Tracking Location without an Active GPS is Possible Now with TheOneSpy App

Do you want to track cell phone location without an active GPS on the target phone? Luckily, the phone tracker has introduced a scoop feature that empowers you to monitor target phones without using their GPS facility. Cell phone monitoring with no GPS option is possible unless you can SMS and call on the target device. You have to track messages and voice calls on your target phone to monitor phone location without using the GPS on the target device.

The Only App that Tracks Phones Without GPS Is TheOneSpy

You may wonder how TheOneSpy can monitor target phones without GPS. Well! The TheOneSpy tracking app has introduced such features that make it impossible possible unless you install it on the target phone.

What is TheOneSpy tracking without GPS feature?

It is one of the advanced features of TheOneSpy phone tracking software. Track without GPS does not require using the GPS of the target cell phone device, but you have to spy on SMS and voice calls to track the location without activating the GPS. Otherwise, you cannot monitor cell phone devices with no GPS option on the target cell phone. It is an exceptional technology that works with SMS tracking and calls monitoring features. TheOneSpy features are already working on your target phone then you don’t need GPS on the target device to track location.

Cell phone tracking without using GPS is helpful.

Cell phone monitoring without activating GPS on the target phone is productive. Parents that want to track hidden teens’ whereabouts can track teens without using target GPS. TheOneSpy phone tracking software can track hidden locations without activating the GPS on their phones to prevent them from inappropriate activities, like drug abuse and hookups. Business professionals can also trace their employees who have intentionally off GPS of business devices. You can monitor your employees working from home.

TheOneSpy Track without GPS & with no-root option

TheOneSpy is the only phone monitoring solution that allows users to monitor target phone location without GPS and rooting android phones. Isn’t it a scoop cell phone tracking app for users?

rooted non rooted android

Phone tracking without GPS has made TheOneSpy an ultimate spy solution.

TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software has come up with hundreds of powerful and exclusive features. Here are a few things you need to know how every feature works on the target cell phone device.

call logs history

GPS tracking in real-time

Track live phone location on target cell phone

call logs

Weekly location history

Monitor & view weekly and daily location history

contact list tracker

Track & monitor without GPS

Monitor cell phone exact location without GPS

surround listening

Save monitored data to dashboard

Send live location, & location history to dashboard

messages notification

Choose TheOneSpy plans

You need to subscribe TheOneSpy subscription plans and receive a confirmation email to get a login ID and Password.

access sign

Get target phone in hands.

You should access target mobile to install and activate the TheOneSpy application successfully.

windows app logo

Use Online dashboard

Users can use passwords and ID to access the web control panel and activate features, like tracking without GPS.

Install TheOneSpy to track location without GPS Usage

TheOneSpy phone spy software can monitor cell phones remotely and trace target phone locations without using their GPS. Here are 3 steps you need to perform to activate tracker software on the target device.

User's Review

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Judy Grace

TheOneSpy is the only spy software that can monitor my child’s phone without GPS.

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Lucifer Anthony

It is the most advanced app that works without GPS to track your target device.

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Sophia Marie

I can track the moody teens that often arguments with me and go with their peers in neighborhoods.

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Alexis Rose

It is the best cell phone tracker to track my child’s android phone away from home.

Frequently asked Queries by users

Let’s discuss the questions that you have in your mind, and we have separated your general and technical questions in following:

General Questions

TheOneSpy is the only phone spy software that allows users to monitor android phone location without GPS on the target device. However, you have to activate features like SMS tracker and call tracking to trace android phone locations without root.

Yes. TheOneSpy is hidden and undetectable cell phone tracking software that works secretly on the phone. Application monitors any cell phone activity in secret and does leave a clue for the target person, like location monitoring.

Technical Questions

You can track any cell phone with GPS turned off unless you have installed a cell phone monitoring app on your target device. The application will log phone calls and SMS, and there is no need to turn on GPS on the target phone to track the location. Yes. The phone tracker app empowers you to spy on a cell phone with GPS turned off.

You can track the GPS location of your child without using GPS, but it is not possible to monitor any cell phone device without using the internet. Cell phone tracker cannot work without a stable internet connection.