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Mark Safe Areas With TheOneSpy

Get instant notifications as target device user enter to the save area

TheOneSpy Geo-fencing (mark safe area) provides an opportunity to deal with the kind of world we live in today. Everyone needs to be careful with regards to their own and the whereabouts of their friends and family. Not all places are safe and keeping a watch of where your child or spouse are going is something which can go a long way in giving you peace of mind with regard to the safety of those you love.

How TOS Geo-fencing (Mark Safe Area) Helps You?

Monitoring the whereabouts of friends and family and to an extent, an employee’s as well has now become easier with the availability of monitoring apps which allow users of the app to keep an eye as to what the user of the target phone is engaging in.

One such app is TheOneSpy monitoring software which offers its users a variety of features, all to ensure that those they love are safe.

Mark safe area (GEO-Fencing) updated feature offered by TheOneSpy is the ability to mark safe areas i.e. those areas which come within the boundary of where that individual is allowed to go.

How TOS Geo-fencing (Mark Safe Area) Works

With TheOneSpy location tracking app, you can mark out areas which are safe for the user of the target phone to enter into. Using the map given to you on the control panel, these areas can be marked out and once the target phone leaves the safe area, you will be notified of it immediately. Using TheOneSpy, you can:

  • On the control panel, mark out those areas you consider to be safe enough for the user of the target phone to be within
  • Once the boundaries of the safe area are crossed, you will be informed of it immediately
  • You can opt to receive notifications of the boundary being crossed via text, email or both

Having such a feature available to monitor your friends, family and employees can be of great help in not only giving you the information you need to keep calm regarding their safety but it is also a great way of getting to them in case they find themselves to be in an area which isn’t meant for them and which could perhaps affect their safety. In times of need, such a feature offered by TOS can be of great use.

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Benefits for parents

This feature is perfect if you have doubts with regard to the online safety of your children for instance and if you believe that they may be skipping school and going places where they shouldn’t be. Parents can use Geo –fence tool for marking safe areas on target device of kids using online control panel. This will help out parents that either children at safe place on the MAP or they are going outside the safe area via instant notifications.

Benefits for Individuals

You can use GPS location tracker app on the target device of someone you care the most. You can create fence around the target mobile phone using Google MAP. For the sake of someone protections you can use this tool on their mobile phone device and further track their location remotely and instantly. It will keep you updated about the safe places that you have mark on the MAP about the target device.

Benefits for Employers

Perhaps you wish to know whether or not your employees when going to work actually do so rather than taking the time for their personal errands. Regardless of what your needs are, this feature by TOS can certainly come in handy and give you the information you need to further take action if need be. This way, you will be able to keep track of whether the target phone is staying within the safe area he is meant to be in or is leaving to go elsewhere and if so, you will be informed of it instantly.

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