Switch Your License on any OS Platforms

You can switch between platforms on the same licenses of TheOneSpy. So you can switch from an Android smartphone to an iPhone? You don’t need to worry. TheOneSpy lets you monitor across multiple platforms on a single license, so you don’t have to pay again for any change in device.

How to Use Multiple Platform Support Features?

It is easy to use multiple platform support features. TheOneSpy user can access the dashboard visit features and visit the license and device switching feature tab. Further, you can activate the platform’s support feature.

What is TheOneSpy Multiple Platform Support?

TheOneSpy is here to help you rather than just making money. TOS app is always feeling concerned about their customer’s limitations and issues. Therefore, mobile phone surveillance software put all of worries to rest even it is about switching from android smartphone to an IOS device. Just feel relax and tension free TheOneSpy will let you to track across multiple platforms using its single license. However, you need to install cell phone tracking software on switched device back and forth and you can convert one license to another discussing with customer care support rather than paying for multiple licenses.

How TheOneSpy Multiple Platforms Features Helpful?

Parents can do surveillance on their kids and teens digital activities in-case one is fond of Android and other one is of IOS. On the other hand, parents won’t afford license for multiple OS devices. Parents can change the OS of the license with the same license.  Employers can do surveillance on their employees within the working hours. For instance, if employees have devices with multiple OS then they can spy on android devices initially with its multiple licenses and at the end of the day they can use android licenses on IOS devices.

Is Multiple Platform Support Works on a Rooted Device?

No. TheOneSpy is one of the few apps features that work on rooted and non-rooted phones. It does not matter whether you have rooted your phone or not. You can install TheOneSpy and let the spy app handle your worries.

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Why is TheOneSpy Effortless Phone Spy Software?

Users do not need to make efforts to spy on cell phone devices running with multiple OS versions. Here are the following things you know about TheOneSpy:

Offer several device switches

Users can switch several devices within the same OS.

Many OS switches

Uses can switch multiple operating system devices.

Provide platform support

TheOneSpy is compatible with several OS platforms.

block unblock internet remotely

Separate online dashboard

Use dashboard or TOSDesk app to monitor devices.

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Subscribe to TheOneSpy

You can visit TheOneSpy subscription plans, like Lite, XLite, and premium plans. You can get a subscription, and you will receive an email with credentials.

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Physical access to phone

You need physical access on the phone to install the application successfully on your target device.

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Use Online dashboard

Users can use a web control panel with password and ID and visit features, like multiple platform support, switch devices, and many more.

3 Easy steps to install TheOneSpy

Do you know? TheOneSpy is the fastest app to configure itself on the target device. Don’t you believe me? Try it by yourself!

User's Review

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Randy Phil

TheOneSpy works on all cell phones and tablet devices. It offers multiple platforms support.

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Anastasia Shannon

TheOneSpy has several products, and every spy app is full of features that empower you to set parental controls.

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Samuel Samson

I am a professional businessman, and I have to monitor multiple devices provided to employees. TheOneSpy can track multiple devices with its OS support.

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Winfred Alvin

I can track my teen’s cellphone devices secretly. One license is enough for me to spy on different devices.