logs synchronization

Logs Synchronizations methods

You can set preferences of TOS app to upload data using logs synchronizations method

If you want to set your own preferences of TOS app to uploading the data from the target device then you just visit phone surveillance app web control panel in an order change the data syncing preferences with the internet, mobile phone data and with both or to prevent sync option with anyone. The data uploading or logs synchronizations tools empower you to set plenty of preferences when it comes to the surveillance on cell phone with accordance of the specified conditions.

Logs synchronization means:

  • TOS app enables you to set data upload preferences
  • TheOneSpy work with Wi-Fi phone data/ don’t sync option

How logs synchronization methods useful for TOS app users?

It simply empowers users to set their individual monitoring preferences when it comes to uploading the data of the target cell phone device under surveillance. Logs synchronization method enables you to create your personal preferences visiting the online control panel settings and to deal with the uploading of the data with accordance of your personalized fixed preferences rather than to use by default mobile phone spy app preferences.

How to install TheOneSpy & to use logs synchronization feature?

It is very simple to do that job, but you have to have access to the cell phone monitoring software. Now get started with the process of installation and when you have done with it successfully then you need to activate it on the target device. Now gets access to the electronic web portal of the cell phone surveillance software using credentials. Get access to the features and visit to the settings and you need to tap on the logs synchronization method and use it to set preferences for uploading the data with accordance of your comfort level.

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Benefits for parents

Now, parents are that used to of monitoring online activities on their mobile phones to protect them from digital dangers.  They can easily go to the mobile phone tracking app web portal and further get access to the settings in order to change the data uploading/syncing preferences connected with the cyberspace, mobile data and with both and further set stop syncing option with any of one. Parents can simply govern their cell phone monitoring preferences according to their needs.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual that is using mobile phone spy software on someone else mobile phone device having consent now can easily set  preferences to upload the data working with the internet, cell phone data and with both and even can use stop syncing data option. It means user can create personal monitoring preferences with respect to syncing preferences using TOS app control panel.

Benefits for Employers

Employers mostly have to monitor multiple employees’ devices using mobile phone tracking software in order to keep an eye on their daily activities to prevent time wasting and fishy activities. Now with mobile phone surveillance app they can set their own preferences to uploading the data working with internet, mobile phone data and with both or you can use stop syncing option.

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