How to Track App Usage and What is Its Significance

The use of digital devices has come to new heights in recent times. Smartphones and computers/laptops are the widely used gadgets that are in use around the globe for accomplishing all sorts of activities, ranging from household to businesses and beyond.

With the same pattern evolving, the monitoring of activities over these devices has become a part and parcel due to implications posed by these gadgets.

The most common monitoring application is among parent-child and employer-employee relationships, in which the end-users look to find out significant and incisive dynamics of the communication for the greater good of the target user.

The most vital indicator of the activities of the target user is the app usage over the target device. The app usage is further narrowed down into battery, screen time, and data usage over a certain number of apps, which exhibits a true reflection of all the whereabouts of the target user.

The said aspect has an astonishing significance for the parents who look to monitor their kids for protecting them from all the evils, and for employers who remain in search of finding a way out to monitoring their employee activities, for getting a productive impulse out of them.

Significance of Tracking App Usage for Android and Windows

The concerning entities i.e. parents and employer most frequently look out to finding the ways to track app usage statistics over their kids’ and employees’ android phones and computers.

This is due to fact that more than 86% of the smartphones that exist over the planet are android phones, while a major proportion of computers around the globe have windows operating systems.

So, as a matter of fact, if the employers and parents succeed to find effective app usage tracker for monitoring their respective users, it will be a remarkable contribution towards achieving their objectives.

Vital Impulses of Tracking App Usage

The respective application usage over intended phone can be logged through tracking battery usage, data usage, and by logging screen time period over certain apps. Let’s have a comprehensive look.

Tracking Battery Usage

tracking battery usage

The battery usage reflects the true pattern of activities of the target user over the digital device. It reflects what applications remain in use frequently. For android devices, the battery usage can be logged by following the mentioned sequence of steps.

Open Setting tabs >> Tap Battery usage >> There you will find all the battery usage statistics distributed over all the applications

Tracking data usage

tracking data usage

For android devices, data usage is one the most decisive indicators of what target user is up to in the given dynamics, you can find out the data usage statistics though the following

Open Settings tab >> Open Data Usage and Networks >> There you will find all the data usage statistics distributed over all the applications

Tracking screen time

tracking screen time

The screen time actually reflects what proportion of time has been spent while using the specific applications, thus enabling the parents and employers getting true insights into all the whereabouts of their targets and their activities, whether they aligned with the prescribed code of ethics or not.

For getting screen time stats for android devices

Go to Settings tab >> Tab Screen time >> You will find stats about screen time usage over different applications

Top Five App Usage Tracking Services That Serve Best

1. Track App Usage with TheOneSpy for Android Devices (Rooted / No Root)

This is the ultimate offering that can address all the needs of parents and employers in tracking the app usage of their target users. The app has a decisive impact on ensuring the kids’ safety from cyberbullying, harassment, and the productivity of businesses.

The app has a Screen Time tab over the dashboard that exhibit stats of screen time usage over different applications with the respective percentage of time spent. The app provides video recordings of screen time activities as per end-users’ choice.

The same way, battery and data usage over certain apps is reflected in the App Logs and App Reports tab over the dashboard.

2. TheOneSpy for Window PC - App Usage Tracker for Windows

The windows app tracking facility of TheOneSpy is above and beyond in all aspects in the marketplace, and truly out of the box.

The dashboard of TheOneSpy app has App Logs and App Reports tab that exhibit the screen time spent while using the different applications. The list, in the tab, reflects the app usage in descending order of usage percentage.

3. YourHour - App Usage Tracker for Android

YourHour android app usage tracker furnishes the end-users getting a true reflection of activities that are taken up over the smartphone.

The app has screen time and battery usage tracking facility, which can be explored form the web portal of the app.

4. StayFree - App Usage Tracker for Android

StayFree is another fine service providing a bit of the needed functionality. It has data usage and battery usage tracking feature which provides the proportion of time spent while using different applications.

5. Screen Time - App Screen Time Usage Tracker for Android

The app allows the end-users to know what their target user has been doing over a certain proportion of time. It reflects screen time and data usage over the web portal.

Significance of App Tracking Services / Software

The services have state of the art significance for the parents and employers. By going through the app usage over android and windows, the end-user can find out the true spirit of activities of their targets, and if they find any suspicious app that can pose harm to the kids or businesses, like ones that can pave the way for cyber threats, can be blocked for usage straight away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Well, there are a few solutions that claim to provide the said service free of cost, but they are to no use at all, and do not provide the service as they mention.

Yes, the mentioned services are legal and can be used all around the globe without any hassle.

TheOneSpy windows and mobile tracker for android app usage momnitoring are the best for sure. They provide the state-of-the-art app usage tracking features that are designed keeping in mind the end-user’s convenience.


The ways to track app usage and its significance is discussed in the article. The furnished service log screen time, battery usage, and data usage over the android and windows operating systems, as per their compatibility with the said devices.

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