TheOneSpy VS mSpy: Who is the Ultimate Winner?

theonespy vs mspy

We are going to do a comprehensive comparative review of the two rightfully considered to be one of the most well –known spying apps like TheOneSpy VS mSpy. It is high –wire acts these days to find out the best spy app to monitor cellphones, PCs, tablets, iPhones, iPad, and computer devices. Though you can find plenty of apps to spy on digital devices, you have to be careful while getting your hands on the top guns of the spy business. People want to set parental control on kids, want to keep an eye on employees and to know about the activities of their loved ones on cellphones.

Therefore, desperation is always there, and being in hurry to get the job done they used to subscribe to non-trustworthy and counterfeits spy applications and loss their time and money. So, keep you inform all the time while purchasing remote monitoring applications.

You don’t need to be a member of an espionage ring, but to have the best in the business. There are following things are going to be considered to determine who is the ultimate winner.

  • Compatibility
  • Pricing
  • Products
  • Features
  • Installation

TheOneSpy & mSpy in a Nutshell

The main difference between “TheOneSpy” and “MSpy” lies in monitoring target phones in real-time and remains hidden. Moreover, it can spy on cell phones and remains hidden and undetectable and hide app icons on the target phone. TheOneSpy and Mspy have a difference in spying features, are easy to use, take less time to install, and provide a user-friendly dashboard. However, Mspy has limited features option compared to TheOneSpy. Mspy is more likely to get detected on the latest android phones and offers dozens of features to spy on an entire cell phone.

Let’s discuss briefly the two top guns of spying apps for cellphones and computer devices.

TheOneSpy Spy App: No 1 Cell Phone & Computer Spying Software

TheOneSpy app that can easily meet and exceeds the expectations of parents, employers, and loved ones to monitor kid’s employees and people you care about TheOneSpy I reckon the best one in the business. The app offers an extensive set of features, that is why it continuously stands out from the crowd. It offers social media monitoring, call recording, VoIP call recording, keystrokes logger, GPS location, surround monitoring, email spy, text messages spy, and many more. The application has more than 250+ features.

Every feature provides you accurate results with a great piece of efficiency. You can easily install the application on your target device. It is user –friendly, and for installation, you need to have physical access on the target device and consent. It does not support remote installation, because no one has yet discovered to install spy software remotely without having physical access on the target device. It is pack with a variety of products for phones, PCs, and computer devices. You have to subscribe to each product and then complete the setup and use the features to upload the information to the dashboard.

MSpy: Best Spy App for Phones

It is one of the best mobile phone spying software. You can install it on your teen’s cellphone devices to make sure their safety. Furthermore, it empowers you to monitor employee’s digital phones provided by the company in working hours.

It does offer a variety of features to monitor phone calls, messages, GPS location, social media logs, contact information, and features like email monitoring.  Apart from its powerful features, the application installation process is a little bit complex for the new users.

Like TheOneSpy, it also requires physical access on the target device to complete setup on the target device. mSpy over the years had a great impact on its target audience, but since it was unable to protect the data of its users, it starts declining.

Now the company has done well to make it foolproof and yet again it has made its place among the top guns of the spy apps business. It also offers plenty of products for phones running with different.

Supported OS (Operating Systems): TheOneSpy VS MSpy Monitoring & Tracking Software

It is the most important factor while you are comparing the two best monitoring software in the business. You cannot subscribe to an application without knowing the compatibility.

TheOneSpy (Software for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac)

Android OS – TheOneSpy application support all kinds of cellphone and tablet devices running android version 10 and above.

iOS –OS is compatible with the iOS cellphone devices and ipads from IOS 11 up to iOS 13.5. devices. Furthermore, it has both jailbreak and non –jailbreak solutions.

Windows –OS it is also compatible with all kinds of laptop and desktop devices PCs running with windows operating systems.

Mac –OS it is compatible with computer laptop and desktop devices running with MAC operating systems up to the latest versions.

MSpy (Software for Android and iPhone)

Android –OS it is compatible with mobile phones that support the Android operating system up to the latest version.

iOS –OS. Mspy is compatible with iOS phones and iPods running with the latest OS versions.

Computers It is not offering products for windows and MAC laptop and desktop devices.

The Bottom Line:

TheOneSpy is a far more superior product compared to mSpy. In addition to that, it has several products for phones, tablets, Windows, and MAC computer devices running with Android, iOS, Windows, and MAC operating systems. The final verdict is TheOneSpy has a long list of compatibility compare to Mspy.

Pricing Comparison Between TheOneSpy & MSpy Software Products

Pricing for TheOneSpy – Android Spy App

It offers two subscription plans for android spy software. You can purchase xLite Edition and Premium editions. TOS monthly subscriptions X Lite Edition for the month are $25, quarterly in $6, and the yearly subscription is $6.25. You can subscribe to TheOneSpy premium edition for the month in $39.99, quarterly in $25, and yearly in $8.33.

Pricing for TheOneSpy – MAC Laptop/Desktops Monitoring Software

It offers mac monitoring app for laptops and desktops premier package just in $40 per month, $60 for 3 months, and $ 80 for 6 months. It also offers plenty of discounts from time to time.

Pricing for TheOneSpy – Windows Computer Spy App (Desktop/Laptop)

TOS is offering windows premier package for 1 Months package in $40, 3 Months package in$60, and for 6 Months Package is in $80. However, users can get the yearly package at $110.

Pricing for MSpy – Android Spying App

It is offering two types of subscription plans for the spy app for android that is basic that you can purchase in $29.99 per month. Furthermore, users can subscribe for a 1-month premium plan in $69.99 per month, 3 months premium plan in $39.99, and 12 months premium in 16.66 per month.

Pricing for MSpy – iPhone iOS Monitoring Software

It offers two kinds of subscription plans one is basic and the other one is premium for iPhone spying software. Users can subscribe for 1 month basic in $29.99 per month, one month premium in $69.99, 3 months premium is $39.99, and 12 months premium $16.66 per month.

The Bottom Line:

TheOneSpy is cheaper but effective application compare to Mspy because it (TOS) has more products; more set of the feature of its every product and you can subscribe it within a reasonable price. However, Mspy has a limited set of features, products, and high ranger of price. Therefore, TheOneSpy is the ultimate winner.

Products Comparison: TheOneSpy VS MSpy

TheOneSpy Software Products

TheOneSpy is pack with plenty of spy apps for android, iOS, windows and computer devices. There are following products of TOS.

  • TheOneSpy android spy app
  • TheOneSpy iPhone spying app (non-jailbreak solution)
  • Windows Monitoring software
  • MAC tracking software

MSpy Software Products

  • Cellphone spy software for android
  • IPhone without jailbreak
  • Familykit

The Bottom Line:

TheOneSpy has four different products that support 4 different operating systems. However, Mspy has got two products only with a limited set of features. The final verdict is TheOneSpy, which is an ultimate winner.

Top 10 Traditional Set of Features of TheOneSpy & Mspy

TheOneSpy Top 10 Best Spying Features

Live screen recording: Record short videos of the android screen back to back and send it to the online web portal.

Call recording: Record and listen to the live phone calls no matter incoming or outgoing on the target phone.

Spy360 live camera streaming: Remotely connect target phone cameras with a dashboard for live camera streaming.

Spy360 live surround listening: Remotely connect android phone microphone with online dashboard listen to surrounds in real-time.

Surround recording: Remotely bug android phone cameras, MIC to record and listen to the surrounds and capture images and record videos.

Geo-Fencing: Remotely create a circumference around the target device virtually on the map and make safe and restricted places for target cellphone users.

Keystrokes logger: You can remotely capture the applied password, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes.

Social media messenger spy: Remotely get the logs of instant messaging apps active on the target cellphone

Browsing history: You can remotely monitor the target device browsers visited websites & bookmarking.

Remote spy: Users can remotely block messages, incoming calls on android, and internet access.

Top 5 Exclusive Features of TheOneSpy for Android Spy App:

  • VoIP call recording tools to record social media apps calls
  • Get back all the deleted messages of WhatsApp without root
  • Spy on social media apps on un-rooted android devices
  • Browse logs via free Mobile Viewer app
  • Remote uninstall app & support OS version 10 of android

TheOneSpy MAC PC Monitoring Software Features

Computer tracking software is offering plenty of features to track laptop and desktop computing devices. Users can use the features to get the job done. You can block websites, monitor keystrokes, and record live screen activities of mac devices. Furthermore, users can remotely control cameras, and MIC by using Windows camera bug and Windows Mic bug features.  Start and pause the functionality of the features. You can use sync settings using an online web portal.

TheOneSpy Windows Computer Monitoring App Features

Windows monitoring app is the best application of TheOneSpy that enables users to monitor laptop and desktop PCs running with the Windows OS. Users can use its features likewise websites blocking, email tracking, screenshots –on demand, view installed applications, surround recording, windows location tracking, and browsing history. Furthermore, users can use software time usage, activity logs, and many more.

IPhone Spying Software Features (non-Jailbreak solution)

Messages: You can monitor iPhone messages and get to know about chats.

Call logs: You can remotely get access to iPhone call logs with a time stamp.

Safari browser history: spy on installed iPhone Safari browser and keep an eye on browsing activities.

Geo-location: You can virtually see the Geo-location of the iPhone device on the MAP.

Device information: It provides you about the complete info of the target device

Photos: Users can remotely spy on iPhone photos and images sharing.

Top 10 Traditional Features of Mspy Software

MSpy Software Features for Mobile Phones

Manage calls: You can record live calls, spy, on contacts and restrict incoming calls on the cellphone

Track text messages: You can read sent and received text messages on a mobile phone.

Read Messaging apps: You can monitor instant messaging apps active on android and other devices.

Track location: Users can monitor GPS locations, and create a fence virtually around the target device.

Control Apps: Remotely control applications and programs installed on the target cellphone device.

View Multimedia: You can monitor multimedia sharing on the target phone using Mspy.

Monitor activities on the Internet: Users can spy on internet histories such as websites visited and others.

Read emails: You can spy on sent and received emails with a cellphone spy app for android.

Browsing history: Users can track the Wi-Fi networks, get keyword alerts, and block websites.

Exclusive Features of Mspy Software

Note: Its familykit provides multiple features that you can use on three kids at the same time. You can check on children’s devices simultaneously. Other than the familykit and traditional features for a cellphone I cannot think any better product or exclusive features Mspy is offering at the moment. However, traditional features for the cellphone of android are doing well.

MSpy iPhone Spying Software Features (Non –Jailbreak solution)

You can monitor logs of instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, call logs, text messages, and use of the internet, installed applications, and contacts. It is compatible with IOS 7 up to the latest. Further, users can use features like browser history, Events, Notes, and installed applications.

The Bottom Line:

TheOneSpy is pack with more than 250+ features.  It has 4 different products that support 4 different OS. It has dozens of traditional, non-traditional, and exclusive features.  On the other side, Mspy is doing quite well with its limited features of limited products, but compare to TheOneSpy’s quantity and quality Mspy cannot compete. TOS is without a shadow of the doubt an ultimate winner.

Installation Process Comparison Between TheOneSpy & MSpy Software

How to Install TheOneSpy Software on Target Device?

You don’t need to perform hectic and time taking steps to install TOS on the target device. You can get the subscription after visiting the web page. Get a subscription for android, iOS, Mac, and windows and get credentials via email. No get physical access on target cellphone, tablet, PC, and computer device and end up with the installation process successfully and get access to web portal using credentials. Now you can use the features of your desired subscribed product and get information to your web portal.

  • Chose the subscription plan
  • Download and install in just 30 seconds
  • Get a welcome email alongside guidelines
  • Use TheOneSpy products for following

TheOneSpy Monitoring Software is for What?

  • Employee Monitoring
  • Protect loved ones
  • Individual activities
  • Parental controls
  • Where your kids were with location
  • See your kids are typing on phones
  • What sort of websites they used to browse?
  • Get to know whom they used to communicate
  • What types of applications they are using?

Note: TheOneSpy does support illicit and intrusive activities using it, and you to have consent of the target device user’s written form that you are bound to submit to us.

How to Install MSpy Monitoring & Tracking Software?

You can install Mspy within three steps only. You need to go through the website and get access to the subscription page. Now you can subscribe to your desired plan and further get started with the installation process after having the subscription plans. Furthermore, you can log in to your online control panel to use its features and start viewing data.

  • Get the subscription plans
  • Get started with Mspy installation
  • Log in to your control panel

The Bottom Line:

Though TheOneSpy takes more steps to install it on the target device compared to Mspy. However, TOS has a user –friendly and easy to install on the target device. However, Mspy has a complex process of installation no matter if it has mentioned only 3 steps to get started with.


TheOneSpy is an ultimate winner because of its cheap range of prices, more number of products and dozens of set of features and easy installation than Mspy. It is an undisputed winner because of its quality and quantity that has made it the best of the best of the spy business these days.

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