Sneaky Texting Codes of Teen’s: A Real Parenting Challenge

Sneaky texting codes of Teen’s

Texting is one of the fascinating communicative phenomenon these days. Long sentences are no more needed to convey your message to the person you want to. The contemporary cellphones enable a user to send and receive text messages on the phone and through the smartphone on social media apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Zalo, WhatsApp, and others. However, the young generation has developed a new trend of sneaky texting code in their communication practices. The young teens who owned a smartphone are using a bunch of letters that seems like a kind of modern day shorthand.

10 Most Used Sneaky Texting Codes of Teens:

LOL = laughing out loud

GR8= Great

IRL= in real life

TYVM= thank you very much

INMHO= in my humble opinion

J/k= just kidding

BRB= be right back

L8R= later

NP= no problem

WYD= what you doing

Seemingly these terms are very innocent, according to the child safety experts; the texting codes may convey something else as they meet the eyes. There are plenty of texting codes are very frequent among the teens that convey really opposite in the meaning as terms meet the common eyes. The risk factor is at their peak, and it could a be a real parenting challenge for parents to decode all these hidden terms in order to protect their teens from the vulnerable side effects of online interaction, Brian Bason, CEO of BARK stated that.

National Institute of Mental Health says the element of suicide is one of the second leading reasons of death among young adults between the ages of 15 to 35. The continuous proliferation of technology has taken suicide among the teens to the next level.

“We often used to of guiding our kids and teens that always look both sides while crossing a road, don’t interact with the strangers and others advises. Similarly, parents have to do the same thing for children with the digital uses,” Baron further added that.

According to the Barak’s data, 10 million text messages per month are delivered by the teens that include texting, email, and others on different digital media platforms.

sneaky texting codes

Sneaky Terms of Teens TOS has Discovered for Parenting

Here is the list of texting terms the young teens usually use in texting and every parent needs to know these terms, otherwise no matter what kind of parental control parents are using, it would be worthless.

KMS= kill my self

LH6= let’s have sex

53X= secret way to type “sex”

99= parents are gone

GNOC= get naked on camera

CD9= code 9, parents around

POS= Parents over shoulder

MOS = mom over the shoulder

1174= Meet at a party spot

LMIR= let’s meet in real life

WTTP= want to trade photos

IWSN= I want sex now

CU46= see you for sex

MPFB= MY personal f***buddy

ADR= what’s your address

FWB= Friend with benefits

GYPO= get your pants off

TWD= Texting while driving

When Spying Becomes Worthless!

No matter what if you are spying on teen’s text conversations with the help of cell phone monitoring app, but if you are not able to decode the texting terms created by modern generation, then it would be worthless for you.  Therefore, parents have to adopt the same things as the teens did. They got to know the modern short terms of teens they are using the text messages on the phone or social media.

However, TOS spy phone app has developed a list of teen’s short texting terms in order to help out parents to understand the short terms and take an affirmative action if they have discovered something vulnerable in teen’s text messages.

Why is TOS effective tool for decoding teen’s sneaky text conversations?

Tracking cell phone text messages of teens do not work anymore. Parents need to get the mix of education, communication and the contemporary cell phone spying software that will provide you texting code similarly that you are seeing in this post. Parents need to know about the texting terms, and they will have the keys through TheOneSpy (TOS) regularly updated posts and they will be able to decode the sneaky text messages of teens to the fullest.

Furthermore, even tech-savvy parents are not aware of the fact that teens can dodge them and openly can send a coded text message that parents don’t have a clue about the reality.  Moreover, non-tech savvy parents need to have the best spying software for Android in order to get the genuine updated information in order to secure teens from all online and real-life dangers. TOS is working on the shorthand language created by the teens and will update all the sneaky but vulnerable codes of teens to train the parents to meet with the modern world parenting challenges.


Parents can meet with the challenges of parenting in the shape of “Sneaky texting codes of teens”. They just need to get started with the cell phone monitoring spyware and they will be able to decode all the secret sext messages of teens within seconds.

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