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smombies the problem of the day

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This is probably a term that you’re not too familiar with, even though it was selected as the German Youth Word of 2015. The funny thing about the word is that it stands for “Social Media Zombie”, three words of the English language but it isn’t used anywhere in the United States, but it got selected as the Youth Word of 2015 in Germany.

Smombies are one of the biggest problems the world is facing as of now. If you think that a bunch of people glued to their phones are harmless, then you’re terribly wrong. Well, if you’re so confident with your answer then you should probably go and tell this to the people that were involved in the half a million accidents across the world that took place because of Pokémon Go.

While most of the people are starting to think that a bunch of Social media addicts is dangerous, others are still firm on their belief that these people are harmless. If you’re one of those people, then please keep on reading and we’ll explain why you should stop such people…

Road Accidents

As we have said a little while before, Smombies are becoming the sole reason for the hike in road accidents. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the person driving the car, or the one on the other side crossing the street. If you’re on your phone, there’s a huge chance that things could end horribly for you and the next time you wake up would probably be in a hospital bed. If you’re the person driving the car, then you should never text and drive at the same time. If you received a call or an urgent text, then pull over before you answer your phone. If you’re a pedestrian, then make sure that you pay full attention to the road when you’re crossing the street.

Cyber Stalking

Whether you’re a child or a full-grown adult, you are always in danger while using the internet. While you may be comfortable sitting in your room, scrolling through your Facebook feed, there might be someone that stalks every move you make. There’s always a possibility that that very person may be interested in making your life a living hell – and while you carelessly post pictures and statuses, you might be giving them the very thing that they were looking for.

Health Hazards

Studies show that people who use their phone more than 6 hours a day are far more likely to be subject to brain cancer. Moreover, excessive use of a Smartphone can cause sleep deprivation and severe anxiety. The people that use their phone most of the day are even likely to misalign their spinal cord for looking down all the time.

Mental Absence

If you’re a parent, then try to remember how many times you wanted to stab your child for using their phone at the dinner table – Well, you’ve probably lost count by now. Moreover, their interest in their online life might even start decreasing their interest from their personal life. They might start ignoring you when you talk to them, or they could completely abandon their interest in family matters. This could never be a good sign if you want to keep your child close to you throughout their life.

What Can You Do?

If you’re one of the people that have a relative, or even worse a child who’s a #Smombie, then you should probably try to help them. If they are constantly glued to their phone, it’s only a matter of time before they find themselves in similar situations that we mentioned above. But, don’t worry, there is a way you could save your loved ones before they stray away too far and go past the point of return. The solution to all your worries is TheOneSpy.

What is TheOneSpy Capable of?

TOS is a spy application for cell phone and tablets that can be used to put anyone under complete surveillance. You can easily keep track of anyone’s online as well as offline activity. You could see when the target uses the target uses their phone most frequently. Moreover, you could also see whether or not the target uses their device when they’re not at home. More importantly, you could take a peek into their instant messenger and text inbox and see exactly who it is they text with all the time. Hence, making sure that you’re always able to take care of the people you care about the most in this world…

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