block sms while driving

Block Texting While Driving

Take your seat behind the driving panel and control their texting on the go!

TOS block texting while driving empowers you to stop target cell phone user from texting behind wheels.
Does the idea of your child texting and calling while driving, brings out your worst nightmares? Does the thought of your child meeting a car accident due to such distractions, sends shivers down your spine? Do you feel that they repeatedly engage in such activities despite their pledges of careful driving?

Do you feel the need to control their driving habits but feel helpless in doing so?

If so, try TheOneSpy! It lets you block their texting as the vehicle gains up speed. The application, when installed onto their mobiles, automatically detects their driving speed and blocks their SMS as they exceed a certain safe speed limit. You do not need to constantly monitor their speeds from home as this job is taken over by TheOneSpy, right there in their pockets. All you have to do is to activate this feature from your online control panel as you see your child gearing up and heading towards the road. Then you can rest assure and leave your worries to this self-monitoring parental substitute that ensures that they refrain from texting and remain safe while on the move.

With TheOneSpy, you can:

  • Block their incoming and outgoing SMS while driving
  • Block their device access remotely
  • Monitor their driving speeds to make sure they are not over-speeding
  • Set limits and determine the set point above which they can’t text from their device
  • Exercise the parental control and Activate the SMS block feature from your online control panel right from anywhere and any device that lets you access the web

Why use the Block SMS feature?

Road surveys show that 1 out of every 4 road accidents in United States are a result of texting while driving. As more and more technology tools become available in motorized vehicles, increased driver distractions can lead to escalating number of casualties in the future. Investigations and forensic predictions show that road traffic injuries due to mobile usage will rise to constitute the fifth largest sglobal cause of death by 2030.

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Benefits for parents

Mobile phone usage on road is a fatal distraction. Humans are under the false impression that they can multi-task without an efficiency loss but that’s not quite true. Every task that we take up in addition to an ongoing activity, leads to a physical as well as cognitive distraction. It causes our concentration levels to fall and our productivity to decline. The same applies to mobile phone usage while driving, and today teens are at the top that used to texting while driving and often got accidents. So, parents can remotely block text messaging on teen’s device using TOS cell phone spy app powerful block texting tool.

Benefits for Individuals

We come across these numbers every day and the reports of fatalities due to car accidents on the news bulletin seem nothing but a passing event. But just imagine if the same could happen to loved one or partner Wouldn’t it give you shudders? It certainly would. So, you need to use TOS block texting while driving tool in order to prevent such fatal accidents and couple of time doing this you can ask for the consent doing this without her permission.

Benefits for Employers

Remember that precaution is always better than cure. Employers or business owner always prefer their business compare to anything else. You may have seen business owners always stick within phone calls, messaging behind the wheels. If you are business man you can use this tool on your personal cell phone device in order to prevent yourself from accidents, because you may not remember sometime that texting behind the wheels is too dangerous. Use mobile phone tracking software and make your safety imminent rather than to sticking with bad habits.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?

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