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You can remotely block incoming calls on target cell phone device seems in appropriate

Strangers are only strangers until we aren’t introduced to them. How often a strange caller succeeds in gaining attention after repeated attempts and is eventually added to the contact list? Almost always! The odds for such occurrences are quite high and so is the stress level of a parent of a teenager who owns a personal mobile phone.

Little exposure to the world around them combined with the desire for reckless exploration makes teenagers a vulnerable target for the devious people out there. Where many random calls may be a purely a product of chance, some are actually aimed at the receiver.

Don’t let your child become a tool for the schematic minds. Don’t let them fall prey to their evil designs. Stop this exploitation once and for all!

But the question is HOW?

How can you possibly keep a check on all the calls that your kids receives every day? How can you make sure that they don’t pick up any call from a stranger callers? How can you monitor who your child comes in contact with via his/her cellular device? How can you actually do all this without asking for a downright custody of the cell phone?

TheOneSpy offers very simple resolution to all these questions. The only effort you have to make is to install the application onto your child’s smartphone. Then you can take a sigh of relief as you sit back and control your kid’s cellular interactions, making sure he/she plays within a safe zone.

With TheOneSpy, you can:

  • View a complete list of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Record and maintain call logs with time and date stamps
  • Check out the names, numbers and addresses of people in the contact list
  • Block all suspicious incoming calls from any unknown numbers, not found in the contact list
  • Alter the contact list, making any additions and deletions where necessary
  • Listen to all calls made to and from the target phone
  • Exercise parental control directly from the online control panel.
  • Grab any device configured to the internet and not only check the target’s activity but also make adjustments as per discretion

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

Benefits for parents

It may be possible for you to intercept calls and maintain call logs, but would it be actually possible for you to erase imprints of what a strange caller’s voice and words leave on your kid’s innocent mind? Would you be able to stop your child’s mind from wandering off to far-off places in anticipation? Would you be able to smother the burning flames? Would you be able to undo the damage that has already been done? Perhaps, NO!Teenage is a very fragile and tender age. It needs to be handled with utmost care. If you treat it with too much leniency or strictness, you may lose it altogether.

Benefits for Individuals

Being you someone’s loved one you are over-optimistic and deliberately tend to block the influx of negative energy. They are unwilling to accept your wary and over-cautious view of the world. They are confident of their perceptions and are mostly unwilling to steer their life in the light of your experiences. They want to explore on your own. Rather than to give your loved a free hand but makes sure that their ropes remain in your hands. You need to watch over them without letting them gauge that you mistrust them in any way. You need to limit their exposure without suffocating them at any point in their lives. You can discuss with emotions and insecurities with your loved one and you can use TOS block incoming tool on each other cell phone device with mutual consent rather than breaching each other privacies and to grow mistrust.

Benefits for Employers

TheOneSpy understands these parameters and has designed employee monitoring features keeping the co-ordinates in mind in terms of wasting time in incoming phone calls on company’s owned devices. Employers can prevent time wasting activities on company’s owned devices at least during working hours. In-case your employees are wasting time on cell phone incoming calls, you can simply use block incoming calls and get the job done.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?