What To Do If Someone Shares Your Nudes?

someone shares my nude what should i do

Nude sends began an online joke, and putting sarcastic and spiteful comments to target a specific object has become common and unstoppable. We couldn’t consider normal to be harmless fun as an unethical nightmare.

It’s okay to break up, but they’ve shocked me by humiliating and hurting with their actions. He did it out of my imagination! How he revenges, and it’s illegal.

One night, I opened social media and received someone’s text on my circulating nude image online. This made me cry, sinking my feelings- thousands of people saw my private picture within a minute. I was shivering and felt to end my life because I couldn’t imagine my ex- sharing my photos on different social apps. I search to remove my images and stop people to share and download but couldn’t do.

Don’t be panic! Take a deep breath and read this study that helps to sort out this issue and help you to feel better.

What to Do if Someone’s Shares Your Nude Images?

We know you are in anxiety, and fear is in your eyes, but relax! Here are essential tips to help you if someone leaks your nude photos. The following article will help you to stress out yourself and protect your mental health.

  • Keep in your mind this is not your fault.

Stop blaming yourself; why capture and send naked photos to your boyfriend that cause the situation to worsen? You trust the person and send it to them with the pure feeling. But it’s not your fault, the other one is not trustable, and they break your trust. But, as threatening is not okay, the same blaming is also not okay.

  • Share with your trusted one.

If anyone in your life that you can trust. Then, you should tell them what happened to you. Talking with your trusted person will protect your mental health with the solution. The person might support you by providing an authentic source that helps you escape this situation.

  • Keep the document as evidence.

When you come out of this situation, after finding an appropriate solution, remember to take some evidence as screenshots, threatening or blackmail call recordings with the time. It will help you to secure in the future. And this evidence supports you to take legal action against the person.

  • Don’t give in to their threats.

If someone’s threatens you and requests some return for removing your nudes. Clearly say no, and don’t allow them to play with your feelings. Whatever they demand to do something unethical or request money. Don’t favor them; go for taking legal action or go to the police.

  • Go to the Police 

Distributing someone’s nude images without his/her permission is a crime. And if someone’s done this with you. It’s your right to go to the police and complaint against them. You have to take help from the legal rights organisation of your state.

What is Revenge Porn?

Sharing intimate and personal photos means revenge porn. Revenge porn is known as sharing someone’s unethical images without their permission. It is sexual images and graphics of someone that others share online. This term is implemented to humiliate others to take revenge. But it is a crime and illegal to share and posting any individual personal photos without their consent.

Revenge Porn is Because:

  • To humiliate and embarrass the person
  • To black mail the person
  • To get someone into serious trouble

Statics Data about Sharing Nude Images

A survey-based report explains the image-based abuse effect on a specific portion of people online.

  • According to a recent report, adults between 18 and 54 found 1 in 10 ex-boyfriends exposed to nude images online and threatened.
  • Commissioned by the National Campaign to Prevent, it found 20 of 33% of teens sent their nude images via online platforms.
  • America sends 1.8 million nude images per day after 20 seconds
  • 8% of American women are victims of porn revenge
  • 1 in 3 are victims of ‘revenge porn’ or image-based sexual abuse and blackmailing
  • A study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2022 found that 27 percent of victims of image-based sexual abuse were women between the ages of 30 and 39 years, whilst 15 percent of victims were women between the ages of 21 and 29 years.
  • Australian survey conducted last year by the Australian Institute of Criminology. According to that survey about 29% of respondents described feeling pressured to share sexual images, and about 39% said they had experienced image-based harassment.
  • 23% of adults share nudes on online dating platforms like Tinder.
  • Almost 1 in 5 by a naked after paying minimum $27
  • Men were twice as likely as women to get nude without their permission.
  • 55% of people respond they currently have someone they send nudes to in their lives.
  • 73% of men and 65% of women said they’ve been in possession of sharing nude images after break up.
  • Almost 35% of men and 75% of women accept keeping their partner’s images without explicit permission from that person.
  • 35% of men kept their nude images without their consent, and 23% of women said they knew their ex-partners had their nude pictures without explicit permission.
  • 12% of women and 9% of men don’t know that their nude lives are on in their ex-partners’ new lives.
  • 70% of women and 50% of men think that the sharing of nude without other consent deserves jail, at least for five years.

Why Sharing of Nude Image is Uncontrollable?

There are several reasons why someone’s share nudes. Many cases have seen that women are facing porn revenge or blackmailing from their boyfriends. According to a study, women are more likely to become victims of porn abuse. But not all boyfriends do this, and it can happen due to different reasons.

The action of sending and receiving nudes is not acceptable in any condition. It is not appreciated, and according to the study of people who send nudes, 1 in 3 has faced image-based sexual abuse, which leads to a massive problem. But in any case, if you have to send nudes, try to blur face to avoid embarrassment. Boyfriends can do this for many reasons, which are as under;

  • For Taking Revenge

According to the reports, one of the primary reasons why someone’s share others sexual pictures is to take revenge. It can happen after a breakup. The boyfriend threatens her of leaking her nudes, which can compel the girl to accept everything her boyfriend says.

  • If he does not know the legal consequences

The perpetrator usually does it without fear because he does not know about the consequences he has to face after his illegal action. If the perpetrator has the education, then it can be possible that he fears before ruining anyone’s life.

  • If she denied involving in inappropriate activities

Many boyfriends demand their girlfriends to get involved in activities that she does not want. And if the girl denied doing, they got angry and exposed her nudes if she didn’t agree to get involved in inappropriate activities.

  • The guy who is weak and immature is more likely to expose nudes

Because of immatureness, many boys do illegal acts; they do not have enough knowledge about what they can have to face and how it can affect the victim’s image in society.

  • When the girlfriend cheats on her boyfriend, he is more likely to share her nudes

It has been seen that when the girlfriend cheats on her boyfriend, they harass them and ruin their mental health by sharing nudes of her on social networking websites.

  • For showing off with his friends

Some boyfriend shares their girlfriend nudes with friends to brag and increase their social value in the friend group.

  • The guy who does not respect her girlfriend is more likely to share his girlfriend’s nudes

The guys who do not respect girls think sharing girlfriend’s nudes on social sites is normal. By doing this, they feel pleasure, which is how they humiliate their girlfriend.

Several other reasons and the ex/blackmailers’ mentality are involved in this illegal act of circulating nudes of the girlfriend. It includes that he may want attention or gain power over the other person. These cases are increasing because of the lack of education about the consequences. We can stop this illegal act of sharing nudes if we tackle it from the ground up. We can do this by spreading awareness to young people on the consequences of sharing nudes and educating them that no matter what happens, they should always respect their partners’ privacy. This kind of education needs to give to our young generation so that they know that they show responsible, define behavior online and not humiliate anyone’s privacy by circulating their nudes. The best way to decrease the issue of sharing nudes being circulated is by educating the young generation so that it can also reduce the harm caused.

How to Find the Source of Your Nude Picture Online?

It is easy to source the link to your nude picture online. You only need a copy of that picture on your mobile phone. After that, you can use Google to compare it with the uploaded data. When you use the reverse image, the Google algorithm scans all the internet data and shows similar results. This can help you locate whether your nudes are uploaded on the internet. You can follow these steps to use Google to find the source of your nude pictures.

  • Go to the Google search bar.
  • Choose the option of “camera icon” to search by image
  • Upload the image that you want to check
  • Start you search

After that, Google will show you every photo that matches your search

Sharing your intimate image with someone you know is not appreciated, but if you do so, it does not mean you are permitted to share and publish it online. There are chances that nonconsensual pornography is a form of violence that partners share because of taking revenge.

It is also possible that the nudes you saved into your device get hacked by the hacker because they always find out how to prey on victims to hack their images and data. They do it to demand money, and someone can also hire them to do so for them to take revenge.

When someone discovers that their images have been uploaded to the internet, it can seem like the world has ended for them. But the world does not end there because many ways can help you easily remove images from the internet.

When you find out that your nudes have been uploaded onto the internet, you first have to save a copy of the content by taking screenshots and save it to the hard drive, and if possible, print it. Having a copy of the content can help you to take legal action against the perpetrator, and you should have the evidence before the offender delete it; it can help you to get legal relief. If you have a conversation with the offender, you should also save that and take a screenshot to show them as evidence.

  • Report against the Post

You can also report the content to remove and delete the content from the internet. For example, the social media sites like Facebook and YouTube have restrictive policies and always take action when they find adult content on their platform.

Adult content violent their term and conditions, which is why when you report nude images, it will remove the content after reviewing it. The two platforms, Facebook and YouTube, are known as famous social sites that quickly remove inappropriate content.

  • Track the photo to search the source.

You cannot immediately know who has published your nudes. You must research to identify who has posted your nudes or videos as an anonymous poster. You can get help from an online defamation of character professional that can navigate the process and help you find the offender. But there are also some things that you have to do by yourself.

  • Reverse and search the photo

It is one of the easiest ways to search the source of your image by using Google reverse image search. Then, move to copy the image by right click. After drive to Google Images and press on search by image. Now paste the photo you’ve copied into the search bar. After the result will point from all the save sites that you have the picture.

If you find the image for once, you can click on the right of the image and select copy photo address to search the URL where the picture is hosted.

  • Search Who Hosts the Website Where the Picture Found

Search www.whoishostingthis.com or domaintools.com, then look up the domain hosting provider where the photo was found. Then enter the domain name where your nude photo is. And each site will give you information about the domain host. This will help you in following the correct defendant when access to the legal action to remove your nude photo.

You can get the legal steps to remove your intimate and private image. If you choose the civil legal claim, you have to focus on the following steps to help you remove your nonconsensual porn.

  • Criminal Claims

When you have any criminal claim, that depends on the situation and age group. If you are under 18, you have a child pornography case. It is a serious crime that needs serious actions. The actions and punishments against the crime are carried out according to every state lawsuit.

If an adult took the photo, then also a crime. And the case prosecuted by law enforcement and your district attorneys. The victim does not have to pay any charge to put the case. The law comity will assist you by paying proper attention to your case and help collect evidence to investigate the case.

Around 41 states of Columbia have laws against image abuse. All states punish by time with a considerable number of fines. But still, a lot of countries follow this law and punish revenge porn.

  • Civil Lawsuits

Civil lawsuits are implemented regarding the nonconsensual sharing of intimate images. This laws suits made under the civil claims include:

  1. Damage privacy with false shadow
  2. Infliction of someone’s emotions

It is important to note that you will be able to use the legal platform to remove your nude image and take action against them.

Removed From the Internet Without Litigation

If you are not aware of civil criminal lawsuits, you still have another way to remove your nude photo from online platforms without any legal help. Sometimes, the victim did not want to punish the offender and just tried to remove their content from the internet and websites. In this situation, the victim has to send a request to DMCA (digital millennium copyright act).

  • Send a DMCA request.

The DMCA helps to safeguard the interest of copyright owners by regulating the digital reproduction of copyright material. If you registered for a photo, you have copyright protection. For example, if you capture nude images of yourself, they will leak or be distributed by someone’s on digital platforms without your permission. You can use copyright law to take action against image abuse. And this is the way that helps you without accessing the law of your state.

How to Seek Help from Monitoring Tools?

When you are a victim of revenge porn or image abuse, you have to control yourself and choose the legal options and other methods that have mentioned earlier. If you do not approach the police and can’t take help from other sources. So, you must search for professional monitoring and tracking tools that help you find someone’s activities and protect yourself before you get into serious trouble.

First, you have to search for an excellent monitoring app, such as TheOneSpy app, that allows you to see someone’s activities without touching their phone. If you have installed the app on your boyfriend device, you can delete your photos and data from their device after the break-up without knowing them.

If you use this app, you will be safe from image abuse, and no one can share your picture to humiliate you.

How TheOneSpy Can Help You Remove Intimate Images Online?

We Can Help You Remove Intimate Images Online without knowing your ex-partner by installing TheOneSpy app.

You can protect yourself from revenge porn if you take precautions by staying one step ahead of the offender. You can take help from TheOneSpy to remove the intimate image online from his phone. You only have to install the app on your partner’s mobile phone, monitor their activities to know his true intentions about you, and watch if he is sharing it with their friends or on social sites. You can do this discreetly, and your targeted person will never know that their activities are getting monitored.

If you install TheOneSpy monitoring app, you can remove and delete your nudes from the social sites where your boyfriend uploads them from his mobile phone. Because when you install the app into the device, you can control and track their mobile phone and delete and remove any data from their phone and social accounts. These apps are the advanced layer of protection that can protect your privacy from getting humiliated.

Parents can also use it to monitor what their kids share and upload on the internet and restrict them from sharing their nudes. Start using TheOneSpy now so that you can protect yourself and your kids from any potential issue in the future.


Sharing nude without your consent is stressful. But we’ve mentioned the safety methods to help you escape this situation. So, follow this article and collect evidence, report against the case, and take help from the legal laws of the state, and finally install TheOneSpy, which helps you before you’re going into trouble.

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