whatsapp voice messages spy app

WhatsApp Voice Messages Spy

Now TOS Guarantee You to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger Voice Messages

TheOneSpy WhatsApp voice spy app allows getting access into the enclave of the voice messages of WhatsApp. It enables you to monitor all the activities like short voice messages sent or received complete conversations audio or video files sent or received by whom, with the exact time schedule.

Now Record WhatsApp Voice Calls with TheOneSpy VoIP Call Recorder without Rooted on Android Phone.

WhatsApp call recording software is the only tool of its kind that empowers users to record and listen to live one-sided WhatsApp calls without rooting the target cell phone device. Users can use TheOneSpy IM’s voice call recording on target devices to listen to the instant messaging app audio-video calls in real-time. The user can listen to and record real-time IM’s calls (one-sided) on the cell phone devices and can use social media call recording software without rooting on his/her target Android cell phone. The spy app can save the data of instant messaging app calls to the online portal so the user can listen to the WhatsApp voice calls without touching the target cell phone. WhatsApp voice/VoIP call recording feature works with Android OS version 10 and higher.

How TheOneSpy WhatsApp Voice Spy Software Works?

While monitoring the WhatsApp voice messages having an Android target device needs to be rooted but in a case of iOS (iPhone) target device it should be jailbroken, it will enable you to monitor the WhatsApp Messenger app. TheOneSpy WhatsApp monitoring app can easily record voice of WhatsApp messenger on targeted smartphone and upload the log files on user control panel so the user can easily listen to the recorded voices and short voice messages and download them for future use.

  • Install TheOneSpy app on target phone
  • Activate whatsApp tracking app using web portal
  • Get logs of WhatsApp Voice messages

How TOS WhatsApp Voice Messenger Spy Help’s you?

TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy software the use of instant messengers especially in young teenagers forces their parents to think that what sort of activities their young kids are always doing on WhatsApp messenger on their smartphones. Employers become suspicious regarding their secret company-owned data and their employee seems busy on their smartphones while in office timing. The WhatsApp Voice spy app enables you to examine all the issues and give you ultimate spying experience by WhatsApp screen recording.

  • Short voice messages / sent and received
  • Text messages, emojis, emotions sticker / sent and received
  • Multimedia files i.e. video, photos, music files etc.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can set parental control on kids and teens online activities in terms of social messaging apps including WhatsApp instant messenger. WhatsApp is highly popular among the youngsters to perform plenty of activities such as WhatsApp Voice messages and many other activities. Now parents can remotely monitor all the Voice messages sent on WhatsApp in terms of logs using WhatsApp Voice spy app. It empowers user to remotely get access to the target device installed social media app WhatsApp to track Voice messages activities with complete time stamp.

Benefits for Individuals

Are you looking forward to see the logs of WhatsApp activities due to some odd reasons? Then you can simply use WhatsApp monitoring software on your personal mobile phone device. Now each and every single activity that you have performed on the social networking app will be transferred to the online control panel in terms of logs with time stamp. So, you will be able to see your previous activities in order to know to whom you have sent Voice messages and other activities within no time.

Benefits for Employers

Business professional often allow their employees to use WhatsApp instant messaging app as a communication tool on company’s owned digital devices in terms of cell phones and tablets. However, most  of the employees don’t discuss about the tasks but get involved in gossips and in fishy activities that cam harm the company’s time and as well as stored data on the devices. Employers can use  WhatsApp tracking software to spy on Voice messages, chat conversations, text messages, audio video conversations logs and shared multimedia with complete time schedule.

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