How to Hack a Phone Using Spy Apps in 2024?

how to hack a phone using spy app

Cell phone hacking is just a walkover these days unless you have the best spy apps at your disposal. You may wonder about remote hacking or spying on a phone without touching it. The truth is, you can hack a phone having one-time physical access to the target device, and you need to install an application that empowers you to spy on any mobile device. It means that you cannot hack a phone without touching it unless you have one-time access, at least on the target device.

Scam Method: Hack a Phone without Physical Contact with Phone

Remote cell phone hacking is a scam, and spy apps do marketing stunts. They persuade everyone by telling them a technique to spy on a cell phone without physical access to the target device. Are they telling you that they can hack any mobile phone without touching the target device and without installing software; believe me, they are lying to you? Technology has evolved but not enough to spy on cell phones without physical contact. Here is the false method that you need to know:

Fake Method to Hack a Phone:

Illegal and fake spy solutions would suggest you send spyware as a link on the target device. Once the target person has touched the link, you will have access to the target device, and you can steal the data from the target phone.

The link would have a bug or worm that can infiltrate your target device and get unrestricted access. The funny part of this method is that you will get text messages, phone call recording, GPS location, and many more.

Is It Possible to Hack an Android Phone Remotely?

Yes, remote spying on any android phone has become possible over the years unless you have got one-time access to the target device. One-time access to an android phone gives you a chance to infiltrate the best android spy app of your choice on the target phone.

You will have to install spy software on the target device and activate the setup. You can further activate the features for hacking an Android phone remotely.

Users will have unrestricted access to the target phone, and easy for them to gather information from the target device using a separate electronic dashboard. The Android spying solution active on the target device would hack every activity like text messages, social media, screen, microphone, browsing activity, passwords, and many more.

How to Hack Android Cameras & A Microphone?

You may wonder about hacking mobile phone cameras and a microphone to view and listen to target device surroundings. Spy Apps for android these days are claiming to hack phone front and back cameras. They also offer spy on an android microphone.

Hacking cell phone cameras have the benefits of viewing target device surround activities, and spying on cell phone MIC permits you to record voices, chats, and sounds. Yes, it is possible with TheOneSpy that enables users to listen to the surroundings in real-time by taking over the microphone and watching phone surroundings by hacking rear and front cameras remotely.

Is It Possible to Hack Cell Phone Locations?

Cell phone cellular networks leak the GPS locations of every mobile user. Phone networks enable third parties to hack and track the phone location to them knowing, according to the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering new research.

Computer scientists have come up with research that the cell phone towers have to track the location of the phones efficiently running with cellular networks, a Ph.D. Student Denis Foo Kune explained that. So, spy apps like TheOneSpy make use of cell phone GPS location to hack and track cell phone location. Users can use live GPS location, location history, and mark safe and dangerous places.

How to Hack an iPhone Without Touching it?

Many remote iPhone spy solutions available on the web offer their services to spy on iPhones without installing a spy app. They are all very tricky to trap people online to make easy money. iPhone monitoring solutions offer services to hack iOS devices without using software –no jailbreak solution.

Non-jailbreak solution for hacking iPhones does work, but little extent only. They use the iCloud credentials of the target person to spy on the iPhone. However, the method is outdated, and you can’t get iCloud credentials for every device. You have to get your hands on the legitimate spying software for iPhone.

What is The Best Spy App to Hack a Cell phone?

Numerous phone spy apps for android and iPhone are overflowing on the web these days. You can choose the best hacking and monitoring software. TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that rank first over the last decade. It does not believe in marketing stunts and guides people to hack a phone with legitimate methods and solutions.

You can install it on the target smartphone and complete the configuration process successfully. Further, you can access the dashboard and use its powerful features on the target phone to hack and monitor activity. You can spy on text messages, record phone calls; listen to surroundings, read emails, capture screenshots, and many more.

TheOneSpy Features for Spying on Android & iPhone

Here are the features that you can use on android and iOS devices to spy on every activity on the target device. You can hack cameras, microphone, location, social media, and many more activities to the fullest.

  • Screenshots
  • Call recording
  • Screen recording
  • Live surround listening
  • View360
  • GPS tracking
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Social media spying
  • Browsing history
  • Filter websites
  • Block incoming calls
  • VoIP call recording
  • Email spy

TheOneSpy Features for Spying on iPhone:

  • Call logs
  • WhatsApp
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Device info
  • Geo-location
  • Installed apps

Use TheOneSpy on cellphone operating systems like Android and iPhone. It enables users to secretly spy on cell phones to hack valuable information from the target device. Users can save the hacked info to its separate online dashboard. Hacking and spying tools are beneficial for setting parental control on kids’ online activity. Moreover, business professionals can spy on business devices to improve productivity and business security.

What are The Best Spy Apps to Hack a Phone in 2024?

Several apps are floating on the web that is master in spying on cell phones to the fullest. However, we have accumulated a few that are best in the business that is legitimate for tracking and hacking cell phones in secret, and provides comprehensive information from the target device. You can choose one out of the following spy apps on android, and iPhone to hack any activity on your cellphone.

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • Flexispy
  • Mspy


Cell phone spying and hacking is impossible without touching the target device unless you got one-time physical access on the target device to install the best spy apps in 2024. TheOneSpy is the no.1 spy solution that offers cell phone hacking tools for legitimate activities, like parental controls on kids and business safety.

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