Control & Block Incoming Strange Calls

You can secretly take control of all incoming calls of targeted devices. End-user identifies who is calling more can block the upcoming call remotely. It means you are empowered to your loved one by only talking with approved people and blocking unwanted calls.

Restrict Incoming Calls from Suspesious / Unknown Phone Numbers

Keep restricting incoming calls of your targeted person for several reasons. So, you block any suspicious call on your targeted device with TheOneSpy software. Its secret spy feature helps users to protect others from any online dangers or threats.

Blocking incoming calls for

TheOneSpy offers you several options with blocking calls like;

  • Block internet access
  • Block incoming calls
  • Block website

Can You Control Employees' Calls or Block Phone Calls?

TheOneSpy offers the ethical supervision of employees or protects the children. With this, you can protect your children from any suspicious call and save the business from outside threats. It works for the parents and bosses with their best tracking features.

You will Block Incoming Calls with the Rooted option

Yes, you can be empowered to monitor incoming calls and listen to their conversation secretly. It allows you to restrict any incoming call on a non-rooted device. 

rooted non rooted android

Why is TheOneSpy best?

Digital technology has been emerging in the last few years.  People made calls to others around the world. With the several advantages, it has a lot of risk factors that need to be overcome in proper time. Therefore, TheOneSpy is the ultimate solution to online threats.

Secretly know incoming calls

call logs

Remotely block any incoming calls

call logs history tracker

Block any threatening call

Protect kids from strangers call

messages notification

Get access to TheOneSpy app & receive email

Go to the original website of TheOneSpy and subscribe to the restrict call feature. Then you will automatically receive an official email.

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Get physical access to the targeted device

Now you get access to the targeted device for installing the app into it.

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Get access to the dashboard

In the final step, you can access the web portal of TheOneSpy app and get the spying results.

User-friendly Installation Guide

TheOneSpy takes a few minutes to accomplish the installation procedure. Here we mention a few steps that will help you install this app into the targeted device.

User's Review

girl sign

Alison Hooper

It is a great app that enables me to block my child stranger calls.

girl sign

Amelia swan

It works great & empowers me to control my daughter’s phone calls.

boy sign

David Nathan

I can remotely block my child from any unwanted incoming or outgoing calls.

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Mike Berry

 It helps me a lot in my child protection from their unethical conversations

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

There is nothing worse than receiving unknown calls. At the same time, someone calls for a threatening purpose or maybe other teasing cause. So, no need to worry about it. You can secretly protect your children from any incoming ringing that is not good for them. It is used for business security and kids' safety in the present time.

Yes! You can control any unnecessary upcoming call. With TheOneSpy app, users are empowered to track all incoming calls and even know the person is calling them. Parents want to save their children from the opposite side of the digital world. Therefore, technology comes with the solution to any dangers of digital devices.

Are you worried about your kids? Do you want to keep an eye on kids secretly? A big yes! TheOneSpy is designed to secure children from any digital danger. It is always helpful for all concerned parents to save their kids using intelligent gadgets. Now, you can check all the online performances of your children. It is the solution to any dangerous side of the digital world.

Technical Questions

Now the technology comes with the solution to any dangerous side of technology. TheOneSpy offers you control of suspicious calls. You can track or block any strange ringing on a targeted cell phone. So, No need to worry about the risky factor of digital devices. It helps you in the safety of children or also can secure business.

It knows the way to use spy software for legal reasons. It confirms you from any suspicious call or unwanted conversation as we define the proper way to use the tracking software and its installation process. It makes sure you regarding your kid's online safety and business security.