How To Take Over Someone’s Cellphone Remotely?

take over someones cellphone remotely

Do you know people these days want to take over the cellphone and tablet devices connected to cyberspace? A few years back, it was just a wish, but today many people claim to remote control someone’s cell phone without the target person’s knowledge. Technology is way ahead and has introduced so many practices and technologies that enabled us to control cell phones connected to the internet. Does the question arise what do people want from cell phones remotely? The answer is simple people do want to see mobile screens, microphones, rear cameras, front cameras, GPS, cellular networks, incoming-outgoing calls, and social media activities. Today, we know how to take over another phone without physical access.

Why Do People Want To Remote Control Another Phone Secretly?

Several logical reasons are there when trying to access someone’s cellphone remotely. Many individuals, groups, and communities think to take over target mobile as their fundamental right. Who are they? Following are the people desperate to control phones secretly no time ever before.

Parents Want Access To Kids’ Phones Without Physical Access.

Parents worldwide struggle to set parental monitoring on kids’ cell phone devices, like android and iPhones. They want to know what their minors are into 24/7. Do you know why?

Young teens are obsessed with smartphone technology and use it for explicit, dangerous, and potentially risky activities. Parents want to access their phones remotely.

Seemingly taking over kids’ smartphones is a tough call, but technology has loopholes manipulative to get the job done. Tech-savvy parents can use multiple practices to remote control phones connected to the internet using methods and spy apps for cell phones.

Parents want to remote control phones to spy on messages, chats, social media, passwords, and social media networks to safeguard kids online.

Children are likelier to breach privacy by sharing location, phone numbers, videos, photos, and school names. Parents want to prevent kids from online bullying, blind dating, drug abuse, sexting, and bunny hunting.

Employers Want To Remote Control Business Smartphones.

The business community is one of the victims of data breaching, disgruntled employees, and stealing intellectual property.

Cell phones are micro-mini computer devices, and business professionals carry smartphones with them and provide the latest phones to employees for communication, sharing business files, and saving business data.

So, phones have become a data mine for hackers, scammers, and disgruntled workers.

Employers can prevent online attacks by hacking WhatsApp on business smartphones. For example, they can create an instant backup for data stored on the phone.

Moreover, employers can record and listen to the phone’s surroundings and live incoming-outgoing calls, track GPS location, and filter time-wasting sites.

Is Remote Controlling Someone’s Android A Walkover?

No. You have so much to take before you access another phone or tablet device without physical access on the target phone. You can take over the target mobile device connected to the internet. But you have to perform a few things because the latest android OS versions 10, 11, and 12 devices ask for permissions whenever you access the following.

  • Font & back camera permissions
  • Cell phone GPS permissions
  • Microphone permissions
  • Contact permissions
  • Cellphone calls permissions
  • Phone gallery permissions
  • App permissions

Android smartphones introduce plenty of hurdles that prevent controlling them remotely. You may want to listen to the surroundings of the target device and want to track the GPS location of your target person secretly.

You could not use target device cameras to capture videos and photos of the surroundings without physical access to the phone.

However, you have to have installed parental control or a non-rooted android spy app on your target phone with one-time physical access to remote access the phone secretly and remotely.

Note: Accessing someone’s android phone remotely is not a walkover at all. Android phones don’t allow you to do it unless you use the best android spy software on the target phone. Legitimate spy apps for android grant you permissions from android cameras, microphones, location, contacts, and others, but one-time installation is necessary to have physical access to the target device.

Is It Possible To Access iPhone Remotely?

No. You cannot control an iPhone device remotely unless you jailbreak the iOS device and install a spy app for iPhone. iOS security is very tight compared to android phones because it is not open-source like the android operating system. iPhone does offer several built-in parental controls for kids but can block third-party applications. So, third-party applications won’t work to the full extent because Apple’s operating system is too restrictive. However, you can use built-in parental control features to control kids’ iPhone devices without physical access. Therefore, you have to have an iPhone spy app for jailbreak devices to access iPhone remotely.

Note: You have to find a spy app for iPhone and install it on jailbreak iOS device, and then you can control iOS device remotely. It is hard to take over iPhone completely because iPhone has the best security system.

How To Control Someone’s Cell phone & iPhone Remotely?

TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that enable users to take over target android and iOS devices. You cannot control android and iPhones unless you have one-time physical access to targeted devices to configure the android and iPhone monitoring solution successfully. TheOneSpy offers the following spy products to monitor and track cellphones running with Android and iOS operating systems.

Install Android Spy App & Grant Given Permissions Before Activation

First of all, open the app after installation. A Popup will appear of “Ignore Battery Optimization”, it will ask you that “do you want to remove the battery usage restriction on Your App?” You have to Tape on “Allow”,

Then after that other permissions dialogs will appear one after the other, like

  1. Take a photo and record video permission (Camera Access Permission).
  2. Permission to access the Location of the device using GPS and internet (Location Permission)
  3. Permission to record audio of device using microphone or speaker (Microphone Permission)
  4. Permission to access contacts of the device (contacts permission)
  5. Permission makes, manage, and access phone calls (Manage Phone Call Permission)
  6. Permission to access your calendar or appointment or events on phone (Calendar Permission)
  7. Permission to access your Call logs (Call History) of phone (Call Logs Permission)
  8. Permission to access your Photos and media of phone (Photos Permission)
  9. Permission Manage and Send SMS of phone (Sms Permission)

Once you have successfully installed the remote android spy solution on the target phone, Activate the app by using your activation code and tapping on Activate Button. You need to grant the following permissions to control your android phone remotely.

Device Administration Permission:

  • A Screen will appear about granting the app administrator rights, Tap on Allow button
  • It will take you to the settings of your app and tap on “Activate this admin app” to grant the app administrator guide.


  • This Permission is to grant app device administrator privileges


Notification Access Permission:

  • Another Screen will appear in the Notification access permission guide. Tap on the “Allow” button, and it will move you to the Notification permission access setting of your app. Simple allow it


  • This Permission is for reading, accessing, and controlling notifications displayed on the Phone Screen.

Display Over The Other Apps’ Permission:

  • Another Screen will appear on Display over the other apps’ permission guide. Tap on the “Allow” button and it will move you to display over other app permission of your app. Simply allow it.


  • This Permission is for overlay or other apps and stops using other apps and for creating an overlay of our app on other apps

Disable notifications of our app:

  • Another Screen will appear to disable notifications of our app guide. Tap on the “Allow” button, and it will move you to the notification settings of your app. Simple Disable notification


  • This disabling of notifications of our app is required so that users cannot see our app notifications

 Accessibility Permission:

  • Another Screen will appear in the Accessibility Permission guide. Tap on the “Allow” button and it will move you to accessibility settings to the app. Simple allow it


  • This Permission is required to get access to the currently open app, currently display text, currently typing text and currently click the button and view and control the screen

Screen Recording Permission:

  • Another screen will appear off-screen recording permission. Tap on Allow, an popup will appear on the screen recording permission. Simple Allow it by tapping on the “Start Now button”


  • This Permission is to capture the screen in the form of screenshots and screen recording

Use Android Spy Features To Control Target Phone Remotely

TheOneSpy has dozens of features to spy on android phone and to control target device activities. Users can use online dashboard to activate following features to take over target phone remotely.

  • Live camera streaming
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Location tracker
  • Browsing history
  • Screen recording
  • QQ messenger spy
  • Signal spy app
  • Discord spy app
  • Wire spy app
  • Screenshots
  • Live surround listening
  • Screen-time
  • Block unknown calls

How To Control Ios Device Remotely?

Install TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring software on jailbreak iOS devices successfully. Further, you can use access the web control panel and remote control iPhone with an exciting set of features that are as follows:

  • Call logs
  • SMS
  • iMessage
  • Device info
  • WhatsApp Chat logs
  • Installed apps
  • Appointments
  • Contacts
  • Notes

You can use iPhone spy app features to spy on target iOS devices without physical access. Users can monitor call logs of incoming-outgoing iPhone calls, SMS, and iMessage. Users can get device information, Whatsapp chats, and messages with the schedule. You can view installed applications on target jailbreak iOS devices and monitor contacts with names and email addresses.


Android operating systems beat the iOS operating systems for remote control parental controls. So, spying on android is the safer bet compared to iPhones. However, iPhones are more secure devices when accessing iPhone with a spy app without physical access. So, TheOneSpy is the best tool to take over (android, iPhone) someone’s cell phone remotely.

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