Is Our Youth Prisoner Of Social Media?

Youth prisoner of social media

If we take a look at the cellphones, internet, and teens, we can say that yes, it is true.  Our youth is social media prisoner. More than 80% of the teens used to check their cellphones within 10 minutes of waking up. Similarly, when teens go to sleep, they do the same. Social media has changed our thinking, and it has enclosed us in a nutshell. We are continuously get distracted by our surroundings because of cellphones connected to cyberspace. We cannot get to know that how effective and observatory our surroundings would be.

Youth these days are reluctant to capture every moment of their lives on a cellphone camera and then share it on social media. Youngsters don’t realize that they are breaching their privacy and ignoring the best moment of their lives. Social media networks hold teens as hostages and restricted them to bedrooms rather than playing in playgrounds. Posting, tweeting, streaks, and sharing have become life achievements of the teens.

How Young Social Media Inmates Spend Time?

Social media has made youngsters hostages. And without the shadow of a doubt, they are living in a virtual prison. Their mind has been hijacked by the social media networks, like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more. According to the Pew Research center findings, you need to know how young social media inmates spend time.

  • Most of the social media hostages meet new friends with same interests
  • Social media addict youth send/receive messages, chat, and media
  • Young teens have become social media offenders by targeting other young users
  • Cyber bullying, stalking, and verbal sexual abuse have become a common activity
  • Living in social media prison all the time youth has no time for real-life activities

Following Stats Shows That Our Youth Is Social Media Prisoner

  • More than 50% of the teens say they use cellphones all day long, and 41% say they overdo social messaging apps and websites.
  • The Common Sense Media report says that teens spend more than 9 hours a day online compared to kids ages 8 -12.
  • More than 90% of the teens ages 13 -17 spend excessive time on social digital networks
  • Almost 70% of teens remain online on at least one social media profiles
  • 50% of the teens use social media networks frequently
  • Almost two-third of the teens have cellphone devices connected to the internet

What Happens To Teens When They Are Behind Social Media Bars?

The actual prisoners have similar effects to the social media prisoners. Psychologically, both forms are stressful and nasty for youngsters. Youngsters that used to spend most of the time on social media platforms become psychologically damaged. Let’s have a look at the following after-effects on teens once they go behind the social media bars.

Social Media Prisoners & Their Psychological Health

Social media-obsessed teens are more likely to rewire the developing mind and want to get instant gratification. It would lead to many additive issues for the teens. Social media addictive teens are more likely to cause psychological effects like drug abusers and nicotine abstinence syndrome. It means teens using social media apps and websites all day long more likely to become social media prisoners.

Replaces Real-Life Experience

No matter how much positive feedback a social media prisoner gets from people, it is worthless. Real–life friendships have changed into the social media friendships. According to the study, teens that spend more time on Facebook are more likely to decrease their satisfaction level.

Teens Are Trickier Than Parents

Social media-obsessed teens are tech-geek compare to the parents. They have got all the tricks to cheat and dodge their parents and hide their virtual presentment from the parents. Generation Z is the one that has got first interaction with social networking sites and apps. Teens are more likely to use social messaging apps and parents remain helpless to know about the inappropriate activities of the teens on social media platforms. Even parents are not able to spy on social media networks of teens using social media spy apps. Teens use kinds of features of social networks that let them perform activities anonymously. Chats, messages, media, and everything remain hidden and unseen on cellphone devices.

Teens Perform Suicidal Social Media Trends

Dozens of teens have lost their lives due to trendy social media challenges. Social media challenges have engulfed teen’s lives, like the Blue whale challenge, burn and scar challenge, and ice bucket challenges. The online challenges are trendy among teens, and every day a new one occurred that kills young teens for fun.

Teens Are Planning For Crimes In Bedrooms Using Social Media Networks

Teens are involved in crimes, and now they are planning in bedrooms rather than on street corners.

Report published in The Guardian

According to a report published on Thursday, the HM Inspectorate of Probation stated that 1 out of 4 cases revealed that teens are directly involved in offense using social media networks. The report further said that teens are planning to commit crimes in bedrooms rather than on street corners. “We have to address this shift by spying on teen’s social media platforms, Dame Glenys Stacey; the chief inspector of probation said that.

Missing Real Face-To–Face Connection

The research says that when teens are doing an activity on social media, brain waves shift to the alpha waves that provide relaxation.  Teens get benefit from the flow, and teens can’t maintain a flow on social media. Teens used to break the flow when they were doing an activity and then suddenly break it and share images and photos on social media. Social media networks were unable to main that the flow of communication.  Ultimately teens got psychological effects on their minds. Teens are missing face to face communication and the flow that they can get from the real-time face -to- face meetings

Parents have to become tech-savvy similar to the teens than they can cope with the state of social media presentment of the teens. Technology has come up with the cellphone tracker to spy on the social media activity of teens. It can unshackle teens from the prison of social media.

How Social Media Spy & Phone Tracker Unshackle Teens From Social Media Prison?

Our youth has become a prisoner of social media, and the virtual world is holding the young generation as a hostage. Parents have no way out to cope with social media dangers. Cell phone tracker software can let parents spy on the social media of the teens secretly. The new technology allows parents to track kid’s cellphone without them knowing, and they can monitor kid’s cellphone like a watchdog.

Social Media Spying Is An Advanced Tool Of TheOneSpy Phone Tracker

Parents can unleash the social media spying software by doing configuration of TheOneSpy on teen’s cellphone. It empowers parents to spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Kik and many more.

Users can track multimedia messaging apps, text, chats, voice, videos, contacts etc. and social private groups to monitor teens that are spending time on social media platforms.  Use screen recording tools on social media apps to spy on the real-time activities of the teens. screen recorder can discover anything on cellphone screen by recording back to back live videos of the phone screen. It further delivers cell phone screen recording to the web control panel. User can watch live activities performed secretly. None of the things on social media will remain unseen using cellphone tracking software.


Don’t let social media obsession make your teens social media prisoners. Be tech-savvy with cell phone tracker and keep spying on social media networks of the teens. It helps you out to unchain your teens from social media prison to the fullest.

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