Know about Storage, Memory, and SIM Number on Target Phone

You can use the TOS app for cell phone surveillance to get info about device SIM numbers. Besides, you can also get to know about the device storage complete information, and lastly, you can get the information about the cell phone memory in detail. It means the phone monitoring app enables you to get such hidden information related to the target device that no other surveillance even comes nearer.

What You Know About Target Phone with TheOneSpy?

Here are following info you will get with TheOneSpy monitoring app for cell phones.

  • SIM number of target mobile phone device
  • Get access to the detailed device storage
  • Complete access to the memory of the device

How TheOneSpy Get SIM Number & Phone Memory?

The first thing you can do once you have access to the mobile web portal of TheOneSpy is to visit the features. You need to choose the particular tools having access to the online control panel like SIM number, device storage, and memory. Now you need to tap on the device, and you will instantly get the information about the particular number of SIM installed on the target device. Moreover, you can know about device storage and detailed information related to phone memory.

Are SIM Number, Phone Memory & Storage info helpful?

Yes. It is helpful for users to know about the target device information related to SIM number, mobile memory, and device storage. Parents can spy on target phones to check which SIM-card kids use on their phones away from home and data stored on their phones. Employers can catch their employees red-handedly when using phones with unofficial SIM cards. Moreover, monitor the data in business phones and how much storage remains on the phone.

Need Not Root Your Phone to Monitor Device Info

You can monitor any android phone with no root option and get info about memory, storage, and SIM card number. TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for android that works on rooted and non-rooted devices.

rooted non rooted android

Why TheOneSpy Look So Deep Into Cell Phones?

TheOneSpy software for cellphones is an exceptional tool that combines plenty of features and has become capable monitoring software. Here are a few unimaginable tools that you need to know about:

call logs history

Get info about storage

Monitor how much data is stored & storage left.

call logs

Get info about memory

Watch your cell phone memory left on phone remotely.

contact list tracker

Get SIM-card numbers

Monitor cellular networks like SIM-card numbers remotely.

surround listening

Use Online dashboard

Web portal monitors cell phone’s memory, storage & SIM number.

messages notification

Select TheOneSpy plans

You can visit the cell phone monitoring webpage choose a subscription plan, and receive a password and ID via the dashboard.

access sign

Physical access on the phone

Users can access the target cell phone & configure TheOneSpy within 3 steps and activate successfully.

windows app logo

Dashboard activation process

You can use a password and ID to activate the web control panel and use features like SIM-number and phone memory.

TheOneSpy installation Process

It takes a few steps to configure on the target mobile device, and here are the steps you need to know about:

User's Review

boy sign

Corbin Cooper

TheOneSpy is powerful parental control software to monitor cell phone memory, storage, and SIM numbers on target devices.

girl sign

Cecelia Smith

I can monitor the secret SIM numbers of my teen’s phone to record and monitor cellphone activities.

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Alex Wilders burg

Employers can use TheOneSpy ton business phones to check on workers. You can monitor the SIM cards they are using on business devices.

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Lilli Blair

My young teens were obsessed with cellphones, and I had to monitor their phone’s SIM numbers, storage, and phone memory. TheOneSpy is the best service.