Email Screen Recording Lets You View Emails Activity in Real-Time

Email screen recorder is a high-tech tool that can record short-time videos on another phone or tablet screen active with Email. It can record several videos live from a cell phone screen running with electronic mail. You can explore and analyze every Email recorded video to view sent and received.

How to Do Live Screen Recording on Someone's Email Account?

Do you want to view and record emails on your Gmail account? You can use TheOneSpy on any cell phone device and activate the Gmail recording feature. Users will receive real-time recorded phone screen videos via an online dashboard.

What is the Email Screen Recorder App?

It is live monitoring software that you can use on any cell phone device. Email screen recording can record videos on target devices to monitor emails in real-time. Users can download the recorded videos from the phone screen and monitor activity, like sent/received emails, attachments, and chats, the content of the email. Users can also watch account login activity, inbox emails, spam emails, deleted emails, trash, categories, and starred messages. Live Email recording on the phone screen provides you a complete view of someone’s electronic mail account in real-time.

How is Email Screen Recording Software Helpful?

Emails are necessary for social networking apps, dating apps, and browsing activity. Parents can monitor and track everything kids are doing on the phone unless they have their Email account. You can record live Email videos on a cell phone screen to watch every email they have sent and received in real-time with the naked eye. Business professionals can stop data breaching and employees dealing with the clients on official email account by using Electronic mail screen recording.

Is it Possible to Record the Email Screen Without Root?

Yes! It has become possible to record and monitor emails account with no root. However, you should have a non-rooted Email screen recorder on the target device to watch the live happening of electronic mails.  

Rooted & non rooted Android

Why is TheOneSpy the Best Tool to Record Email Phone Screens?

The TheOneSpy screen recorder for Gmail is the best, and you should know about the reasons that have made it so advanced tool over the years. Let’s get to know about things given below:

text messages tracker

Watch Email on Email Account

View every email sent/ received on phone screen

Record Back to Back Videos

Record Email videos in a series on the screen

Live Email Screen Recording

Record real-time videos of Email on Gmail account

Save Electronic Mail Videos to Dashboard

Save videos to view sent/ received emails on a phone

messages notification

Get TheOneSpy online subscription

You can visit TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software and you will have an email in your Gmail account. Users can login to email to get the credentials.

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Get physical access on cell phone

It is necessary to get physical access on a cell phone device to configure the application successfully on target device.

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Use online web control panel

Users can use online dashboard using password and ID and by activating the features, like email screen recording.

TheOneSpy installation process

Here are few steps you need to perform to install TheOneSpy on your target device.  Here are the steps to get the job done successfully.

User's Review

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Anthony Christopher

I can monitor my email account to monitor employees dealing with clients.

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Kenneth Kevin

I have monitored my kid’s emails to know what they are doing in sent and received emails secretly.

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Larry Scott

Email screen recorder is the best tool to watch every sent and received an email of Email on my business devices.

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Lilly Paul

Email monitoring has become easier than ever before using TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

Do you want to record your phone screen on Email? You can use the best Email screen recorder software on your target phone. It empowers you to record back-to-back live videos on a cell phone screen to monitor emails. You have to install the screen recorder for Email on your target phone with physical access to the target device and activate the screen recording for the Email feature to record the sent and received electronic emails.

TheOneSpy is the best app that empowers you to record Email screens. Do you know why? It empowers you to record live videos on a phone screen active with a Email account to monitor spam emails, starred, spam, and trash emails with the naked eye. Users can save the recorded Email screen videos to the web control panel.

Technical Questions

You can record your Email account to watch live emails sent and received on an android phone unless you are using TheOneSpy Email screen recording on your phone. It can record live Email videos and send them to its dashboard. You can also capture screenshots on a cellphone screen to monitor email activity on target Email account on android.

No. Free apps that record Email screens cannot provide you with a live activity on an electronic mail account. It could breach your phone’s data and leave you with nothing but stolen phone data. So, you need not use free Email screen recorder software to view live Emails of yahoo and Gmail account.

You can watch and monitor live sent and received emails on any device using TheOneSpy monitoring software. It has plenty of features that you can activate on the target device, like a Email screen recorder, screenshots, keystrokes logging, and an email spy tool.