sleeping problems, and aggressive behavior. Therefore, spying on adolescents’ screen activities to know what they do online increases the screen time on cellphone devices.

Monitoring screen time lets you know your online behavior, social media usage, passwords, email activity, and browsing activity.

Spy On Minor Text Messages On The Phone

Non-verbal communication has become a norm, and today children are second to none. They send and receive text messages on cellular networks, chat rooms, and social networking apps.

So, spying on children’s text messaging on cell phones has become more necessary no time ever before. Text messaging activity turns into sexting at any point because they can exchange contacts with online predators and cyberbullies.

Child grooming happens with non-verbal communication via text messaging through cellphones and social messaging apps. Parents have to monitor and read text messaging activity on juveniles’ phones. You have to bring parental spy apps for cellphones at your disposal to deal with the explicit messaging on smartphones.

Spy On Pre-Teens’ Live Phone Calls

Cell phone calls lead young kids, tweens, and teens toward sex offenders, sexual predators, child abusers, and drug rackets.

Unsupervised phone calls can put your kids into a trap because underage teens are more likely to interact with the unseen friends they have made on social media platforms.

So, you have to record and listen to the incoming and outgoing phone calls, VoIP calls, and VoIP messages on cellular networks and messaging apps.

Parents can know about the conversations kids have made with strangers and predators. Kids’ phone call recording is possible unless they use call recording apps to spy on children’s phones to listen to live voice chats.

Spy On Kids’ Phones GPS Location

Do you know why GPS location is necessary for parents? Young kids are more likely to visit inappropriate places in their surroundings without their parents’ consent. Parents should spy on GPS location and location history to track them when they are outside the house with friends.

Current location tracking can save your kids from child abusers, drug abuse, and other dangers. Questions arise about how parents can track their children’s location at the time and space of their choosing.

You can use a mobile tracker on your phone to track location history, pinpoint location, and mark safe and dangerous areas by watching their GPS location virtually on the Google Maps. However, you have to spy on kids’ cellphones using a Android spy app.

Spy On Kids’ Social Media Networks On Mobile

Social media spying on another phone provided to your kids would benefit their safety. Social media networking apps empower kids to create accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

They could use social messaging apps for chatting, Voice messages, sharing nudes, and interacting for sexual hookups with strangers. They talk to unknown people and become friends with them, and love to meet in person would be dangerous.

Parents can monitor kids’ social media platforms on cellphones to chats and messages to watch shared inappropriate media. Parents can spy on adolescents social media platforms with IM’s screen recording apps, phone monitoring software, and capturing screenshots using kids monitoring apps.

Spy On Adolescents’ Browsing Activity

Cell phone browsers are responsible for letting kids explore multiple websites. They can access inappropriate websites, and bookmark web pages on their phone screen.

Moreover, children could become with explicit websites that share sexual content. Cell phones have become X-rated theaters, and pocket porn is on the rise among young children.

Parents have to block and filter the websites on phone browsers to stop kids from accessing adult content. You can block websites and apps unless you have the best screen-time tool that filters explicit websites. Users can spy on browsing history with the schedule.

Screen-time monitoring solutions can block inappropriate apps and websites for many hours on target phones. Therefore, spy on children for their digital well-being.

What To Consider Before You Monitor Your Kids?

Here are the few things you should consider before you spy on children to protect their online and offline safety:

Parents should go for manual efforts to establish parental controls with spy apps. For example, you can put off all the networked gaming that allows chats with fellow online players.

Make sure that your child’s behavior is changing due to online games.

Check your kid’s cellphones downloads that they have not installed dating apps, chat rooms, and messaging apps that could lead them to strangers. You can view the privacy settings of the social messaging app accounts.

Initially, you can use built-in parental controls on kids’ Android and iPhone devices to limit screen time and filter apps.

Don’t allow kids younger than 12 years old to use cell phones and download IM on their phones. Instead, try to enforce some ground roles for using cell phones and screen time.

Parents can create email accounts for their children to keep an eye on their online activity on social media, online games, and other risky platforms.

Youngman at Texas Elementary School Killed 19 Students–CNN

An 18-year-old youngster has killed 19 students at Texas elementary school. A killer allegedly had aggression problems, and reports say the shooter identify by Texas officials as Salvador Ramos, a CNN report said.

The gunman has killed alone, and he shot his grandmother before attacking the elementary school premises.

It is not the first school shooting incident; it was the 30th incident at a k-12 school this year.

Young killers involved in the incidents allegedly had mental problems, were drug addicts, and loved to play violent games, according to recent reports.

So, parents should spy on kids’ activities on phones, PCs, and computer devices before they turn into serial killers. Video gaming is an obsession in the United States that has brought bad mental influence, especially among youngsters.

Suppose your kids are stepping over the line, and then you need to use the best spy apps for cellphones that provide real-time spying and monitoring results.


How To Spy On Kids' Cellphones?

Do you want to monitor your children’s cellphone for their safety online? Here are the top-of-the-line spy apps for cellphones that enable parents to spy on kids online and offline. You can use the monitoring apps below to watch your kids 24/7.

Top 5 Apps To Spy On Children For Their Online Protection
TheOneSpy App

TheOneSpy is one of the best phone spy apps. It has all the features that can meet parental requirements. Users can ensure online safety with its state-of-the-art features, user-friendliness, and separate online dashboard. Users can obtain, record, capture, and monitor valuable information from target phones.

Top TheOneSpy Features

Pros & cons of TheOneSpy app


  • Hidden spy app for cellphones
  • Non-rooted and exclusive features
  • Separate online dashboard
  • More than 250 features


  • No remote installation

Kids will be kids –You can use OgyMogy spy app to prevent outlandish activities of your children. It empowers you to spy on kids hidden whereabouts, record and listen to the calls. Users can spy on text messages, internet, social media, and filter websites. Application will remain hidden, and undetectable on target cellphones. You can watch monitoring results using web control pane.

OgyMogy Top of the Line Spying Tools

  • Screen recorder
  • Web filtering
  • Call recorder
  • Keylogger
  • Location tracker
  • Spy on messages
  • Surround recorder
  • Browsing history

Pros & cons of OgyMogy spy software


  • Temper-proof application
  • Pack with exclusive and basic features
  • VoIP call recording of trendy IM’s
  • Remains hidden by hiding app icon


Not compatible with iPhones

SecureKin Parental Control

Securekin is a play protects free kids monitoring solution. You can download it from the Google play store for free. It has the best parental control solutions to monitor and safeguard kids online. You can filter websites, track location, limit screen time, and get activity reports from the target phone.

Securekin Parental control features

  • Screen-time
  • Activity report
  • Real-time location
  • Web filter
  • App block
  • Location history
  • Keylogger
  • Browsing history

Securekin Pros & Cons


  • Free parental control app
  • Live location tracking tool
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to configure


  • Limited features

Qustodio is one of the cheapest spy apps for cellphones and a sleigh of relief for parents. The application offers several subscription plans and offers to spy on five cellphones with a license.  You can use it to filter the content by category, limit screen time, and limit access to web browsers.

Qustodio parental spying features

  • Content filtering
  • Set limit for cellphone usage
  • Limit web browsers
  • Spy on chat app conversations
  • Alerts for inappropriate key phrases
  • Save conversations

Qustodio App pros & cons


  • Content filtering with categories
  • Limit for browsers, and phone usage
  • Cheaper application to spy on kids
  • Save chats & messages
  • Alert button for kids


  • Limited features
  • Lacking with call recording
  • No screen recording

It is the leading parental spy app that makes online parenting for parents easy than ever. Users can install the application for free, and use it for many spying activities to monitor kids’ cellphones. You can monitor and track live GPS location of kids, block online activity, and block sites on cellphone installed browser.

Kidgy Top of the line spying tools

  • Block lewd content
  • Track live GPS location
  • Limit access to web
  • Monitor assigned tasks
  • Block any online activity

Kidgy parental monitoring app pros & cons


  • Best for parental controls
  • Easy way to track kid’s location
  • Limit web, and access to online activity


  • Limited features
  • Lacking with top of the line spy tools

Seemingly, online safety is easy, but it is challenging for parents. Digital vulnerabilities are on the rise. Parents have limited options to monitor kids’ phones to examine activities. You can read our blog to get to know ways to monitor children and top-of-the-line spy solutions to protect juveniles’ online safety.

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