Why Are The Monitoring Apps A Dire Need Of The Hour? (Updated)

Monitoring Apps a Dire Need of the Hour

For employee monitoring, customary practices bring into use. Technology has empowered employees to escape from all the monitoring implementations. They get engaged in personal activities on business-owned devices. Directing the staff to become target-oriented, regular, and productive was tough. Now, employers can become successful and check business-owned phones and computers. They can snoop into their activities between working hours. The days are gone when employees were too dodgy to waste working hours and steal business data. Advanced technology has made laymen clever in that they never were in the past. The bombardment of internet-connected smartphones and computers comes up with several challenges. So, monitoring apps have become a dire need of the hour.

How Productive Were Employers Without Monitoring Apps?

We can go back to the past for a better understanding to know why employers were not productive. Employers had to face the following difficulties that everyone needs to know about:

Employees Were Not Productive As Today

It was not later than one and a half decades when employers were not that productive. The performance of every individual worker was not productive and manual. They had built hard rules and policies that were performance-oriented and manual. Employees have to fill out ledgers and troves without using technology. So, every task takes time, but technology dominated the world leading us all on a global scale today. We have got computers, cellphones, internet, and email.

Communication Was Not That Fast

Nowadays, employers can talk to their clients via cell phones and emails. You can use tech tools from head to toe to fulfill the requirements of clients. It was not possible to interact with clients. The services provide restrict to a small audience. In the technological world, you can impact your services all over the globe. So, communication has made it possible for employers to increase productivity. Further, market your services all over the world.

Smartphones & Computers Help The Company's Operations

Employers have provided digital devices to their workforce. Internet-connected smartphones and PCs to support their customer service and get regular feedback. Technology, no doubt is productive for business professionals, but also has drawbacks. As productivity is on the rise, the necessity of supervision has come across.

What Makes Monitoring Apps So Important?

Monitoring apps for cellphones and computers have become necessary. It is a need of the hour to opt for a solution that monitors business-owned devices. Plenty of things happen to internet-connected business devices. Here is the reason that made monitoring solutions need of the hour more than ever before.

To Prevent Goldbricking Activities Of Employees

Employers have handed company devices to employees. They have to keep them under proper check and supervision. But Technology has invaded the globe as a significant dominant. It’s a general and acceptable doctrine that “technology affects the employees’ performance”. But the change might be in both dimensions, either desired or the wrong one. Employees waste working hours on social media, YouTube, and online shopping sites. Monitoring apps can prevent employees from wasting time and paying attention to tasks.

Digital Devices Like Phones Create Distractions

It is necessary to empower authoritative bodies to take control over the employees. They can use monitoring software for cell phones and computers to improve their performance. Smartphones contribute to creating distractions for employees. Looking for permanent solutions and their implementation is the need of the hour. No business can afford time-wasting and low yield of productivity.

For Tracking Employees' Whereabouts

This is not aimed to discourage the use of technology. The company’s managerial authorities have to become vigilant. And never miss any updates about their employees’ whereabouts. Better the control, the greater the output with monitoring apps. We don’t say the employees use company-provided devices for their personal work. They present themselves as active at work in the company notebook. Employees spend most of their time on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Here comes how a company can dig into all their operations and let them not manipulate the managers. The solution is a hidden employee monitoring application.

What Are Monitoring Apps?

The monitoring apps develop for spying and monitoring a particular person. The word monitoring is very broad and contains snooping on whereabouts.  It revolves around the target person’s activity on business-owned devices to see productivity. But, the monitoring apps should consist of excellent functionality.

Employers can put their suspicions to rest.  You can monitor employees during work hours and in the workplace. The apps should have pragmatic approach-oriented features. It needs to be to spy on employees. Employers can use phone calls, text messages, locations, internet, whereabouts, and engagement on social media. You can restrict apps on their devices to increase productivity.

What Are The Top Monitoring Solutions For Business Professionals

Here are the apps that you can use on any digital device, like phones, tablets, and computer devices:


Speaking, if you are a business owner, you can go deep into the engagement of your employees. And check out what they do during working hours. Install TheOneSpy on their smartphones and spy on outgoing and incoming voice calls.

TheOneSpy is one of the best apps to see SMS Messages, iMessage, social networking logs, and chat on instant messengers.

You can track mobile GPS locations, bug their mic, and listen to their surroundings. Further, view the internet history and view their appointment & calendar. Users can get location history and email alerts.

TheOneSpy is one of the few monitoring apps that allow users to record live screens. Employers can see what employees are doing on business devices between working hours. Employers can crack passwords, read emails, block the internet, and block incoming calls. It is a hidden and undetectable monitoring software for phones and PCs.


Monitoring applications are of the utmost demand for excellent and perfect employee management. OgyMogy is one of the top apps for improving the productivity of your employees.

Humans work better under control and supervision, and OgyMogy develops to empower employers. And ease them to have better control over the whole team and staff. You can track the location, read messages, and record phone calls and keystrokes. Further, it provides better productivity and business security. You can catch disgruntled employees and back up against online attacks.

OgyMogy is one of the cheapest apps to watch and track cell phones and computer devices. Small business owners to large-scale businesses can use it. Employers can enhance business productivity and deal with disgruntled employees.


Securekin is well-known free parental control software. You can also use it as an employee monitoring service. App has several features that are more likely to see in business monitoring products.

  • Employers can track the real-time location of employees.
  • You can use a web filter to block inappropriate apps and website
  • Employers can watch the browsing activity of the workforce
  • Get time-to-time activity reports of every employee
  • Track the location history of employees working outside the company
  • Block every app that attracts employees to waste time
  • capture keystrokes of their chats, passwords, and emails

Several apps are available on the web that claims to track cellphones and computers. TheOneSpy is the best monitoring app for business professionals. Improve business productivity and security. You can prevent employees from external and internal data breaches. Further, look after the productivity of employees during working hours.

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