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Weekly GPS Tracking History

View Their Weekly GPS Tracking History of target mobile phone device with TheOneSpy app

Every parent worries for their child. At times, the worry is warranted but at other times, a parent may have certain suspicions with regard to the activities of their children and may wish to check up on them to see what they are up to. Similarly, employers too may wish to check up on the activities of their employees just to make sure that they are being loyal to the company and that they aren’t going behind the employer’s back to engage in activities which could put the company at risk.

At times, to gain such information, the traditional techniques cannot be made use of and talking and being upfront doesn’t work. In such instances, other measures need to be made use of for instance making use of a monitoring app which can be used to keep a lookout and to gather information on the movement and activities of the targeted person through their phone. TheOneSpy is such one spy app which offers a number of features for monitoring purposes and its latest one is the ability to give its users to view the weekly GPS tracker history of the target phone.

How weekly location tracking history Works?

The way in which this particular feature of TheOneSpy app works is that it will allow you to view the entire weekly GPS tracker history of the targeted phone on which you have installed TheOneSpy app. What this will then do is provide you with a list of all the places the target phone has traveled to in the past week.

Using the TOS app, you will be able to:

  • View the weekly GPS tracker history of the target phone which will provide you with details of where the user of the phone has traveled to
  • Gain details of the location such as its latitude and longitude
  • Get details about the date and the time
  • All details regarding the weekly GPS tracker history would be uploaded to the online control panel of the TOS which can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an active internet connection running

A number of people may still question as to why these particular features of TheOneSpy are something which they would need. So here is the use of TOS location tracker.

  • View their Location History
  • View Current GPS Location
  • Mark Restricted Areas
  • Mark Safe Areas

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Benefits for parents

To answer this question, take the following into consideration; if you worry constantly about where your child is going with and where, wouldn’t you wish to get to the bottom of this information and to sort it out once and for all? You can use TOS app best for tracking weekly location history of your kids and teens especially when they are outside the house. You can remotely monitor the location history and weekly location history and you can stay updated and make sure your kids and teens safety.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual who want to protect someone very close having life threats and stuff like, you can use GPS location tracking app. It would enable you to know at what place target person is moving or located and last but not the least you can monitor weekly location history. Moreover, you can use it on your spouse phone with consent to build trust in a relationship rather than to asking questions about their location.

Benefits for Employers

If you worry with regard to where all your employees travel to using the company car and during office hours, wouldn’t you wish to know for sure what is going on? This is where this feature of the TOS app can come in use. It will provide you with all the information you need to be able to get to the bottom of such questions and others which you may have. Through the weekly GPS tracker history, you will get data about the whereabouts of the target phone giving you the ability to take decisions accordingly.

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