Why the Monitoring Apps are Dire Need of the Hour?


For employee monitoring, though customary practices are brought into utilization, the advanced technology has empowered the employees to an extent that they can escape all the monitoring implementations during work to engage in personal activities and businesses. When it was limited to directing the staff to become target-oriented and regular in order for achieving optimum productivity, the results were successfully satisfactory on checking and snooping them on the computers and mobile devices provided by the company but now, they have gone wise to dodge such measures and be present on work in business records while the reality is in the otherwise.  With every passing day, a layman is even becoming so clever that had never been feasible in the past and all this hype is subjected to advanced technology and globalization of smartphones.

Let’s get back to the past for better understanding of the current scenario. It was not later than one and a half decades when employers were highly satisfied with the performance of every individual worker because they had built hard rules and policies that were typically performance oriented. As time went by, we experienced a bliss-turned-dilemma that technology dominated the world and impacted us all on global scales. Employees were handed company’s accessories, and they were in proper check and under supervisions, but now the technology has invaded the globe as a major dominant. It’s a general and widely acceptable doctrine that “technology affects the employees’ performance” but the change might be in both the dimensions, either desired and the wrong one.

It’s necessarily important to empower the companies and authoritative bodies regarding control over the employees and then improving their performance. The smartphones have been reported as the major contributors to divert staff and engage them in the activities never good for the company’s benefits. Looking for permanent solutions and their implementation is the need of the hour.

This is not aimed to discourage the use of technology and advanced digital devices but the post targets the company’s managerial authorities to become vigilant and never miss any update about their employees’ whereabouts and activities. Better the control, greater the output. We don’t say the employees use company-provided devices for their personal work, but they present themselves active on work in the company notebook while actually, they are not as they are addicted to smartphones, tablets and other advanced digital devices to spend work hours in personal activities. Here comes how a company can dig into all of their operations and let them not manipulate the managers. The solution is hidden in employee monitoring applications.

Specifically, the monitoring apps are designed for spying and monitoring a particular person. The word monitoring is very broad in a sense and contains snooping all the actions, doings and whereabouts revolving around the target person. However, the monitoring apps like, TheOneSpy, which is the most optimized monitoring app with excellent functionality and lets the employers put their suspicions to rest, are quite handy to monitor the employees during work hours and in the workplaces. The pragmatic approach oriented features provided in TheOneSpy app are updated, practical and user-friendly to spy an employee regarding his/her phone calls, text messages, locations, internet whereabouts, engagement on social media and restricting a certain application or program on their devices.

Briefly speaking, if you are a business owner, irrespective of the business nature and scale, you got to go deep into the engagements of your employees and check out what they actually do in the working hours. You can install TheOneSpy on their smartphones, spy all the outgoing and incoming voice calls, check their SMS Messages, iMessages for iPhone users, social networking apps, chat on instant messengers, their mobile GPS locations, bug their mic to listen what’s going on in their surroundings, view the internet history and view their appointment & calendar.

Futuristically the monitoring applications are the utmost demand when it comes to excellent and perfect employee management and improving the productivity of your employees. Humans work better under control and supervision, and TheOneSpy was designed to empower employers and facilitate them have better control over the whole team and staff.

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