How Remote Monitoring is a trump card for businesses in COVID-19 pandemic?

remote monitoring businesses

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously damaged the corporate sector of the world. It will have long-lasting and game-changing outcomes. Industries, small and large business organizations severely get harmed. The governments of every developed and underdeveloped country have ordered their people to remain indoors to stop to the mitigation of the COVID-19.

However, employers in the corporate sector have asked their workforce not to get worried but to work from home.  The omnipresent internet technology has been evolved and advanced over the years. Every business owner in the private sector especially related to tech can hunker down employees to do remote work from home in this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biggest benefits for employees working from home:

The 2020 State of Remote Work:

  • Almost 32% employee working from home have flexible schedule
  • 26% of employees can get flexibility to work from anywhere apart from the office
  • 21% of not having to commute
  • 11% opportunity to spend time with the family
  • 7% can enjoy working from their home

As we have mentioned in the 2020 state of remote report work and the coronavirus pandemic every employee can enjoy all the above-mentioned activities alongside working for the company. Even then why there is the number of employee in every company remain unproductive.

Why productivity fading out in employees working from home?

The management of time is an art and we always see employees working in business organizations remain less productive in a normal situation. Nowadays, we are running with a strange and dangerous time infected with the pandemic. Therefore, working from home has been permitted by employers to deal with challenges. However, employers are facing several challenges such as time management challenges, less productivity, time-wasting activities of employees and many others alike.

The remote work is being performed by the employees but they are doing it in such an extreme state of uncertainty and depression.  On the other side, employees who have suddenly intended to work from home have several flexibilities. Even though, employees of a business organization are wasting so much time on low-value tasks and even on non –work-related activities such as reading and watching the news and keeping a constant eye on social media on business-owned devices like cellphones, tablets and computer devices.

5 Biggest challenges businesses are facing from remote employers

Since the pandemic outbreak has happened there are plenty of companies all over the world that have allowed their employees to work from home. On the other hand, employers have been allowed employees to take their digital devices at home to perform value able tasks for the company. Companies are facing survival issues. They are also committed not to fire anyone of their valuable employers but them in need of commitment to work from home indeed.

However, employees may are less serious about their work which they are supposed to do from home and doing plenty of things which makes employers nothing left but to hibernate or fire their employees.

Let’s discuss the major issues business owners are facing their employees working from home.

Less productive but remain competitive at the clock

The COVID-19 outbreaks almost have engulfed hundred thousand lives and more than 1 million has got infected all across the globe. Apart from government organizations worldwide, private businesses are at the brink of destructions due to regular lockdowns. However, the corporate sector including tech –industries still have a chance to grow but they need work from employees from their homes. Private entities have allowed their employees to perform their work performance using internet technology and by using instant messenger alike Skype and many others alike. On the other hand, employees dramatically happen to less productive but remain competitive at the clock.

They used to fool their employers in working hours and provide less productivity as compared to they were used to in their regular offices. This is the major concern which business entities are facing from their employees working from home.

Goofing off on business-owned devices

Though working from home is beneficial for employees but when it comes to employers it is happening costly for business owners. Nowadays, due to pandemic millions of people are losing their jobs the private sector still a way to go to deal with the current challenge and they have allowed their employees to work from home. So, employees are goofing off on the business owned device likewise cellphones, tablets, and laptop desktop computers connected to the internet. Employees are used to seeing news and social media activities and also contact their loved ones and friends. Employees are getting involved in goldbricking activities which can damage a company a lot.

Employees can goof around in working hours but when it comes to executives they cannot do wait for every single employee in working hours to submit their work. It is happening and helping a pandemic to destroy business firms as well.

Outsourcing to other companies

Cheats and rogue ones are everywhere and business organizations also have some black sheep in the crew. Employees have got enough time in self –isolating state due to the latest outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. Employees have started outsourcing and they are in contact with plenty of firms at the same time to make more and more money. This could lead a business to several pitfalls firms whose regular employees have got the time due to pandemic and they are stealing the time of the parent’s company and providing their services to others as well. Therefore, business owners can face issues like less productivity, outsourcing, goofing off on business-owned devices and many others alike.

Stealing intellectual property & entertaining activities

In a situation like this COVID-19 pandemic where nobody is sure when this challenge ends up, rouge and disgruntled employees can do plenty of brutal and tragic things against the business. They can steal the business owned intellectual property whether store on the cloud or in the business owned devices. Furthermore, we have seen millions of cases around the world where executive employees have leaked their company’s secrets to making easy money. Nowadays where everyone is fully aware of the current affairs people have fear in their minds about their jobs they could make a chance to get more easy and handsome money in a short period. Employees can sell and steal business owned intellectual property to any competitor.

Remote workers are at high risk –climate

Business firms that have allowed their employees to work from home and they have no check in terms of remote monitoring are at high –risk of black hat hackers. Any one of the business owned devices provided to employees could be hacked. It means an employee can lose the data stored in tablets, mobile, laptop and desktop PCs or computers. Therefore, businesses are always at stake because plenty of devices have provided to employees without making checks. So, remote workers are always at high risk-climate.

Perform remote monitoring on employees working from home in Pandemic

  • Is your company facing issues of outsourcing of employees?
  • Do you want to perform remote tracking of your employees?
  • Are you having reservations about your employee’s productivity working from home?
  • Did your employees goofing off on business PC or tablets and mobile phones?
  • Are you concerned about the safety of your business intellectual property?

Due to coronavirus pandemic companies have faced lockdown but the corporate sector which can afford to allow their workforce to work from home. However, businesses are facing plenty of issues that we have discussed earlier. In this situation, employers can take advantage of remote monitoring of their employee’s devices provided by the company. TheOneSpy has come up with a 40% discount on its multiple products likewise android monitoring software that is packed with dozens of powerful features to monitor and record live cellphone calls, the screen of the android device, installed apps, social media monitoring and plenty of others. Furthermore, you can also get a 40% discount on computer tracking app that enable users to monitor mac and windows laptop and desktop devices. user can record screen activities, create a backup for business data, keystrokes logging, email monitoring, surround recording, screenshots, and tools like time spent on every application or program installed on the target device and many more.


TheOneSpy is the best and ultimate product for the businesses that are facing the challenge of COVID-19 and they have to allow their employee to work from home. So, employers can allow their employees to work from home but now they can keep a secret eye on the employee’s activities on business owned cellphones, tablets, mac and windows PCs. Now increase productivity, prevent stealing of intellectual property, don’t let your employees goof off on the PCs in working hours and pay them for what they deserve. TheOneSpy is always there for you to safeguard your businesses to the fullest.

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