How to Make Sure That Your Teen’s New Tutor Is Not a Pedophile


We live in a big dangerous world, yeah we do. The world, where being safe and sound is a whole lot tougher than what the government and various authorities would like us to believe. From the moment we leave the relative safety of our homes we are at we risk of being mugged, murdered, run over by an unsafe driver, being stalked and what-not. We cannot even guarantee the safety of our loved ones in our homes since we might just be inviting danger inside all by ourselves.

Not only do we live in unsafe times, but competitive times as well. With everyone putting in all their efforts left to right and center in order to succeed, no wonder we have become single-minded in our acquisition of fame and fortune and even the little ones in the society are not spared from this. With parents spending a fortune on their education in the form of private schools, coaches, and private tutors to increase their chances of getting into Ivy League colleges and consequently getting great jobs and succeeding in life.

While all that seems alright and inspiring, applaud-worthy even for parents to pay much attention to their kids. Still, it is a matter of concern whether the person you are bringing into your home to tutor your child is a real person or not. A private instructor is a good way to ensure that your child stays focused on his / her studies in the right way and has a better chance of succeeding, yet a tutor cannot always be trusted. A teacher usually tends to be older than their students, which means they are in a peculiar position to order their wards around. In certain situations, the tutors have been caught with their students in quite compromising situations and may have even exploited their wards sexually and have convinced them to have a relationship with them.

Since children, even teens are quite impressionable and tend to look up to authority figures like tutors and will do almost anything at all to please them will comply with their sexual advances even when they know how harmful they can be. Therefore, in situations like these, it falls into the laps of their parents to come up with ways to keep this from happening. We know there are so many parents can do to ensure that the tutor they are hiring is trustworthy. But since everyone seems honest at first glance there is no way to know for sure unless you carefully monitor them. For this, parental monitoring apps like TheOneSpy can always prove to be handy.

How Can TheOneSpy Help?

Since children tend to keep their smartphones with them all the time, they can be used as a great tool that not only keeps a close eye on your child but it can also help you stealthily keep an eye on their tutor and learn the nature of his or her intentions towards your child soon enough using the following features offered by TheOneSpy:

Listen In

TheOneSpy comes equipped with bugs that allow parents to listen in on the surroundings of the target device anytime that they want. This way you can tell for sure if your child and their tutor are truly tackling those algebra problems or are doing something they shouldn’t be doing.


It’s all well and good as long as people are talking but when they turn quiet, that is when the problem actually lies. Bugs, apart from giving you access to the target device’s microphone, also allow you to use the camera to capture the surroundings of the target device. Thus, if the camera is in the range of the transgression, you will be able to see what is going on in real-time.

Messages and Calls

If your child is attracted to his or her tutor or the other way around, they will either talk to each other about it, or they will talk to a friend about it. Thus, listening in on their calls and keeping an eye on the text messages / SMS they send and receive is also another way to kill a problem in the bud before things can get too far and too messy.

The Bottom Line

Parenting isn’t an easy job and times like the one we face today make it harder. Therefore, consider using TheOneSpy to keep a digital eye on your child and all such problems at bay before push comes to shove and it’s too late to do anything anymore that can help your child in one way or another.

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