Remote Commands for Secret Spying & Monitoring Jobs

Control their Phones Remotely through Dashboard Commands

TheOneSpy does not only allow you to read their data from a distance, but also to control their smartphones – almost completely. There is a host of things you can do with TheOneSpy’s remote monitoring dashboard commands.

How to remotely control target device using dashboard commands?

You can remotely control your target device and even you can interrupt activities even before it happen on the target device. You just need to fill up the target device with TOS cellphone remote controller. Install it on the targeted mobile phone device and once you have ended up with the process of installation and further you need to set it up on the target device. Now take a further step ahead and get started to get access to the online dashboard using credentials. You have access to the electronic web control panel where you can see the features. So, you can send remote dashboard commands on the target device in order to controlling the target device.  End user can control the target device MIC, remove applications, pause or start the application, start video camera remotely of the target device and multiple other activities.

How Remote Control Panel Commands Helps?

  • Controlling the target phone’s microphone to listen to its surroundings
  • Deleting any application
  • Pausing any application
  • Running or restarting any application
  • Recording the phone’s surrounding sounds
  • Remotely start video camera to record short video clip.
  • Remotely start back and front photo camera to take photos.

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Benefits for parents

If there is one feature you absolutely need to monitor your child or teen, or to keep an eye on your wards, its TheOneSpy’s remote monitoring dashboard offering. With this remarkable addition, you can control the target device remotely. Every monitoring and spying feature of TheOneSpy has a remote control command button on the top left side of the page which will be used to send the push commands to the targeted cell phone from the control panel, with which you can do practically everything: run the app, stop the app, remotely turn the microphone on, and create bugging commands for camera. It means parents have complete command on the target device.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual user can use TheOneSpy dashboard commands for multiple activities on the target device. User can even send commands to monitor target device activities and as well as send commands in order to stop sort of activities user don’t wish to happen on the target device. So, you can use it on someone else device close to you own your device. You can remotely send commands on the target phone to know what sort of activities are happening and further send dashboard command to stop it remotely.

Benefits for Employers

Employers mostly want to monitor their company’s owned devices provided to the employees. They can use TheOneSpy dashboard command software it empowers parents to remotely spy on employees using dashboard commands of TOS and further employers can stop fishy and time wasting activities on the target device remotely instantly by sending push notifications.

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