Get Activity Logs of Your Targeted Windows Personal Computer

Now visualize all the key performances, get all the consolidate data and information of all probable activities on TheOneSPY activity logs

Monitor your laptop/computer window device and get all the information of activities occurs on your target window device with the accurate time statistics through your dashboard. User will enable to get the information about following mention things.

  • All websites
  • Installed applications
  • Recent screen shots
  • Keystrokes
  • Date range
  • Quick stats
  • Top users

How PC Monitoring Dashboard Works:

The very first thing you need to do is to install the computer monitoring application on your target window device. After the completion of the installation process, you need to login on the TheOneSpy control panel. Then you will be able to have an overview of all the websites, installed applications, recent screenshots, date range, quick states and top users. You just need to make a click on each category of activity and get detailed information.

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Benefits for parents

Parent can get a quick overview of activities performed by kids and teens on windows laptop desktop PC machines. They can visit TheOneSpy dashboard and enable to view all the things which their kids and teens have done on their window devices. This does not end yet; computer monitoring app also allows parents to put restrictions according to their needs.

Benefits for Individuals

A TOS activity log for windows is one of the best tools for computer labs. As we all know that computer labs are full of windows laptop and desktop devices. On the other hand, lab assistant often order by the lecturers don’t allow to keep an eye on the students activities and it seems very tough to do that. Now educational institutes can easily get to know about the certain activities of students without standing on their heads and evaluate their performance using dashboard app using tools like recent screenshots, users, and keystrokes, used and installed applications and others alike.

Benefits for Employers

Windows laptop and desktop devices owned by the business owners often get under the use of employees.  All the devices owned by the company are supposed to use for productivity but on the other hand, employees do plenty of activities that are against the policy of the company. Therefore, Employers can use windows spy software to know what employees are doing and its dashboard tool will tell you the whole summary of the activities and further let you know either employees wasting time, doing fishy activities, and using devices privately.

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