Get Device Info like, Wi-Fi, Battery Status, & GPS with TheOneSpy

You can remotely get to know info about target device Wi-Fi, Battery, and GPS of the target phone. User can remotely get access to the target mobile phone device and get to know about the information related to the Wi-Fi connectivity; battery of the device consumed and last but not the least GPS status of the targeted device. It means user can remotely come to know the position of the device and you remotely get the information related to the Wi-Fi internet, Battery of the device and last but not the least GPS status.

What Device Info TheOneSpy Delivers You?

Here is the following device information TheOneSpy delivers you through its online dashboard about the target cell phone device connected to the cyberspace:

TOS app delivers you information:

  • Wi-Fi status of the device
  • Battery of the phone
  • GPS Status of the target device

How Wi-Fi, Battery, GPS Status Feature Works on the Target Device?

Once the user have complete access to the TheOneSpy online control panel using the credentials and further you have way to access to the features suitable for you.  Now you need to tap on the Wi-Fi, Battery and GPS status of the target device. it will empowers you to know the Wi-Fi connection of the target device, GPS activated on the target cell phone and last but not the least how much battery of the device has been consumed or left.

How TheOneSpy Device Info Features Helpful for Users?

Now parents can remotely get to know about the cell phone information related to the battery consumption, GPS is activated or not and Wi-Fi connection of the target device. It will help out parents either Wi-Fi connection is protected or not, since how many hours kids and teens are sticking with the cell phones and info about the GPS activation. Employers can monitor their employees company’s owned devices and further they can remotely monitor the status of the cell phone device apart from the employee’s activities. Now employees can remotely come to know about the target device position in terms of cell phones battery consumption, GPS status and last but not the least Wi-Fi connectivity of the device.

Why is TheOneSpy Exceptional in Providing Target Phone Status?

TheOneSpy provides plenty of information about the target phone and sends it to the dashboard. However, the following things you need to know helps to get device information to the next level.

Get to know Wi-Fi status

Users can see the internet connection on the phone.

Watch battery consumption

You can watch the battery consumption of the target device.

Track GPS status of a target device

You can see the GPS status of the target phone secretly.

block unblock internet remotely

Get info via an online dashboard

You can access the dashboard & watch Wi-Fi, GPS & battery status.

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TheOneSpy subscription plans

You can get your hands on the mobile phone monitoring software by visiting the subscription plans on the TheOneSpy webpage. Further, receive an email with credentials.

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Physical access on the cellphone

Have you got the subscription? You need to get physical access on the phone to configure the application successfully and activate it on the target device.

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Use the web control panel

You can visit the web control panel of the mobile spy app with a password and ID. Users can go to the features to know about the cell phone information such as how much battery has consumed, GPS status, and Wi-Fi connection.

How to install TheOneSpy to know Wi-Fi, Battery & GPS status?

Initially, the user needs to know about the OS of the targeted mobile phone device. Here are the few steps you need to install TheOneSpy.

User's Review

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Chris Bennett

I can monitor everything on my kid’s phone and get device information, like battery status, Wi-Fi and GPS.

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Alberta Casey

TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring app can spy on everything on the phone and nothing left unattended.

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Daniel Francis

I would recommend parents to install TheOneSpy on kids’ phones for digital safety. It is the best app I have ever seen.

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Eddy Jackson

It is the best phone spy software that enables users to get device information without having physical access to the device.