web based control panel

Web based Control Panel

Use TOS App web portal to execute monitoring activities using dozens of exclusive features

TheOneSpy cell phone spy software after subscription, installation process, provides you access to the online control panel. It has web based –control panel, you can get access to it having credentials and you will be able to choose the spying features you need to monitor someone mobile phone device remotely. You can use features and track activities you are looking forward at the moment and further upload the data into the web portal.

TOS web portal empowers you to perform:

  • Gets access to the web portal using credentials?
  • You can visit the plenty of features
  • Get to know about the information being tracked
  • Remotely perform surveillance on the target device
  • Remotely control the target device activities
  • Remotely block the inappropriate activities of target phone
  • Save the data to the online dashboard remotely

How TheOneSpy online dashboard works?

When you have ended up with the subscription and you will need to get started with the process of installation having physical access on the targeted mobile phone device. Use the credentials and get access to the TOS app for cell phone monitoring online control panel. Now you can get access to it and visit all the features you need to spy on the target cell phone device. You will have plenty of tools like call recording, surround monitoring, GPS location tracking, live screen recorder, browsing activities, IM’s social media, remote phone controller and plenty of others alike. You can tap on the particular feature and get the job done successfully. In addition, you can save all types of monitored data to the electronic web portal.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can remotely perform parenting online on their kids and teens online activities. All they can do it using TheOneSpy mobile phone tracking software. You can use its web based control panel and further you can use dozens of powerful features. You can perform all types of monitoring activities with TOS app online control panel that empowers you to have different features to do digital parenting and your children activities.

Benefits for Individuals

Individuals can perform surveillance on their personal mobile phone activities using spy app for mobile phone. It simply provide electronic web portal and you can choose different features to keep the record of the data stored on your personal cell phone device no matter what if you have lost the device. you can simply use online dashboard to retrieve.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can simply make their employees disciplined and keep themselves up to date regarding employees activities are happening on the companies owned devices. Employers can mobile phone tracking software online dashboard to perform surveillance on employee’s activities. You can make sure your business safety, productivity and to catch gold bricking activities of employees.

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