Types of Spy Apps For iPhone , Android & PCs You Need to Know

6 types of spy apps you need to know

Spy apps give you insight into targeting Android, iPhones, computers, PCs, and tablets. People who use these applications to spy on someone gather information to know everything is happening on digital devices. Spy software is for tracking kids and lets users keep an eye on employees. From monitoring to tracking, surveillance tools provide various features and functions. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore the six types of spy software that you need to know about before use.

What are Spy Apps Capable of & How Do They Work?

A spy app has a steely touch and innovative spying features to monitor mobile phones. You can use them for many activities like reading text messages, listening to live phone calls, recording the surroundings, and collecting desired information from the phone. They are beneficial for tracking GPS location, messaging apps, browsing history, and taking over the microphone of a cellphone using Mic Bug.

Plenty of internet apps are known as spy applications, but every application has its own performance. By researching and testing top cell phone spy apps, we must differentiate them into multiple types based on their ability to detect spyware.

You need to download them on the target cell phone device and activate them to access the online dashboard. Further, you can operate the web control panel of spy applications to function the desired features and get results.

Types of Spy Apps for iPhones Android & PCs

You may have come across dozens of spy solutions for iPhones, Android & PCs to monitor and track your target device, but you should know about the types of spy apps before you decide to use them. Here are the top six types of spying apps you need to know.

Type Spy Apps No.1: Parental Control Apps

best parental control apps

Parental control is one of the best types of spy apps for iPhones, Android & PCs these days, and these have gained an immense piece of fame worldwide. Parental monitoring applications enable users to set a limit to use the apps, block applications, block websites, incoming calls, and access to the internet on kids’ cellphones. Parental tracking software serves the digital well-being of the children and protects them from undesired and unwelcome URLs, websites, and inappropriate content. Mobile tracker for parental control helps parents to protect themselves from online vulnerabilities.

Best Parental Control Apps for iPhone, Android & PCs:

We have tested the number of surveillance apps and conclude the few that provide the best parental control solutions for kid’s safety online. Here are the three applications following the analysis we did about the parental tracking apps for kid’s digital well-being. Spy apps that support Android, and iPhone, PCs operating systems for parental controls are following.

These are the top best parental spy apps for iPhones, Android and PCs that parents need to know. Though many free parental control apps were there on the web, they lacked with desired features. You can install it on your cell phone devices and keep an eye on your kid’s online activities to protect them to the fullest.

Type No.2: Employee Monitoring Apps

employee monitoring appp

Employees monitoring applications are the best types of spying apps that work as spyware on business devices and provide you productive results about workforce activities. These are the applications that are compatible with android, iPhones, Windows, and MAC devices. Employee surveillance products have multiple products that support many operating systems.  It helps bosses monitor browsing history, email, phone calls, live screen, surround, and users can block websites, capture keystrokes, and listen to surroundings.

Best Employees Tracking Software:

Here are the top spy apps for business monitoring that enable users to monitor and track business devices like PCs, phones, and computer devices. We once again mention one of the biggest brands of the spy industry (TheOneSpy & FlexiSpy) that offer services for employee monitoring.

Note: The apps have mentioned in their privacy policy that you cannot breach someone’s privacy without consent unless the target device belongs to you. In many states of the world, employee monitoring has become a norm, and you can use hidden and undetectable spy solutions to monitor your employee’s productivity and for business safety.

Type No.3: Phone Location Tracker Apps

A phone tracker is a GPS location tracker and one of the best spy apps to track a target device’s location. It helps people trace friends, family, and your workforce during working hours. Users will get instant notifications when their loved ones, family members, and employee are nearby. These applications use location tracking and GPS in the combine. Spyware for location tracking navigates the location, location history, and route maps using Google Maps. The phone trackers that we have tested are very well-known and provide services on the commercial level. Accessible phone location trackers are not worth using because you would not get the desired features and accuracy.

Best Phone tracker Apps for Cell Phone Devices

Here are the top three applications that we have tested. You need to know that these are the best after TheOneSpy software is also best for location tracking.

  • FlexiSpy 
  • Hoverwatch
  • UMobix 

These apps are easy to install on your cell phone devices and empower you to track the target cell phone location within no time. Our of three spy applications, FlexiSpy is the most expensive but effective location tracker software.

Type No. 4: Android Spy Apps

Android tracker is one of the best types of spy software available. The Android operating system is the largest industry of cell phone devices. Therefore, spy apps for android are popular among everyone like parents, employers, and individuals. Do you want to get the best hidden, non-rooted, and undetectable android spyware? Using well-tested android spy solutions, you can get it and monitor text messages, chats, emails, IM messages, and VoIP calls on android phones. Free hidden android spy apps were also there on the web, but we have concluded that they only have a traditional set of features.

Best Spy Apps for Android

Following are the top 4 best spyware for Android after OgyMogy monitoring software because it also works as the hidden-phone spy software and supports android devices and packs with the most advanced features.

  • TheOneSpy 
  • OgyMogy 
  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy

These applications have proved that they are the best android spy solutions and with user-friendly interface. You can download and install them on your target device and monitor your android phone to the fullest. People can use them to keep an eye on someone’s android device without being detected.

Type No.5: iPhone Spy Apps

iphone spy app

iPhone spyware is rare, but every second brand portrays that they have the best iPhone spy products in the business. iPhone spy app is one of the major types of spy solutions for iOS devices.  iPhone monitoring works on jailbreak and non-jailbreak iOS devices. They monitor contacts, SMS, WhatsApp, appointments, calendars, and many more. We have tested dozens of apps, and one name comes after the other, and that was FlexiSpy. So, we conclude that FlexiSpy is part of our top 3 iPhone spy apps list. We do not include free iPhone spying apps because they are time-wasting. We only conclude about those that work on the commercial level.

Best Spy Apps for iPhones:

Here are the following spyware brands that offer iPhone spy, but you may have to jailbreak the target device before you spy on the realm of the target iPhone. However, non-jailbreak iPhone solutions are also including.

These are the best spy apps for iPhone in the business these days. TheOneSpy and FlexiSpy are the kinds of brands that for multiple purposes spyware works as parental controls, location trackers, and android spyware and as iPhone spy solutions.

Types No.6: Loud Mouth Free Spy Apps

free spyware that does scams

Free spy applications are the most time-wasting and waste of money types of spy solutions. Word free is the most lethal weapon to fascinate people to attract the target market. Once the buyer approach, they get nothing more than a couple of features that are also available in modern devices as built-in features.

Here are the ways in the following that free spy products use the terms to fool the general public that is interested in kids and employee monitoring.

Free Parental Control Apps:

Free parental monitoring applications claim to provide parental solutions are wasting your time and energy. There is no need to mention the name of these spy solutions because you can judge them when they market themselves with the word “Free”.

Free Phone Location Trackers:

Location trackers for free cannot provide you the current, accurate, and virtual location of the target device. So, avoid free apps that claim to track the location of the target phone.

Free Android Spy Apps:

Similarly, free spy apps for android un-able users spy on cell phones sneakily, and these apps got detected at no one time, and you can feel embarrassed while spying on your kids for their online safety.

Free iPhone Spy App:

Free iPhone monitoring solutions are available on the web but don’t opt for them because they can harm your device.

Note: Free spy apps whether for parental controls, employee monitoring, android spying, and for spying on iphone are not worthy. Noting is free, free spying apps are using you as products, and they can steel data from your device.

The Bottom Line:

Applications in terms of Spyware, spy software, parental controls, and others are the same, but the type of usage of these apps depends on the users, not the manufactures. You can use the top spy apps for Android we have discussed. You can set parental control on kids and look after your business workforce on phones, PCs, and tablets. However, TheOneSpy only offers its services for ethical spying purposes mentioned in our privacy policy with bold fonts. We don’t provide our services with closed eyes, and we demand the purpose alongside the credentials and identity.

While using spy apps, a few risks are associated, like privacy violations, cyber threats, and legal consequences.
The legality depends on users’ state rules and laws. However, users should have vital consent, such as protection against kids and employee monitoring, to secure their intellectual property.
While considering spy apps, you should remember your requirements, needs, app advanced features, reliability, and authentication. Free spy apps raise some security and privacy risks and limited features and fail to provide authentic and accurate time monitoring results. So, choosing paid to get peace of mind will be a waste of time.
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