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Call Logs History & Phone Numbers Tracking

Get Entire Call History from your Target’s Cell Phone - Monitor All Incoming and Outgoing Phone Numbers List

TheOneSpy call history spy app has made it possible for you to track the entire history of the call from your target’s phone. You can easily track number with the location as well as. Call logs and history monitoring feature available in packages of TheOneSpy and very handy for simple surveillance on your kids and employees' calls history.

  • Have a look at the complete call details of mobile number.
  • Trace mobile number current location online.
  • Know when the calls were made /received with precise time and date stamps.
  • Peruse mobile number call history record through a downloadable spreadsheet found on our online panel.


All the details from your user’s call logs will be delivered to your online dashboard for remote review. Read here how can you spy on phone contacts list of the target device.

What TOS Call Log Android Can Do for You (Track Number with Location)

Parents will love this feature; it can help them keep a check on who their child is talking to, when and why. They never have to worry if there’s some weird interaction going on with absolute strangers. Because TOS call blocker can help them by track number with location in order to block unknown calls. Employers can ensure that their staff isn’t busy talking to the competition and leaking trade secrets. TheOneSpy call history tracker app grabs all the relevant call history as well as mobile number current location online and contacts details so they can act swiftly.

  • Take Control of the microphone
  • Save Voice recording of an online account
  • Send multiple spy bugs to record voices
  • Monitor hidden microphone activities

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Benefits for parents

Parents can easily get to know about to whom kids and teens have made cell phone calls and what are contact numbers to whom they make calls at regular basis. Furthermore, they can get to know about the incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls with complete time stamp which keeps parents updated regarding phone calls activities. Parents can also track the number of alongside the location unless they are tracking and recording live mobile phone calls.

Benefits for individuals

Apart from parenting and employee monitoring individuals can also get the benefits of TheOneSpy call history tracker. If someone has got plenty of miss calls from an unknown number or source user can remotely get to know about the location of the particular number. Furthermore, people in a relationship or having loved ones you can track call history of each other phone calls to build trust and strengthen your relationship with mutual consent.

Benefits for employers

Corporate sector has running with plenty of concerns in terms of business owners who are fed up with their customer care representatives. They use to mislead or have bad behavior with clients and further Use Company’s owned mobile phones and tablets for personal usage. Now employers can easily record and listen to the calls and as well as track the phone calls history with complete time stamp.

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