Is The Cell Phone a Factor Behind Teens Struggling with Masturbation?

is the cell phone a factor behind teens struggling with masturbation

Young kids and teens these days are struggling with the X-rated content because they are living in a hyper-sexualized world. Therefore, being parents it would be the definitive concern and you really want to know behind the major reasons why your teens are struggling with the masturbation. The addiction of self –pleasure among teens is on the rise and it could be very harmful to their mental growth and they would become sex–addicts at the end of the day. However, it would be an embarrassing situation for parents to talk about it with the children.

Though the act of masturbation is a normal part of sexuality because it’s common among teens to explore their sexual identity. However, when a teenager takes self pleasure as a norm in their life then it could be dangerous for their mental health and growth. Excessive masturbation leads teens towards blindness, or it may make a teen impotent later in their life.

However, it is a false statement because it simply expresses the teen’s sexual energy.  On the other hand, since the mobile phones connected to the internet comes in modern youth’s life you can say digital devices are the biggest factor behind teens struggling with the masturbation through adult content online.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics

Most of the parents may or may not know that their teen is involved in self-pleasure activities by using cell phones and get access to the inappropriate content. Obviously, access to the x-rated content creates a sexual urge in teens to masturbate excessively. Teens these days masturbate a lot, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics, the activity of masturbation is normal but masturbation through pocket porn makes your teen a sex addict.

The activity of self pleasure for the sake of sexual exploration is a normal but to be sex addict through cell phone and internet could make your child sexual predator, become the victim of embarrassment online and in real –life and health issues.

Most of the parents got disturbed when they realize teens spend time alone, behind the doors, during long showers, use cell phone devices at bedtime at night. So, parents become worried whether teens could hurt his/her genitalia. Generally, seeking self-pleasure in teens is a normal kind of activity, but at the same time when things got nasty parents should prep-up to heal teen’s sexual addiction.

How Teen develop habit of masturbation excessively: Stats

As we all know that adult content online has become a mainstream source of entertainment and today teen’s iPhone has become iPorn. So, what parents else parents are expecting from their teens is not to be a sexual –addict. Obviously, when children got their first cell phone device at the average of age of 8 and they have internet access then willingly or unwillingly kids would be directed to the inappropriate content online and got sexually exploited to be a jerk. Let’s discuss the stats in the following.

Adult Content Stats:

  • The adult websites are prone to get more traffic compare to the Netflix, Amazon and many other social media platforms
  • Almost 35% of the x –rated content in terms of videos downloaded online and teens are second to none to that
  • Teens are exploited to the porn videos on their cell phones via ads, pop –ups, and links via email
  • “Child Porn” is one of the leading online businesses these days in terms of videos
  • Stats says adult cinematography is estimated 97$ billion industry and 12$ billion are only coming from U.S only
  • Even the social messaging apps such as Snapchat has come up with the “Cosmo after Dark” that is accessible for teens using their mobile phones
  • 51% of boys used to see adult or x –rated content on their mobile phone devices
  • 79% of the pornography activities happen at home among teens using digital devices, University of New Hampshire study says
  • 1 out 5 kids and teens have got sexual approach using internet since last year according to the interviews of kids and teens between the age of 10 -17, according to the Crimes Against Children Research Center.
  • 1 out of 4 kids have unwanted exposure of naked photos, videos and people having sex and all it happens through cell phone devices, internet and use of social media

Self –pleasure activities among teens get started through the exposure of inappropriate content by using cell phones, internet, and social media. Young teens prone to sexual sensitivities could be at higher risk of developing sex –addiction especially when sex is an unspoken topic in his/her family.

What Parents Should to Know About Teen’s Masturbation?

Sexual Exploration of Teens

When teens got experience puberty and massive change in their body they want to explore the changes than is been happened. According to the study young boys and girls between the age of 14 -17 80% of young boys and 48% of girls have admitted that they have masturbated. They mostly do self –pleasure activities in private. However, the frequency of masturbation could be very from one teen to another. However, teens that use a cell phone, internet, and social media might be doing self pleasure activities several times on a day compared to other teens. It all depends upon the curiosity and it can be increased and decreased with the accordance with the exposure of teens towards sex. When teens get used of watching adult content all day long on their mobile phones and social media at the end of the day teen become sexually addictive and charge all the time that could be dangerous for teens.

When do parents need to worry about teens struggling with masturbation?

Going against nature would be dangerous for everyone and teens are not exceptions. There are few things about parents should be aware of.

Bullying or Cyber bullying

It could happen your child that used of masturbation has been spied on, recorded and at the end of the day bullied by the friends online or in real –life beyond the school gates. Parents should be an ally with the teens to eradicate the shaming online or cyber bullying. Just you need to tell your child invasion of privacy is a serious crime if someone instead of the parents does would be charged with a serious sentence.

Physical harm:

When a boy and girls get involved in the addiction of self –pleasure using cell phones porn and others may harm their sexual parts. Therefore, parents should discuss with the child about the dos and don’ts of sexuality as a preventive measure of sex-addiction. Besides, you can save your child from physical harm of masturbation. However, the mental growth of a child in term of cognitive skills could be disturbed. Fur
thermore, most of the child feel swore pain at the genital area and don’t discuss with the parents particularly. However, symptoms could be identified by the parents within no time.

Loneliness & self-pleasure addicted teens

Most of the teens that are addicted to the masturbation stay lonely at home, in their rooms and even in social life. Therefore, such kinds of activities are quite problematic especially when it comes to social inhibition of the teens. They keep their mobile phones devices all the time and used to of deleting browsing activities.

However, teens that are addicted to the self –pleasure mostly have behavior issues, rudeness, anger, and extreme discomfort while facing people in their daily life. Therefore, parents need to keep an eye on kids cell phone, internet, and social media activities to know either kid are watching adult content on it or not. So, all you should know to keep an eye on your teens cell phone activities.

What should parents do to protect teens struggling with Masturbation?

Talk to your teens about sexuality

Parents need to be sate forward while talking about sexuality with the teens about masturbation in particular. Parents can guide their teens about sexual identity and dos and don’ts of sexual activities. You can win the confidence of your teens telling them about the body changes, needs of a body and guide them don’t be shy while asking parents related to the sex. However, parents on their behalf should snoop on their child or teens first cell phone device to prevent their exposure towards the sexual content online. Parents can set parental control on teens cell phone, internet, and social media platforms activities to stay updated the consumption of the content kids are used to of a regular basis.

Parents can use cellphone parental control software to inspect teens and kids’ activities on their cell phones, social media, and the internet to protect them from sexual addiction in terms of masturbation.

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