Surround Your Loved Ones with TheOneSpy – Record & Listen to Surround Sounds of Android Phone

Want to hover over your child and partner, following them everywhere they go? Do you wish to gauge the real nature of their social relationships and the content of their conversations? Do you want to map their brains and find out about their true self that they only reveal when amongst their peers? Do you wish to take a sneak peek into your employees’ affairs and make sure they are doing their job well, especially when outside the premises of the office during work hours? Is it actually possible to be ubiquitous and be virtually present with your near and dear ones at all times? Does this idea seem far-fetched and too good to be true?

If the answer to all these questions is YES, then you are lucky to be born in an age where this dream can actually come true. The good news is that not only you can track their minute to minute locations and access their call and message logs but you can also listen to and record their live conversations any time you want.

TheOneSpy gives you the unique opportunity to directly activate the mic bug on the target phone, unlike other monitoring applications that require a secret message to be sent from the control panel to the target device for it to start recording surround sounds. Any delay in the receiving of the hidden message can prolong the relay time, sometimes nullifying the actual purpose behind the entire activity. TheOneSpy also provides you the flexibility to record varying audio clip lengths ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. Furthermore, you can not only listen to instant ambient sounds but also record and download them for future reference. Mouth dropping, isn’t it?

If you are wondering how to practice this magic for real, just sign in to your TheOneSpy account using the username and password provided in the welcome email that you receive soon after you have purchased the application. You will see a list of monitoring options in the control panel for your targeted Android phone. You can choose the Bugging option that has been newly flagged. In the drop-down table, you will further see two choices: Mic Bug and Live snaps. On choosing the Mic Bug you will be routed to another page from where you can choose the interval for the hearing of live surround sounds as well as choose when to start and finish. All audio clips are automatically recorded and displayed in your bugging history, stamped with the time, date and duration as well as the size of the audio file. Further, you are also given the option to download and save the file on your system. This makes it convenient to access it, even when offline.

So, whether you are an employer running a background check on your employees or a worried parent wanting to know about the social circle of your child or an anxious spouse wanting to assess the honesty level in your relationship, this feature will work miraculously for you. Android Monitoring Software will unveil even the minutest details and bring out the real facts to light. Say farewell to cheating and deception. Be all ears and stay informed!

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