Lives of Teens in Abusive Relationships

Lives of Teens in Abusive Relationships

1 in 3 teens ages 14 to 20 is in an unhealthy or abusive relationship these days in the United States. Teens in un-healthy or full of violent relationships have far-reaching consequences. An abusive boyfriend tries to control teens in every way. They try to grab teens like a commodity and express their ownership over them. A hundred thousand cases occur every year in which young teens become the victim of unhealthy and possessive relationships.

Young teens are more likely to experience violent, physical, sexual, abusive behaviors, verbal and controlling treatment in a relationship. Physical abuse, sexual violence, and physical threats are common these days in teen relationships. 

Teen’s Abusive Relationships Statistics That Parents Need To Know

According to the U.S Department of Education young school-going teens are more likely to become a victim of dating violence.  The extent of teen abusive relationships is on the rise, school and college going teens becomes the victim of a mentally obsessed boyfriend.

  • Nationwide, more than 12% of teens 9th to 12th graders are facing physical abuse and sexual assault from their boyfriends.
  • 1 out 6 teens become the victim of rape before the age of 18
  • 19% of teens are experiencing sexual abuse relationship before they enter the college from a fellow student
  • 43% of teens are facing violent and aggressive dating behavior from their partners, and 22% of teens have faced physical and sexual abuse in a relationship
  • 50% of the boyfriends of young teens treat their girlfriends as their commodity and impose their will on them forcefully

Teens dating violence in the United States has become an issue over the years and parents are helpless to protect teens from unhealthy relationships. Young teens got trapped one way or the other. Most teens don’t discuss with their parents that they are abusing them because teens have chosen them over their family.

Julius Dein Abusive Relationship Viral Video

Earlier this month, you may have seen Julius Dein’s viral video message. It clearly shows that how an abusive boyfriend treats her girlfriend in a public restaurant. “THE WAITRESS SAVED HER LIFE

Julius Dein shares Effects, Illusions, and scripted dramas, parodies, and short films for entertainment purposes. His videos create awareness among the general public about social issues. Julius is an English street magician and illusionist whose videos gone viral one after the other.

The video shows that a young girl with her boyfriend enters the restaurant, and then unbelievable things happened.

How awkward when a girl’s boyfriend starts threatening her verbally and physically at a public place. The girl looks uncomfortable and frightened.

The young girl feels trapped being in a relationship with a violent boyfriend. She has no way to get rid of it. She desperately wants to get out of it, and she got an opportunity.

She grabbed a napkin and trying to write messages on it secretly from his mentally abusive boyfriend. Her boyfriend is treating her so bad and grabbing her in their arms against her will.

Suddenly a waitress comes to them with food and she smartly gives her a napkin and a signal that she is in trouble. Finally waitress read the message and calls the police and she finally gets peace of mind.

7 Signs Parents Teach Teens That They Could Have An Abusive Relationship

Parents can guide teens before they have a romantic partner in their lives. It could help teens to stay away from a mentally possessed and abusive partner. Here are the top signs that you can teach your teens to prevent unhealthy relationships.

They Appear When You Least Expecting Them

It happens with insecure, possessive, and mentally abusive partners that they appear at places where you can expect the least. Parents should guide teens that they can breach your privacy all the time without taking your consent and start following you like a ghost.

They Express Their Love Very Soon

Parents need to aware of teens from such people that are loud mouth and expressing feelings quickly. Tell your teen they are potential liars and could trap you for sexual and abusive purposes. You can guide your teens to be careful of people that you don’t know well. Further, after a couple of interactions start showing interest in you.

They Pop Up at Your Place When You Need Space

Parents can talk with teens about their potential abusive relationships. You can guide your teens that if a person pop-ups at your place all the time and you should get rid of him. You can tell your teens that don’t be in a relationship with the person that doesn’t offer you space.

They Want To Know Your Schedule

You can tell your teens that you would have an abusive boyfriend if he wants to know your schedule. He will ask about your college time, playing time, breakfast, and lunch and dinner schedule. Further, he could affect your sleeping habits.

They Want To Be With You All The Time

Potentially crazy and abusive lovers want to be with you all the time. They don’t spare you for an hour and want to stick with you even when you want to spend your time with friends. He could ask you to allow him to be in your social circle but don’t wish to meet with your family at all.

They Bomb You With Texts & Calls

You can teach your teens about such kinds of boys that bomb you with text messages, social media feeds, stalk you all the time everywhere. They can make calls and send messages all the time and expect to respond to them all day long. They can ask you for a date and prepare your teen to get rid of date rape.

They Want To Get Control Of Your Every Activity

Possessive and insecure lovers are dangerous for teens. Parents should tell teens to stay away from such people. They will control your every activity and impose their decisions on you. Parents need to aware of teens from potentially harmful lovers and don’t get involved in violent relationships.

Signs that Your Teens are Suffering from Abusive Relationships

Teens who are involved in dangerous and violent love affairs are more likely to face far-reaching consequences that are followin:

  • Depression
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Drug abuse
  • Date rape
  • STD’s (sexually Transmitted diseases)

Young teens involved in possessive relationships are more likely to face verbal, nonverbal, and physical abuse from partners. Young teens can become the victim of stress, anxiety, alcoholism, and suicide.  That is why parents need to know to whom teens are spending time all the time.  Why teens so depressed?

How can Parents Protect Teens from Violent Relationships?

Teenagers don’t exactly what they should being in a bad relationship with someone. You have to encourage your teens with free communication. Most teens victims hide dating violence from parents and don’t ask for help because they feel embarrassment. They are afraid to take their parents into confidence. They are afraid of name calling from peers. Parents can encourage teens to be honest with them when it comes to a relationship.

How can Technology Help Out Parents to Protect Teens from Violent Boyfriend?

We know those cell phone devices, social media, and the internet surprisingly enabling teens to meet with new mates, friends, and lovers online. Parents can set parental control on teen’s cellphones, social media, and internet access secretly. Parental monitoring app on kid’s digital devices enables parents to secretly read their messages; chat, social media feeds, and lives incoming and outgoing calls.

Further, monitors when they got trapped in abusive relationships by tracking the live GPS location of teens. Parents can read every single conversation with the abusive partner without them knowing. Mobile phone tracker for parental control gives parents a cunning edge to monitor teen’s cell phone activities.


Teens are innocent and more likely to groom sexually at any point in time. Parents should protect teens to involve in immature or abusive relationships.  Internet, social media, and cellphones connected to cyberspace leading teens with anyone without their knowledge. Let’s monitor your teens online and track them in real–life to safeguard them from psychopaths that have nothing to do with feelings and emotions in a relationship. Bring a cell phone parental tracking app to get rid of your teens from potential predators.

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