Signs that your Teen Is Addicted To Facebook (Updated)

You may use Facebook to catch up with your friends. Facebook user can see their actions, how they live, and how happy they are is okay. Social Media Networks have the sole purpose of connecting people. Further, it works to bring people together through face-to-face interaction. Unfortunately, Facebook has lost its intended purpose. Let’s focus on the issue and see how your Facebook addicts’ children cause problems themselves. Facebook addiction among kids acknowledges in the current edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Researchers do believe that FB obsession is a growing concern among teenagers. In this article, you will learn about symptoms, effects, and solutions to the problem.

15 Signs That Your Child Is Addicted To Facebook You Need To Know

Addiction to anything is wrong. But for some reason, Facebook addiction is the worst thing to happen to your child. Even though more often than not. It does not take a physical toll on the addict. It may very well affect the psyche and can lead to physical ailments. So, here are a few signs that will tell you if your child is a Facebook addict.

Here are the following signs that parents should observe in their kids and teens about Facebook obsession no time ever before:

  1. They use Facebook all day long and late at night. It is the first thing they log on to see what their friends were doing last night. Further, the last thing they do before they go to bed is to see if they have missed anything.
  2. They post a status update 4 to 5 times a day and feel anxious if they haven’t updated their profile in a couple of hours.
  3. They have more Facebook friends than the people they know in real life.
  4. They change their profile picture and profile cover about 2 to 3 times a week alone.
  5. They post about everything they do. Likewise, what they eat, what they wear, where they go out with their friends to what they have been doing. They even post a good morning and a good night selfie as soon as they wake up and just before they go to bed.
  6. They would rather chat on different pages or gossip about school. Rather than avoid doing school homework. Besides, end up being late when submitting assignments and even studying for exams.
  7. They explore the profiles of their friends and random people for hours. They prefer to explore others if they have nothing to do with their FB profile.
  8. Facebook addicts are more likely to spend more than 7 hours a day on the social media network –Facebook. They love to spend time in chats, text messages, sharing media, and Voice calls with friends.
  9. Facebook addiction could lead young teens to interact with strangers and be friends with them without their parent’s knowledge.
  10. Facebook addict users always feel guilty when they have not posted anything or reacted to someone else post.
  11. Your FB-obsessed child or teens could show signs of anxiety and depression.
  12. They can learn more about their activities online, like on Facebook, instead of people around them.
  13. Cut their real-life social life and prefer to spend time on a Facebook messenger app.
  14. They always seem agitated when they cannot log in to their Facebook account due to expired mobile data or other reasons.
  15. They often exchange heated arguments with the parents when they criticize their social media usage.

How Facebook Addiction Among Kids Impacts In A Negative Way?

Before delving into the various facts, the first thing is to see if the child is a Facebook addict. Here are a few of them:

Facebook addiction causes an inferiority Complex in teens.

It can create insecurities in your child for not having an exciting life like some peers. They continue to visit their friend and friends of friends’ Facebook profiles. Further, see their every post, image, and selfie. So, they start blaming their life by watching the luxuries of other people’s photos and videos. It causes FB addicts an inferiority complex among the kids obsessed with FB.

Young teens could suffer from body image issues.

They can also suffer from body image issues by looking up pictures of girls. Further, they see other boys with perfect skin, hair, and style. Young teens need to realize the advantages of technology. Many social media users use filters and other tools to change their skin tone and body. They look innovative and appealing, which hits most teens’ brains.

Start hating their parents & their life.

They can turn resentful of parents for not providing them with the things their peers have. So, they start hating their parents when they see their peers have a far better life. It is not necessary if you have seen a good image of someone on FB, the real life is the same. So, parents have to give confidence to their teens. Young FB addicts get influenced by others by watching their posts. They don’t look like people living hand-to-mouth life, but they still love their parents.

Your child starts seeming lost.

Their lack of online presence can take a toll on their social life. It could impact their real life, making them subdued, quiet, and withdrawn. They don’t participate in extracurricular activities and stay lonely all the time. Young teens start thinking about suicide and other self-harm activities.

Facebook addicts could turn into compulsive liars.

Facebook may turn your child into a compulsive liar. They lie, especially in their circle of friends. They feel pity for themselves because of their self-imagined poor life than their peers. So, they lie about their parents’ jobs, status, and other things. They also ask for money from parents for something at school that does not exist.

Start sharing their problem people with online.

Facebook addicts often start sharing their problems with people they have never met. So, they are more likely to become victims of date rape, child abuse, and sexual assault. Online predators can trap these withdrawn young souls on social media and ask them to meet in person. Many incidents occur where social media addict teens become victims of pedophilia and date rape. Online dating is common among social media-addicted teens. 

What Should Parents Do To Prevent Teens' Facebook Addiction?

Here are the following manual tips that parents can adopt to prevent kids from having Facebook addiction. Let’s discuss them in the following:

Total up your teen’s time spent on Facebook

You can need to monitor and track your kid’s Facebook activities manually. You can see how much time your teen spends on their phone screen and the Facebook messenger app. You can determine the patterns of teens using Facebook. It will help parents develop a strategy to cope with their kid’s Facebook addiction.

See their eating and sleeping habits.

You can keep an eye on your FB addict teens sleeping and eating habits. Young teens are more likely to use their cellphones and FB during sleep and meal times. It is considered the worst condition of FB addiction when teens use social media at meal time and bedtime. Parents can unplug teens’ phones from charging when teens go to sleep. When they wake up, they become curious and take another half an hour to charge their cellphones.

Distract your kids back and forth

It is one of the best ways to break your teen’s Facebook addiction. You can ask your child to help you out in the house with anything when they are using Facebook. Ask for their phone and tell your child to go to the store for necessary home accessories.

Encourage your child to spend time at a playground & turn off Wi-Fi

Try to improve the healthy activities of your child. You can take your teens to spend some time with you in an exercise. Your child may only accept your advice after some time. Then cut off the Wi-Fi connection, and take your teen to a sports ground. You can do it for at least one month, and it will help your child to know how good it is to be on a sports ground.

Use TheOneSpy On Kids' Cellphones To Cope With Facebook Addiction.

Are you tired of dealing with your kids’ Facebook obsession? You need not worry and let TheOneSpy parental monitoring app do the job for you. You can install parental spy software on your kid’s cell phones. It needs one-time access to the target device. Further, you can activate the application, log in to the dashboard and use the following features. It would help parents to break kids’ Facebook addiction:

Facebook Screen Recording:

Parents can use the Facebook screen recording feature to check what kids and teens are doing on their Facebook social media network and to whom they are connected all the time. They can easily record the screen activities with FB screen recorder by using the secret control panel.


Parents can use the screen-time feature of our parental control app on Facebook addicts’ cellphones. It will block every social media app from 1 hour to 12 hours. Your child can no longer browse or access the FB app on cell phones.

Filter websites

TheOneSpy can block websites on any computer device, like Facebook and others. You can also filter websites on cell phones remotely. Users can put the URL of the websites into the filter to block FB.

View installed apps

Parents can view the list of installed apps to know how many social media apps their teens have downloaded on their cell phones.

Live screen recording

Parents can perform live screen recording to record videos. Further, see the videos, and ask your child what they are doing on Facebook with evidence. You can teach your child what is wrong with them and how to live a life.


TheOneSpy is the best monitoring solution for struggling parents against kids’ Facebook addiction. Parents can download and install the parental spy app on kids’ cell phones and put their worries to rest. Our monitoring solution will take responsibility and keeps you updated about kids’ inappropriate activities on Facebook.

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