Instagram Dangers for Teens

instagram dangers for teens

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The social media and its creatures in the shape of social sites and social instant messaging apps have immensely put kids, pre-teens, and teens in danger by sharing images online. The young kids and teens shared images especially on the Instagram social networking app, for getting complimentary statements from their fellow online friends. Therefore, the social networking is the world most significant platform for young kids and teens to sharing images frequently.

Therefore, parents should be aware of the dangers on the particular instant messaging app, in case they come to know that their young kids, pre-teens, and teens are posting their photos on regular basis online.

Almost 75 million users daily use multiple social websites, approximately 400 million users in the whole month, the 51% are male users, the 49% users are female, 14% of users have admitted that they use the social instant messenger while driving and 9% of young teenagers are bullied by using the Instagram application.

According to the DMR Research Work:

The Instagram social app website/app has launched in the year of 2010, which is owned by the mighty Facebook and then gets huge popularity in especially in young users. It is famous because of its creative way of taking photos, sharing images and use of distinguishing filters put this digital social network at the top. The users can be exposed easily if they take granted of precautionary measures. Therefore, parents need to know the detrimental impacts of this particular website. As we all know that teens are switching to Instagram which enables them to interact with by doing comments, messages, and sharing of images. Teens keep a secret of their activities perform in the digital world, so parents should get involved in these social websites. Instagram is also social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, WhatsApp, Vine, Viber and like many others. A 13-year-old user can make an account, the main reason which is threatening parents. The innocent young users blindly share their images on the social media platforms and in response may get harm through the plethora of dangers.

What Steps Should Parents Take to Keep Their Teens From Instagram Dangers at Bay?

  • Parents should learn and start using the IM’s when they realize that their young kids or teens are using this social site, and start checking if someone hovers over your teen’s or kid’s profile and change the settings.
  • One thing is very important you should be added to your childhood friend list/followers in case of Instagram, you will come to know that no one is added to the followers or friend list to their parents. Kids mostly have done the activities on social media sites and apps surreptitiously.

Instagram Dangers: How Parents can Protect Teens:

  • Teens and kids usually share their information on the social website which should not be shared. The profile settings force your kids and teens to expose their first and last names on the site along with the birthday, gender and contact number and profile information.
  • The exposed information enables followers and other general public to view it unless the settings have been made. Therefore, strangers in the shape stalkers may get connected with your teen.
  • In the modern world, every young teenager and school going kids have devices like smartphones, iPhone, and tablets or Android devices. So, mostly parents agitated when come to know that their young kids have their secret social media accounts and Instagram is one of them.
  • It is very often now your kids or teen takes a photo from their device camera and at the spot share the photo along with the location.
  • Parents should realize that teens can become friends with the strangers posing as other teens. The social site empowers the user to follow other users through “popular section.” That how it is possible that they begin the friendship with the strangers and start wiring without knowing the person.
  • The nudity is the most dangerous and horrible part of the social applications, teens spread their semi-nude photos on the social website/apps and there is no filtering available on the site.
  • The new trend which Instagram has introduced that “Rate girls according to their looks”. Teens posted their pictures online and pictures and ranked online. Online beauty programs lead them to cyber-pageants and other danger which is known as is the girl “Hot or Not” trendy nowadays.

No doubt Instagram social networking app is a good platform to learn photography and making changes in the photos with the help of the filters and plenty of other good features, but the dangers are also is another stigma attached with the social media site. TheOneSpy enables parents to monitor all kind of devices, instant messengers, a top instant messaging application including Instagram with its most efficient Monitor Instagram feature. Parents will be able to track anything which their teens and kids are floating on their device. TOS is the reliable tool to protecting teens and kids from all kinds of dangers of social media networking and offer a secured online social environment for youngsters.

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