How Google Monitors Every Move You Make without Them Knowing

how google monitor its customer

There is no indecision in saying that, in the contemporaneous stage of an internet, one cannot benefit the luxury of privacy. It is becoming somewhat impossible with the development in technology. You may get the impression that it is safe to save all of your personal data and information which comprise all of your pictures, videos and other documents in Google Drive. But only till you don’t get to know that it is not only you who can access all of your personal stuff. Your data might be secure from everyone else but it is not at all safe from the one technology giant i.e. Google itself. Google In-corporations keeps an eye on all of your web activities to judge your personality and from your own profile, perhaps, “simplify” your browsing activity. Unreasonable, isn’t it? Yeah, undoubtedly. But the thing is that you cannot just think of living without this tech giant. It completes your life, doesn’t it?

Here are some of the means Google Inc. keeps an eye on your data without you even knowing that:


The emails you send or receive using your Google account are all easily reachable for the Tech giant i.e. Google. Google has elucidated its email scanning practices in terms of service update, informing users that incoming and outgoing emails are scrutinized by automated software.

 “This is not the worst thing Google does,” said Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group. “But like anything like this, if people are concerned about it they should be able to completely switch it off if they want to.”

The updated terms of service were clarified to specifically state:

“Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.”


Just for a reminder, your search history does not remain only with you. Google is well cognizant of whatever you search for in the Google search box. But unfortunately, it is impossible for us to stop using the search box google offers us.


What about all the range of plentiful websites you visited? Obviously, google knows all about that too. It has got a complete record of whatever sites you’ve ever visited. And while browsing data is aggregated differently than information from Google services, if you visit sites running Google Ads or Google Analytics software, Google also by and large know what you look at and what you click. This is also not concealed from google.


Your very own android device is revealing all of your personal stuff to Google as you breathe. It is assuredly a postern for google to know all about you. Google could be tracking and recording your every location on your Android device, and you may not even know it!


Google judges you by the type of applications you install and use on your phone and for what resolutions. Yes, google discerns it all.


Whatever social media account you are using whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Google+, tech giant checks out all of your goings-on on all of your accounts.


Whatever you purchase online, Google has a record of it as it has kept an eye on you- and is “kind” enough to refer you ads of similar products you purchased online on any website.


That’s not all. You in all probability use Google Chrome as a web browser. Everything you upload or download from Google Chrome is also within Google’s eagle eye. It’s not going to spare you even from that. Basically put, there are very few corners of modern life that Google doesn’t trace.

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