Influence of Digital Era on Digital Kids


In the quick-paced world that we call our home, the marathon to success is endless. No one really cares for the welfare of someone else; rather they work selfishly on their race to success. Moreover, people are only concentrating on making money, even through things like pornography, dating websites, child trafficking, etc. all of which have a negative impact on the society as a whole. As harmful as this is for adults, it is even more dangerous for the young generation. These things can basically wind up taking your children to such places and in the company of such people who aren’t keen on helping them on the road to positivity and success. Rather, they lead the kids astray, making them do things that are injurious to them mentally as well as physically. Given below is a glimpse of some of the dangers lurking around our kids.

Drug Abuse

From movies to TV shows, people are always showed smoking weed or doing some other kinds of drugs. Kids really dig this and eagerly wait for the time they could do drugs themselves. Bad influence provides that little nudge required to push the young minds over the edge and into the dark void of drug abuse which proves out to be harmful both mentally, as well as physically. The Internet has made it easier for kids to get access to drugs as there are various online websites that sell drugs. Kids can easily buy drugs from these websites without showing their identity.

Porn addiction

People online find pleasure in leading kids astray and what better way to lead them astray than to get them addicted to porn. Child molesters gain the trust of kids and then use it to get them indulged in behaviours as bad as watching porn. Due to lack of parental supervision, teenagers easily get access to porn websites. This starts with a natural curiosity to know how things work and ends in an addiction which is extremely difficult to get rid of. Porn has been deemed to be harmful to the body as well as for the mind. Thus, once the addiction kicks in, children do nothing other than browsing porn on sites.


Cyber-bullying is something that people don’t consider to be very dangerous. The thought of someone bullying someone else over the internet seems like a wild accuse. While cyber-bullying can cause severe stress and psychological issues, it can take a serious toll on a person. The Internet is full of statistics on cyberbullying and its serious consequences, one being suicide. A large number of kids try to commit suicide after getting cyberbullied for a long time. Some of them are successful in taking their lives leaving parents shocked and traumatized. With Facebook and other social networks being the perfect medium for cyber-bullying, it is crucial for parents to make sure their child isn’t subject to cyber-bullying.


Thanks to social media and apps like WhatsApp, the trend of exchanging inappropriate pictures among kids is dangerously increasing creating serious problems not only for them but also for their parents. This thing which starts as a way of having fun ends up ruining the lives of kids.

How to Keeps Kids Safe

It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children stay away from such influences and things that could have a negative effect on their grooming. This can often prove out to be a time-taking and tiring task, but, what some parents aren’t aware of is that they can spy on their kids without them ever finding out. TheOneSpy app is specially manufactured for troubled parents and suspicious spouses as well as concerned employees to help them alleviate them of their anxiousness.

TheOneSpy apps made it quite easy for parents to get to know their children using it for this purpose. Parents will be able to know their kid more closely; they will be able to keep a close check on him/her and will be able to stop any kind of danger being inflicted on their kid in the near future.


The online world is definitely a war-zone for young vulnerable kids who have no prior knowledge to protect them from the atrocities that the cyber world has the offer. This is why using TOS parental monitoring application can help parents and guardians alike protect kids can keep them safe from such dilemmas.

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