Privacy – What it Means To Teenagers


Privacy – it is important for any human being, whether he or she is a child, teen or an adult. Some people claim to be an open book, however, in the real world, no one is. Everyone needs privacy. You can be extremely friendly, but at the end of the day, you have some things that you need to keep to yourself. However, in the case of teens, when they start keeping things from their parents, it is often thought that they might be hiding an affair or something inappropriate that they might have done. However, this is not always the case.

According to a survey conducted in 2015, almost 75% of the children claimed that they trust their parents and have a healthy relationship with their parents. However, only 50% claimed that they share everything with their parents. So, the parental division usually starts wondering a few things about their child that might or might not be just the work of their imagination alone. Below are a few questions that parents think about when a teen starts asking for privacy:

Is Privacy Important for Teens?

Parents often confuse the meaning of the word privacy, which is the reason why they end up doing things that jeopardize their relationship with their child. What they don’t realize is that privacy actually helps a teen build their self-confidence, and trust their decisions. If a child shares each and every single problem with his or her parents, they are just making decisions based on what their parents think and are not making those decisions themselves. This can most definitely hamper their ability to choose right from wrong. Thus, it is important that parents give their children some space to make their own decisions, and step in when their imagination is taking them away from the most obvious reality would be the best thing that parents can do for their children.

When Should Parents Step In?

Some parents can’t figure out when their child is depressed, and that is exactly when they should step in and have a talk with them. A few signs of depression in a child would be things like not eating anything at dinner and just play with the food, or maybe staying out late and late every single night, or returning from school in a forlorn manner. Whatever the case may be, these things are a clear sign that the teen needs help with something that is bothering him or her. And this is the most suitable time when parents should step in and have a talk with their child, and try to solve their problem without judging them or scolding them too much and they should keep in mind that doing the opposite might prove to be more discouraging to the teen than the actual problem itself.

Is Spying The Right Thing To Do?

When someone says spying, we start thinking about the last James Bond movie. However, this is much more complex and yet quite simple at the same time. Some parents claim that spying on their children is a precaution that every parent should adapt, but, this might prove out to be depressing for a teen when his or her parents are keeping an eye on each and every move that they make. This is the best example of invasion of privacy. Parents should keep an eye on their teen but not in a way that makes the teen feel insecure, which means that physical monitoring is out of the picture. Well, then you might be wondering what a concerned parent should do, we will discuss that in a moment.

The Bottom Line

Now, people can argue back and forth about how important privacy is for teens, and how it helps them in their grooming, but one cannot ignore the fact that parents need to know what is going on in their child’s life, and they should be able to keep an eye on their child. The best way to do so would be Parental monitoring apps like TheOneSpy. TOS can be used to keep track of a child’s text messages and tap into their calls, social media apps, messaging apps, gallery calendar entries, making sure that you know what your teen is involved in on social media platforms, who are they are talking to, and what sites they are accessing. Based on that info you can block the content that you feel is inappropriate for them and be doing all this while they have no idea about it. Hence, ensuring their safety and not putting your relationship with them in danger in any way.

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