whatsapp screen recording

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

WhatsApp screen recorder is the ultimate tool to record the screen activities of the WhatsApp instant messenger.

WhatsApp social messaging app these days is on everyone’s cell phone and probably on any digital mobile you just name it. Therefore, people desperately want to monitor the instant messaging app due to some odd reasons. You can spy on WhatsApp in real –time using Live Whatsapp screen recording. It is a tool that empowers user to record screen of a phone when instant messenger is activated.

Users that want to keep an eye on the WhatsApp messenger, they can use TheOneSpy WhatsApp screen recording software and can view all the activities performed by the target phone user. The user can make back to back short 1 minute videos of the cell phone screen activity when WhatsApp application is being used by the target user.

  • Text messages
  • Chat conversations
  • Audio and video calls
  • Shared media files
  • VOIP Calls
  • Voice messages

How Does TheOneSpy WhatsApp Screen Recorder Works?

Users initially go for TheOneSpy tracking software getting physical access to the target cell phone device. Once the installation process is done, then activate the TOS WhatsApp spy app. After that, you need to go into the web portal of TOS and activate the WhatsApp recording feature from the setting menu. Then you will be able to record the screen activities of WhatsApp are running on a target cell phone. The user can make short videos back to back of one minute and get their eyes on each and every single activity performed on the messenger.

How is TOS WhatsApp Recording Perfect for Parenting and Business?

Since the social media has come into existence, WhatsApp social messaging app has gained the popularity among the user, especially in teens. Parents are worried when teens spend most of the time on the WhatsApp messenger and do activities which can harm them such as text messaging, sharing media files, and audio and video calling and chat conversations. Parents should install TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy, which will allow parents to keep their eyes on all the activities teens perform on the instant messaging app. Employers who equipped employees company’s gadgets and use it for personal reasons. Now they can also keep an eye on their devices.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can get to know what kids and teens are doing on the social media apps including WhatsApp. Now they can come to know all the activities of teens on whatsApp such as text messages, conversations, shared media files and other stuff. You can record back to back short videos of the screen when teens are using WhatsApp and you can see the videos using TOS app web portal. So, parents can do surveillance on social messaging app for digital parenting to make sure their online safety.

Benefits for Individuals

Any individual who are looking forward who want to track someone’s cell phone installed WhatsApp activities. But you cannot breach someone privacy without having proper consent or you wants to protect your loved one and you build trust in your relationship. So, you can spy on each other whatsApp with mutual consent. So, you can use WhatsApp screen recorder software to get the job done. However, TheOneSpy don’t allow intrusive and illicit surveillance on someone’s communication on WhatsApp.

Benefits for Employers

WhatsApp is been one of the popular tools in business organizations for the purpose of communication. Therefore, employers want to make a check on the communication on company’s owned devices and they want to know what type of activities being done on the messenger within the working hours. So, mostly employers want to see the communication to avoid time –wasting activities and as well as if someone is sharing something fishy that damages company’s reputation.

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