remotely reset license

Remotely Reset License

Now you can remotely reset license of TheOneSpy using online control panel of cell phone spy app

If your license have got expired or you want to reset the license then you need reset the license of phone monitoring app using TOS web control panel. You need to do couple of steps to get the job done. User just need to use the web control panel credentials and get access to the multiple features and you will need to choose the “My other licenses”. When you have made a tap on it, it will bring you to the red button and you will be able to reset the activation code. Now you can reset the license without facing hazels.

How Remote Reset License feature works?

It simply works if you have been installed phone surveillance software on the target device successfully on the target device.  Beside, due to some odd reasons time comes when you have to reset TOS license remotely on the target device. Now you need to visit the web control panel of the cell phone spy app and further visit the features and you need to make a click on the particular feature in the dashboard “remote reset license”. Now you will have “My other services” and taping on it you will have “red button” that allow you to create or reset the activation code and you will be able to reset the license without having issues.

How to Install TOS on target device & to use Reset license feature?

First and foremost you need to get access to the mobile phone monitoring software and once you have got it then instantly start the process of installation. When you have done with the process of installation properly then you need to get access to the online control panel of TOS app. Now you can get access to it using credentials and you will have the access to the features and tap on the reset license feature. It will simply allow you to reset the activation code you are looking for at the moment without facing problems.

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Benefits for parents

Digital parenting over the years has become norm for parents to make sure their online safety. However, while they are doing online parenting using TheOneSpy and suddenly they have to reset the license then they do it remotely using web control panel and keep tracking their teen’s online activities to protect them from cyber dangers.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual monitoring someone’s cell phone device using mobile phone surveillance software with mutual consent or secretly to protect the target person because he/she own the device. In-case, you have to reset license. So, now you can use TOS app dashboard and get access to the features and tap on remote reset license and get the job done and keep tracking the one you wish to.

Benefits for Employers

Employers that used to of spying employees activities on company have owned devices using multiple TheOneSpy licenses. They can remotely reset the licenses to keep the record of employee’s activities but they have to reset the license and they have to visit the web control panel offered by TOS app. They can visit the features and can use remote reset TOS license and carry on their monitoring activities on employee’s activities.

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