How To Catch Teen’s Online Dating Slang Secretly?

teens online dating slangs catch with theonespy phone tracker

Phone tracking has made it possible for parents to catch teens dating slang on cellphones connected to cyberspace. Keystrokes logging and many other tools can catch teen’s online dating slang to the fullest.

Though, youngsters are still visiting bars and more likely to see movies with the significant other. However, dating today has changed, and parents are helpless to recognize teen’s online dating terminologies.

Technology has altered the dating landscape, and today digital phones allow youngsters to use the internet dating slang to go with anyone on a date without their parents knowing. The dark side of these terms, you cannot decode it being parents unless you know about it. Therefore, we unveil top online dating terms of teens to aware parents of how teens are cheating on you for blind dates. In addition to that, how they use these terms on messages, chats, IM’s, and live calls?

Parents can specialize in these modern times dating technical jargon for the wellbeing of the teens. Have you heard before the phrase, poly pansexual, breadcrumbing, half-night stand; be my emergency calls, and so on. These are the few dating terms that teens use with their lovers while on the cellphone to dodge parents.

What Are Online Dating Slang?

First, you need to know about internet dating. It means using a system that allows people to interact with potential connections in the digital space to develop romantic relationships.

Moreover, dating slang refer to those terminologies that online dater uses while talking to their lovers to convey secret messages that none of the other people could understand. Teenagers use dating slang to dodge parents while messaging or chatting with their romantic partner on the phone.

How To Catch Teen’s Online Dating Slang Remotely?

Before unveiling how parents can monitor and track dating slang? You should know about teens chatting and communication slang on mobile. It will make you understand using TheOneSpy tracking tools, like keystroke logging, screen recording, screenshots, and social media spying.

More than 35% of teens ages 13- 17 get involved in online dating for romantic relationships. Almost 19% of older teens ages 15 -17 are more likely to date than young tweens for romantic relationships.

We are living in a decade of technology that has changed the dating culture and has transformed it into online dating culture.  Online dating slang has come up with the advancement of technology. Teens used to of dating slang to make their chat, message, calls, and VoIP calls sneaky from parents.

Parents who used to keep an eye on teens’ cellphones manually left confused and helpless while reading sneaky dating terms. Teens are playing with their parents by making their conversations secret.

Teens are using dating terms in cellphone conversations, like “will you be my emergency call”, and let’s have Netflix and Chill. Parents would not understand what the secret message is behind the lines. In a situation, like that parents have to use a phone tracker and its powerful tools to catch the sneaky online dating terms to protect teens from hookups and casual relationships.

Why Parents Use Phone Tracker To Catch Online Dating Slangs?

Young teens that used to get involve in digital dating without parents’ consent become the victim of dating violence. Most teens interact with the strangers online and use dating slangs to dodge parents and meet with the lovers secretly. Following are the reason that parents should track kid’s phone using TheOneSpy app to protect teens from dating violence.

Teens Online Dating Violence Statistics

There are the following stats that parents need to know for sure. These eye-opening stats are screaming to parents to employ tools like keystrokes, screen recording, screenshots, and social media tracking by using the best phone tracking software.

  • Only 33% of teens who were in an abusive relationship ever told anyone about the abuse.
  • Almost 1.5 million school-going teens become the victim of physical abuse from dating partner in a year
  • 1 out 3 girls in the U.S are the victim of emotional and verbal abuse from a dating partner
  • 33% of the teens don’t tell their parents about their abusive relationship
  • Teens suffering from dating abuse causes drug abuse, suicide, and aggressive behavior

Catching Top 10 Internet Dating Slang Using TheOneSpy App

Parental concerns are on the rise, and teens are using sneaky texting codes on cellphones. Nowadays, parents yet again are clueless about online dating slang that teens can use for blind dates.

We have accumulated top 40 dating slang that teens can use online while talking to someone online. Meanwhile, we only discuss the top 10 critical online dating terms that parents can catch on cell phones using mobile tracker app to protect teens from hookups with strangers and online predators.

Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy is a term that teens use when they want to have someone. Sugar daddies pay their bills, college fees, and all the expenditures of their lives. Sugar daddies ask for sexual means from teens in exchange for their expenses. Most of the teens who want to live the life of their dreams opt for sugar daddies. Mostly sugar daddies are older-age business class people that used to trap young girls for money.

Emergency Call

If parents have a read on the phone, will you be my emergency calls? Then they should get to know that someone is asking your teens to have a sexual relationship in the future. So, parents have to monitor the mobile of teens to the fullest to track teen’s conversations, text messages, phone calls, and social media to safeguard teens.


It is a term that teens use when they are on standby, and convey secret message to dating partner that I am waiting for you. You can respond me whenever you need me. Parents can prevent teens from such a situation by using secret cell phone spying features.


It is a term that teens use when they have sexual desires and want to deliver a sneaky message to their dating partner. In a situation like that, teens want to be in a romantic intimacy, and they send a “DEMISEXUL dating code.

Causal Relationship

As the world is describing itself, that someone wants to have a causal relationship. Teens often send this kind of dating slangs when they want to involve in an intimate relationship with a dating partner.

The Eggplant Emoji

It is a term that demands sexual Emoji from a lover. If teens are receiving these kinds of dating terms, then parents have to keep an eye on the teen’s cellphone. Parents can monitor and read these messages using spy on SMS feature or mobile screen recorder to prevent teens from sharing sexual suggestive with anyone.

Friends with Benefits (a.k.a. FWB)

Teens use the terms friend with benefits when they want to engage in sexual acts on regular basis. Parents can catch and capture keystrokes used on cell phone messages and social media conversations using keylogger. Mobile phone monitoring app can provide all the keystrokes used on a teen’s mobile.

Half-Night Stand

You may hear a traditional one-night stand that involves a sexually attractive stranger by taking him/her home for a night. When it comes to half-nightstand, it means teens will stay until the sexual activity lasted. Parents need to think before they plan to stay in someone’s house. Tracking phone location in real-time can make the difference to keep an eye on real-time location. Further, keyloggers allow parents to catch teens’ online dating terms to the fullest.


There are number of teens who take interest in all genders to have sex with them despite of their sexual orientation. Lesbian, gays, transgender and bisexual teens love to attract same and opposite genders.

NetFlix & Chill

It is one of the sneakiest dating terms that teens use when they are alone at home. Parents have to take care of teens when they are alone at home, because young teens could tell lover to come at the house and let’s have sexual activity.

We have discussed top 10 the crucial online dating slang out of 40 that parents need to know. Parents can monitor these dating terminologies on the digital phones of teens. Cell phone trackers can protect teens 24/7 at the time and place of your choosing.

Top 40 Online Dating Slang Words

Previously, we have covered teen’s sexting codes, and our keyword alert feature has made a real difference. TheOneSpy has accumulated the mentioned below 40 dating slang that teens were using in messages, chat conversations, and social messaging apps chats. Parents can use the keystroke logging tool to catch all these terms to know whether teens are involved in dating online.

Moreover, parents can use the browsing history, screen recorder, see text messages, and keystrokes feature. It enables parents to see all the dating slang that has been searched on their phones installed browsers.

We have done our best job to unveil these 40 teens dating slang and now onward it is your parental duty to catch more terms that teens are using for hookups for blind dates. Keep using TheOneSpy features to discover sneaky teens dating slang.


Pronunciation: ay-ro-MAN-tick

Meaning: have feelings of intimate love


Pronunciation: ay-SEK-shoo-UL

Meaning: Without sexual motives


Pronunciation: BENCH-ing

Meaning: Waiting for a partner call to be romantic


Pronunciation: by-SEK-shoo-ULL

Meaning: Interested in Men & women


Pronunciation: BREAD-crum-ing

Meaning: still interested but not willing to have relationship


Pronunciation: KAZH-oo-ull ruh-LAY-shun-ship

Meaning: In a relationship but not committed one


Pronunciation: KAT-fish-ing

Meaning: pretending to be in love


Pronunciation: siss-JENN-der

Meaning: Gender confusion


Pronunciation: KUFF-ing SEE-zun

Meaning: Involved in someone


Pronunciation: KURV

Meaning: feeling of rejection


Pronunciation: KUSH-on-ing

Meaning: Attractive with others than the lover


Pronunciation: DAH-dee

Meaning: Being someone girlfriend but getting paid


Pronunciation: DEH-mee-SEK-shoo-ULL

Meaning: having sexual desires


Pronunciation: DEE-em slide

Meaning: flirt with someone via messages


Pronunciation: dee-tee-ARE con-ver-SAY-shun

Meaning: still trying with someone to be in relationship


Pronunciation: EGG-plant ee-MO-ji

Meaning: sex Emojis


Pronunciation: eh-MUR-jun-see KOL

Meaning: Nightmare date


Pronunciation: FIE-er DOH-ring

Meaning: Responding me too late


Pronunciation: FRECK-uh-ling

Meaning: someone is dating occasionally


Pronunciation: FRENDS with BEN-eh-fits

Meaning: Friends for sexual activity only


Pronunciation: FUK-buh-deez

Meaning: Friend with someone for sex


Pronunciation: GAY

Meaning: Interested in same gender


Pronunciation: GO-sting

Meaning: sudden disappears from a relationship


Pronunciation: HAFF nite STAND

Meaning: leaving stranger after having sex


Pronunciation: HAWN-ting

Meaning: Your X is stalking you on social media


Pronunciation: IN-sell

Meaning: sexually in active but wish to be at sexual place


Pronunciation: KIT-in-FISH-ing

Meaning: sharing fake things on dating profile to impress someone


Pronunciation: LEFT awn RED or LEFT awn REED

Meaning: person has read messages but not responding


Pronunciation: ELL-jee-bee-tee-CUE

Meaning: love for lesbian, transgender, gays and others


Pronunciation: LUV BOM-ing

Meaning: Someone going well in love & change


Pronunciation: MY-cro-CHEA-ting

Meaning: a cheat lover messaging other girls


Pronunciation: NET-flicks and CHILL

Meaning: a home date for sex


Pronunciation: non-BYE-nuh-ree

Meaning:  a transgender pretends as she


Pronunciation: OH-pin ruh-LAY-shun-ship

Meaning: Asking lover to be in a sexual relationship


Pronunciation: OR-bih-ting

Meaning: someone stalking you on social media but not interact


Pronunciation: pan-SEK-shoo-ull

Meaning: someone interested in all genders


Pronunciation: FUH-bing

Meaning: Being on date but busy in cellphone


Pronunciation: PIE HUNT-ing

Meaning: Dating only someone’s X


Pronunciation: paw-lee-AM-oh-riss

Meaning: dating with many people with consent of the actual lover


Pronunciation: KWEER

Meaning: Men do sex with all genders

These are the online dating chat slang that teens use to dodge their parents while talking to the significant other on cellphones messages, chat s conversations, IM messaging apps, and many more. You can dig out all the new, trendy, and typical dating slang of the teens by filtering the keywords mentioned above into your TheOneSpy online dashboard.


These are the most critical dating slangs teen use with their dating partner to meet in person and get involved in hookups without parents’ consent. Dating is a healthy activity, but the ratio of dating violence is on the rise that harms teens sexually, emotionally, and physically.

Parents should set parental control on cell phones to read text messages, conversations, media sharing, and social media activities. Parents can install TheOneSpy monitoring app on teen’s mobile devices to catch these sneak dating slangs to protect teens from sexual, mental, and verbal abuse to the fullest.


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