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TheOneSpy Navigator App

Use TOS Navigator app to view log files of monitored activities to avoid login back & forth web control panel

TheOneSpy has come up with the TOS navigator app that user can download it on their personal cell phone device desktop to avoid waste of time visiting web –based online control panel again and again. So, you can access the log files, or execute monitoring and further you can upload the data on the web control panel using your cell phone desktop based TOS navigator app. You can do the magic instantly using TOSDesk very at your cell phone desktop just like any other app.

  • Forget to login on the web of your device
  • Now use application at your phone desktop
  • Do surveillance instantly using TOSDesk
  • Now save the data & see the data instantly

Download TOS Navigator App from Apple StoreInstall TOS Navigator App on Android Devices

How to get TOS Navigator for cell phone desktop?

There is no rocket science about it; if you already have installed cell phone monitoring app on the target device and you have also got the access to the online control panel and have credentials to get access to the monitoring features. You can simply visit the Google play store and download TOS Navigator app at your personal cell phone device and use the same credentials instead of using on the web and get access to it. Now you can perform all the activities in terms of monitoring, uploading the data and to control the target cell phone device activities using TOSDesk on your phone desktop to avoid using web control panel back and forth.

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Benefits for parents

Parents don’t need to use their computer devices and to download web browsers on their mobile phones to see the log files of all the monitored activities on kids and teens cell phone devices. It means, parents can simply get the application of the web portal and then use it at cell phone desktop by putting the credentials once and after than the entire log files would be at one click. TheOneSpy has made easier to examine the kids and teens activities online.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual now can keep TheOneSpy dashboard at their cell phone desktop that is known as TOS navigator app. You can keep the record of your device data and other social media memories in your pocket and you can see it when even you want to by using the application of web portal downloaded at your cell phone desktop. In addition, you can see the log files if you are tracking someone device with consent.

Benefits for Employers

Employers mostly are in hurry and they avoid things that take time. Therefore, TOS has made employee monitoring more suitable for them. Now, they can download application of TosDesk at their cell phone desktop and see log files of employee’s activities within the working hours and keep an eye on their employee’s activities and protect their business with more ease and calmness. In addition, they can make their employees accountable for wasting within the working hours.

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