Are Spy Apps Helpful For Parental Controls?

Are spy apps helpful for parental controls

Every time we visit the web to find out the best parental control apps, we have found spy apps. We always get confused about how spy apps are helpful for parental controls on kid’s cell phones. It is debatable, and today we discuss that spying applications can work as monitoring applications. Now the question arises, how is that possible? Before we go into detail, let’s clear the difference between a spy app and parental control.

Difference Between Spy Apps & Parental Control Apps

Several applications are present on the web. You may come across the spy and monitoring apps online. There are two types of applications, like spy applications and parental controls.

Yes, there is a difference between surveillance apps and apps that set parental control on kids. Programming-wise no difference, but the usage and the features of these apps define the clear difference.

Spy applications offer approximate features to the kid’s monitoring apps. They offer location tracking, browsing history, call recording, read messages, and screen recording. It allows users to spy on keystrokes and to capture screenshots of cellphones and PCs. The only difference is for what purposes you are using an application that monitors the activity of phones and computer devices.

Are you using an application to spy on spouses and individuals for intrusive surveillance? It means you are using a spy app. So, anyone could use parental control software for spying activities refers to stalkerware. Usage of an application to track a cellphone without consent describes a spying app.

Actual tracking app concerns require the permission of the target person whether you want to track your teens refers to parental control software.

Programs that work on target devices without consent are known as spying applications. However, apps that you can use to monitor your kid with consent refer to parental tracking applications. So, anyone can use a spy app for parental control and spying software for kid’s safety.

How Similar Are Spy Apps & Parental Controls In Features?

Spywares are illegal to use and for discreet tracking of cellphone devices. Monitoring software is legal and requires the consent of the target person. You may wonder after knowing that applications for spying and parental tracking have proximity in features. Both types of apps snoop on the target devices without the target knowledge. Spyware and kid’s monitoring tools are available at the price of a daily cup of coffee. Applications that provide services for the digital well-being of kids are known as parental controls.

Similar Features In Surveillance Apps & Parental Trackers

Here are the features that you can find in any well-known spy application and kid’s tracking solutions. You can read the following tools, and you will get to know about the bitter truth.

  • IM’s tracking and read messages
  • Call recording and call logs
  • Retrieve deleted messages
  • Track ephemeral messages
  • Geo-location & location history tracker
  • Spy on social networks sites & apps
  • Monitor multimedia such as videos, photos, and audios
  • Surveillance of browsing history
  • Control Microphones in the background
  • Control cellphone cameras
  • Remote control phones & filter websites
  • Capture screenshots

What’s the point when anyone tries to stereotype particular apps that enable them to monitor and track phones, tablets, and PCs? We know few brands that openly advertise to spy on spouses, loved ones, and individuals. Let us tell you that a program or software does not mean for a particular activity. It depends on the users how they are using an application. It also depends on sellers how they are advertising their piece of the program.

Google play pages are full of monitoring apps. All of them can work for the digital well-being of kids and espionage. Google has verified these apps, but people are not restricted download them for parental controls only. Similarly, third-party apps available on the web offer features that have proximity with the features of the apps on Google play. Newbies get confused about the spying tools and parental tracking apps.

Why People Are Desperate To Use Parental Control & Spying Applications?

Nowadays, Monitoring Kids for Digital Well-Being has Become Necessary.

No one can negate that youngsters have become vulnerable to cyber predators, online dating, live video streaming apps, and adult content. Instead, the stats are screaming with loud mouths that teens spend hours on a cellphone screen.

  • More than 70% of teens are constantly online on the phone
  • 70% of boys and comparatively to them half of the teens are porn addicts
  • 12% of teens become the victim of date rape using dating apps
  • 95% of the teens have cellphone access one way or the other
  • 76% of teens are obsessed with social media apps

Secondly, Intimate Partner Violence is rising in the U.S. these Days.

1 out of 4 women becomes the victim of physical violence by an intimate partner, according to the CDC stats. 1 in 3 women suffers from sexual violence. Cheating spouses, violence against teenagers & women, and stalking are on the rise. People suspicious about their partner buy applications that offer services to spy on their cheating husband or wife. It means people facing relationship issues get their hands on any software. Either the software is known for parental control or a spy app to spy on their significant other.

Do You Know Five Reasons that Force Business Professionals to Use an Application to Spy on Their Employees? 

  • They want to protect business devices.
  • Bosses monitor employees to prevent malicious cyber activity
  • Employer monitors social media accounts on devices for malware and viruses
  • They spy on employees to measure their productivity. The employees
  • Bosses monitor their employees to prevent time-wasting and data safety

Employers can use any Spy Application on the Devices that Belongs to Them. However, the Employees’ Consent is Neceunnecessary if they use their phones and PCs.

It means that it is all about the user that wants to use an app for kids monitoring or to catch a cheating spouse. However, few brands openly confess to providing espionage services that are shameful and against the law.

Spying Apps That Are Beneficial For Parental Controls

Today we discuss those apps that are known as spy applications. They work for legitimate monitoring and tracking activities and discourage using them for stalker-wares. You can use these apps to set parental control on kids and spy on employees’ business-owned devices.

Top 5 Spy Apps Works As The Best Parental Control & Monitoring Software.

1. TheOneSpy - Best Parental Control App

It is the world’s no.1 kid’s monitoring software. The application is well-known for surveillance activities, but it does allow anyone to use it for intrusive and illicit surveillance. It requires the consent of the target person to set parental control and to monitor business devices. It is easy to use and keeps parents and employers up to date. It is a web-based tracking app that monitors messages, calls, messaging apps, Geo-location, and browsing history. It captures screenshots, keystrokes and records phone screens.

Top Products Of TheOneSpy For Parental Controls And To Spy On Employees:

  • Android spying software
  • iPhone monitoring solution
  • Windows surveillance app
  • MAC tracking application

OgyMogy - Parental Monitoring Solution

OgyMogy is an application that works on android phones, PCs, and computer devices. It is trustworthy and a legal spy service. It offers its services for tracking kid’s online activities. It is one of the best surveillance tools to spy on employees during working hours. It protects kids from digital dangers and gives insight into business phones and computers. It does not offer services to stalkers to track their victims. It follows the cybersecurity act.  It is easily accessible from the web within a reasonable range of price.

Ogymogy Top Products For Parents & Employers:

  • Cell phone spy app for android
  • Computer monitoring app (MAC & Windows)

Net Nanny - Parental Control Software

It is the best service to keep your kids and family safe. It is one of those apps that are trustworthy in the market. It can spy on your family’s online habits and supervise your kids from adult content. It limits screen time, social media protection, YouTube reporting, and Geo-fencing.

Top rated products of Net Nanny you need to know about:

  • Family protection pass
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MAC OS X

Qustodio - Parental Control

It is a brand that offers parental monitoring and spying services to supervise kids online. It works on numerous operating systems. You can use it on windows, android, iOS, and kindle. You can track messages, location, filter websites, block apps, and establish a time limit for digital devices.

Top rated services of Qustodio:

  • Monitor android phones
  • Spy on Apple devices
  • Track laptop & desktop windows devices

Family Time - Screen Time & Parental Control

It is best for tracking location and gets alerts when kids enter safe and dangerous places. It has the best features that parents expect in the best parental control application. It enables users to set a time limit on kid’s devices. Parents can use the remote lock screen feature during bedtime. Parents can block inappropriate apps, read messages and filter adult content.

Family Time Top Services:

  • Android monitoring
  • Track iPhones
  • Services for schools


Spy and parental control services fundamentally are the same, but usage will decide whether you call them spyware or monitoring applications.  The well-known brands, like TheOneSpy and others mentioned above discourage the use of their services for illegal activities. However, you can spy on any cellphone and PC with consent for kids and employee monitoring purposes.

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