Living in Live Time or Hypersexualized Online Environment

living in live time or hypersexualized online environment

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The people that used living in the live Time especially young kids and teens start assuming that they are smart, beautiful and special. Instead of thinking like that, they really want to be and appreciated by the people online connected with them via the digital world. I mean, the online world has made everyone to seem special, treat special and greet special especially to whom they are connected. However, when it comes to social media even a single letter takes you to plenty of things. You may think what I am talking about? Just use your cell phone and then use social messaging apps like Instagram, Facebook and others alike search for #instagrambabies.

Then the search will come up with numerous photos and videos of babies from all walks of life. Moreover, search for #instgrambabes and you will get your eyes on the unbelievable hyper-sexualized online environment. You just have skipped a letter “I” and you have found pictures from brimming toothy smiles to backsides and bikinis. So, we can say we are living in live time and in hyper sexualized online environment.

Teens Exploits to Hyper sexualized Content Online:

The world of instant access and in terms of dating apps for teens in particular over the years have made even young teens and tweens to share online asked by someone online using cell phones connected to the internet. Moreover, a young teenager boy or girls by mistake turned to exploit online to porn due to a single mistake he/she does on the Google search or using social media apps. It means young teens or tweens can share and receive nude photo or post in order to create an online image that can garner “Likes” and followers.

Photos on social media that really got attention no matter what your age is 19 -13 are often provocative, semi –nude or Cleavage bearing, “said Nancy Jo Sales an American Author “American Girls: Social Media & secret lives of American teens”

The threshold has been crossed the line where young kids and teens don’t have the power to choose this type of culture or not? However, over the years young kids and teens are being raised in a culture where that is hypersexual, said, Dr. Jennifer Powel –Lunder, a clinical psychologist by profession specialized in social media’s impact on teens and tweens.

Moreover, according to a survey of teens between the ages 12 -19 from New Jersey, and it was all about how social media is impacting on teens lives. Survey says almost 20% of young teens have shared nude, partially nude, photos and videos to someone online.

National Send of Nude: An Alarming Day of Teen’s Live

Sharing! Revealing! Nude this is what Social Media has done: impact on teens obviously would be very dangerous and disappointed. There are plenty of girls out there that says it is very difficult to trust someone to share things that never meant to be shared, you can make conversations about the things that were never meant to say to anyone, and even that things spread around within no time that is very alarming and dangerous things to happen and sharing nude or self obscenity is one of them.

that not right.

No? Well believe it or not. That’s reality.

The hyper-sexualized craze is on fire when the celebrities all over the world have shared their nudes on social media that ultimately spark the young minds that just have started a trend and celebrate a day “National Send of Nude”. There are world’s well renowned celebrities that are famous for sending nudes and have broken the records online and also got presented “Webby Break the Internet Award” and have got success for her unmatched success online. Therefore, today young kids and teens are using social media apps making their lives unsocial with the use of social media.

Sharing nudes by the celebrities on social media has impact on the teens in terms of how they are in pressure to present themselves online, how to get likes, and followers and get friends on digital world

It’s not only due to the sharing of celebrities nudes on social media. Today, young kids and teens abused by porn online and even these days’ teens’ iPhones have become iporn and young minds are getting involved in slut-shaming. Obviously, when teens are searching, sharing and receiving nudes on the cell phones, it means porn is in their pocket and today it is been used as a term as pocket porn.

Social Media is Teen’s Greatest Sexual Fantasy

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Community Health Nursing focused on “14 young adult females” and “their perceptions of risky social media behaviors.” In the study, 71 percent of the women “reported that they, or someone they knew, had engaged in a risky social media behavior within the past year.”

According to a study that is been published in the Journal of Community Health Nursing focused on 14 teens, they were involved in risky social behavior. The study further says, teens these days are using cell phones and instant messaging apps and 71% of teens are harboring sexual fantasies on social media using mobile phones devices willingly.

How Parents Can Deal with Teen’s Hyper-sexualized Online World?

Modern age devices in terms of smartphones and internet connection empower teens to live in live Time and teens are being trapped in a hyper-sexualized world no time ever before. It does not matter these days teen want to spend time in such an environment because sexually explicit content has gone viral worldwide over the web where a single mistake of the teen can turn teens to get exploit online. However, social media apps and websites are slowly targeting teen’s sexuality via nude trends online.

Therefore, parents need to aware of the stuff once a thing been
shared online it would be impossible to remove it online. However, parents should get their hands on the piece of technology that empowers them to track teen social media activities in real –time in order to prevent their interaction with the nudes online.

You can use a live screen recorder for Android to perform live screen recording activities in real time. Parents can use it to make short videos of the screen back to back and then get to know what teens have shared online and to whom. Moreover, you can get the logs of social media apps logs in terms of text messages, conversations, shared media in terms of photos and videos and other using social media monitoring app.

Monitor Teens live time activities sharing multimedia in particular in order to protect teens from hyper –sexualized environment before it gets too late with use of cell phone monitoring software

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