multiple devices support

Switch Your License on any OS Platforms

You can switch between platforms on same licenses of TheOneSpy

So they have switched from an Android smartphone to an iPhone? You don’t need to worry. TheOneSpy lets you monitor across multiple platforms on a single license, so you don’t have to pay again with any change in device.

You can’t be sure when your partner or child might switch to a new device, or when your office decides to give your employees new smartphones. These new devices can possibly have a different operating system than the one they previously had. So what would you do with your current TheOneSpy license?

Does it go away every time they change their devices? No, it doesn’t. Your TheOneSpy license is here to stay. Let them switch from an Android to an iPhone or to a Blackberry, Windows, MAC and vise versa – it does not make any difference to you or us. Your TheOneSpy license moves along with every change they make so you never have to pay extra!

TheOneSpy is here to help you rather than just making money

TOS app is always feeling concerned about their customers limitations and issues. Therefore, mobile phone surveillance software put all of worries to rest even it is about switching from android smartphone to an IOS device. Just feel relax and tension free TheOneSpy will let you to track across multiple platforms using its single license. However, you need to install cell phone tracking software on switched device back and forth and you can convert one license to another discussing with customer care support rather than paying for multiple licenses. However, if you want to spy on multiple devices of different OS at the same time then you have to have number of licenses. Having said that, we are here to serve you and provide you the solutions of all of your problems.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can do surveillance on their kids and teens digital activities in-case one is fond of Android and other one is of IOS. On the other hand, parents won’t afford license for multiple OS devices. Parents can change the OS of the license with the same license and then track kids and teens activities back and forth but not at the same time.

Benefits for Individuals

Individual who is looking forward to monitor more than one people for different reasons? They can only use one license and simply can switch between the platforms with the same licenses. You can monitor your loved one with consent and even you can use it on your personal cell phone device for time being having data backup for your personal mobile phone device.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can do surveillance on their employees within the working hours. For instance if employees have devices with multiple OS then they can spy on android devices initially with its multiple licenses and at the end of the day they can use android licenses on IOS devices by using TOS switching between the platforms with same licenses and they will not have to pay for further dozens of IOS licenses.

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?