Google is Spying on You (Google’s Android Auto Technology)

A report was published not long ago that proposed Android Auto is gathering more information than it ought to. The report that was published by Motor Trend publications also stated that since Google’s android auto is gathering more than the required information, a very big name of in the vehicle industry “Porsche”, decided not to use this technology in their vehicles. So instead of using this technology, Porsche opted for a similar technology introduced by Apple, Car Play. Since Google’s android auto was gathering more than the required piece of information, Porsche was worried that Google can keep an eye on the movements of their car users. And it is quite a concern for them, forced them to opt for Apple’s car play. What Porsche did was to ensure the security and privacy of their customers, for no firm would like that their product puts their very own customer’s security at risk. So when they found that using Google’s Android Auto technology will enable google to spy on their customers, they were left with no other choice but to use other available technologies for the same purpose. And as a result of this scenario, Porsche decided to use Apple’s car play said the report.

However, the tech giant Google, who has always been accused of spying or having access to people’s personal data, has rejected the report published by Motor Trends. Google has issued a statement to a number of different publications, including the Motor Trend, in which Google has denied the allegations of spying and collection of data more than they are ought to. In the statement issued, Google exclaims that they are not collecting any such data as the report issued against them claims. It was also said in the statement that the privacy of the users has always been of great value to Google. And that their Android Auto technology does not gather any other information that it is not ought to. It does not collect information about the coolant temperature or the car’s throttle position, as were the allegations made in the published report. It was also mentioned in the statement issued by Google that users themselves chose to share the required information with Google, which in turn helps the android auto system to work in a much better way and provide them with exact route using the car’s navigation GPS. This sharing feature is similar to the feature that almost all the android mobile phones and tablets are using already. You have to provide certain information during the initial set up of the device and then later on if you do not want your information to be shared, you can simply turn that sharing off. The case of Android Auto is quite similar to this feature of other android devices that are being used all over the world.

In this way, Google denied the claims that were being made about their product Android Auto. However, the Motor Trend publishers plan to go and talk to the Porsche company as well in order to know more details about the statement they issued and why they chose Car Play over the Android Auto.

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