Child Exploitation is Rampant: Protect Kids to Stay Far Away From the Deep Dark Web

child exploitation is rampant

The internet over the years has become massive. You can access millions of web pages, databases and as well as servers that run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, still the so-called internet we are using normally through Google and via other search engines, it is just a tip of the iceberg. In reality, undercover there is a deep dark web, which accounts for almost 90% of all the websites. This particular hidden virtual world was once the province of hackers, law enforcement, and other cyber criminals.

But today, things have been changed and the latest technological creatures like encryption, anonymization browser like Tor for anyone including young teens to dive into a deep dark web that is very alarming for their safety. On the other hand, child exploitation is rampant on the Deep Dark Web.

What is the Deep Dark Web?

It is a hidden part of the internet that is sneaky within. So, people who really want to get access to require special kind of encrypted tools such as Tor. Most internet users are not aware of the fact that they are using only a fraction of the entire cyberspace. It means we all have access to the open web that is a very tiny part that we can publicly get access into it.

The internet we are using at the moment through Google, Yahoo, and with browsers, many others alike are only 10% of what is on the internet. However, when it comes to the deep dark web, it is the next level of the internet that you cannot access until unless you have made the arrangements in terms of getting authorization.

You may have seen less protected Darknet likewise governments, banking, and financial records, legal documentation and others in terms of medical records. So, get going to further deep is known as the Deep Dark Web. It is the world where you can see the world of sex trafficking websites and plenty of other illegal activities could be done on it.

Most of the people who use the Darknet usually purchase illegal drugs, weapons, threatens people in a dangers suicide chat rooms, get to know about black hate hacking, sell the stolen or hacked data, and also promote criminal activities and child abusers also share original vile child exploitation videos and images.

How Teenager Gets Access to Deep Dark Web & Get Exploited Rampantly?

Kids and the teens that are closer to their adulthood are talking about the Tor (The Onion Router). It is actually a high–tech tool that is considered is the gateway to get access into the Deep Dark Web and the user won’t be able to track by someone in terms of activities. Most of the teenagers are using it as a tool to get access to the illegal and x–rated dangerous content. However, Tor is not itself is dark, but it directs the user towards the darknet.

Kids and Teens actually dodge parents to use Darknet              

Young teens mostly have been caught asking their parents to let them download encryption software on their laptop and desktop computer devices to use the fast internet in order to finish school work faster. However, if parents look deep into the web they will realize that they were using these tools to bypass the school filters, for playing games, getting access to the sexually explicit content without getting caught. So, the dangerous and horrific content on the Deep Dark Web is common activity and the user would get their eyes on without getting caught in terms of browsing activities.

Dramatically, The Washington Times has report stated that in the headlines at the New Year that Deep Dark Web is continuously exploding child porn epidemic a step ahead of prosecutors.

“A male that is sexually assaulting a young 8-year-old child while sleeping, was shared on the internet message board on a Tuesday in the mid of November last year. Almost 19000 people have viewed the image less than weak.”

The stats were quite alarming because the image has got huge attention through a single image that would have been unbelievable for law enforcement. Today, it has become a norm for the hidden corners of the cyberspace that is known as the Deep Dark Web, where pedophile nature of videos, images and even young children get exploited rampantly with sheer pace.

So, the niche perversion websites on the darknet fascinates millions of viewers to watch videos and images related to child pornography, and most of the pedophiles are dedicated to the infants, toddlers sexually assaulted videos counted 155000 members as of mid – of Novembers.  The law enforcement authorities says the Deep Dark Web provide pedophiles anonymity and easy access to the websites that used to come up with the child exploitation content.

 “It is just a one web site that we are talking about at the moment and how many websites people used to of visiting and spreading, “Steven Grocki, Head of Justice Department’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section said that.

The Deep Dark Web is hidden from the actual browser we are using regularly on our digital devices. It can be accessed with the free tools such as Tor known as “the onion routing project”.

Deep Dark Web is the largest producer of the child pornography and it has fueled a child –porn epidemic, Mr. Grocki added that.

Over the last decade, Federal Prosecutions are up to the 60% and alarmingly and according to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports of abused or exploited children has been raised from 1 million in 2013 up to 14 million in the year of 2018.

Cyber Threats and Dangers on the Deep Dark Web of Child Exploitation

The latest high –tech tools in terms of encryptions and anonymization tools have enabled even to the teens to get access to the darknet. It is very dangerous and risky for the youth to use the dark web on their computer or digital gadgets. Because the Deep Dark Web gives them access to the “illegal “adult and to offensive content that can really scar the young viewer for a whole life.

According to the Kaspersky, almost 80% of the Dark Web is an internet connection to the pedophiles and child x- rated content in which the videos are sharing child assau
lted content. The moment teens get their eyes on such type of content it gets emotionally assaulted or become one of the pedophilic natures and can do sexual assault with other young kids and teens.

Since last year, the news story has made headlines when teens get caught pimping out teens via social media. There is the case with the teen’s access to the Deep Dark web. Either they get emotionally assaulted or they may become pedophilic and make other tweens and kids their victims once they become used to of child pornography.

Visiting the Deep Dark Web could be interested in the parents but the same time gives yourself favors don’t let your teens anywhere near to the darknet at any cost –because it’s a long way down.

Tips for Parents to Protect Teens Being Exploited Through Deep Dark Web

Internet Education & conversation with teens

  • Discuss with your teens what they known about Deep Dark Web & make them aware of accordingly
  • Ask your teens what is the reason of attraction to the Darknet they are using on laptop desktop devices at school or at home. In addition, discuss with your teens about the real threats and dangers in terms of child sex trafficking, sextortion, and if they have accidentally get their eyes on child abusing images and videos.
  • Guide your teens that bring a viewer of a child sexually assaulted videos or images make them a pedophile in nature or they may have effects of emotionally disturbance.
  • Teach your kids Deep Dark web is not designed for them in particular, the regular internet usage is even dangerous for them. Make sure for your teens to stray for away from the dark web what so ever.

Supervision on teen’s online activities

  • Check your child all kinds of devices in terms of contemporary smartphones devices, gadgets, and laptop desktop computers
  • Use Parental monitoring apps to perform live screen recording to know if they have download encryption or anonymization tools in terms of Tor on their devices
  • If they have downloaded encryption then you need to monitor their emails using email monitoring apps, they may have ordered unusual package using the Deep Dark Web to get drugs.

Cell phone & Computer monitoring app led parents to monitor the screens of teen’s devices in real –time. Further track their unusual emails. However, allow them to remotely view if they have installed any kind of encryption on a digital device and empowers you to prevent it prior to the use of the Deep Dark Web.

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